Abdomen and Pelvis

2272Oral PresentationTransperineal Ultrasound in Children With Ambiguous Genitalia and Correlation With Genitography
2568Oral PresentationFDG PET/MRI With Dedicated Pelvic Imaging in Cervical Cancer
2571Oral PresentationQuantification of DWI Using ADC Maps in Comparison to SUV in Lymph Node Metastases Using PET/MRI
2578Oral PresentationCartoons in Lieu of Anesthesia or Sedation for Pediatric MRI
2936Oral PresentationWhole-Body MRI for Staging, Therapy Monitoring and Follow-Up of Pediatric Malignancies
E1032Educational ExhibitMRI of Pediatric Appendicitis: Tips, Tricks, and Theory
E2220Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Situs
E2251Educational ExhibitCT Diagnosis of Hernias in the Abdomen and Pelvis
E2262Educational ExhibitThe Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Imaging Review of Cosmetic Body Procedures and Complications
E2303Educational ExhibitEveryone Poops? Differential Diagnosis in Neonatal Low Obstruction Using Contrast Enema
E2357Educational ExhibitRenal Vascular Emergencies
E2432Educational ExhibitPregnant and in Pain!
E2471Educational ExhibitImaging of Recurrent Prostate Cancer Using 11C-Choline PET/CT: A Game of Hide and Seek
E2565Educational ExhibitNecrotizing Enterocolitis: A Review of Current Imaging Findings and Reporting Lexicon
E2716Educational ExhibitUltrasound of Arterial Bypass Grafts: Surveillance, Complications, and Pitfalls
E2731Educational Exhibit“The View from Down Under”: The Utility of Transperineal Ultrasound in the Pediatric Population
E2784Educational ExhibitAcoustic Shadowing: Can We Use This Limitation in Arriving at a Diagnosis?
E2786Educational ExhibitImaging Review of Lower Intestinal Obstruction in the Neonate
E2790Educational ExhibitPediatric Gastrointestinal Emergency Imaging for the Adult-Focused Radiologist
E2801Educational ExhibitWhat’s New in the Molecular Imaging of Prostate Cancer? A Pictorial Review of Fluciclovine
E2876Educational ExhibitImaging Approach to Disorders of the Pediatric Adrenal Gland
E2931Educational ExhibitA Guide to Evaluating Abdominal Trauma on CT
E2965Scientific ExhibitMRI Protocol Optimization for Time-Efficient Identification of the Appendix
E2969Educational ExhibitVas Up: Causes of Vas Deferens Inflammation
E2980Educational ExhibitNontraumatic Causes of Hemoperitoneum
E3039Scientific ExhibitHot spots in Fatty Liver on C-11 Choline PET
E3048Educational ExhibitThe Vomiting Neonate: Embryology, Management, and Imaging
E3056Scientific ExhibitDiagnosis of Pediatric Appendicitis: Is MRI More Appropriate Than CT?
E3094Educational ExhibitThe Pediatric Acute Scrotum
E3108Educational ExhibitWhen One Becomes Two: Role of Radiology in Preoperative Management of Conjoined Twins
E3148Educational ExhibitPathology of the Inguinal Canal and Scrotum in Neonates, Children, and Adolescents
E3151Educational ExhibitDual-Energy CT in the Acute Abdomen
E3233Educational ExhibitHepatobiliary Scan: Thinking Outside the Biliary Tree—Unexpected Findings on Cholescintigraphy
E3315Scientific ExhibitAbdominal CT Findings, Cause of Death in 32 Patients Who Died 24 Hours of Arrival to Emergency Room