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Vascular and Interventional Radiology

1098 Oral PresentationTumor Response/Survival Outcomes; Oncozene Beads Used in TACE for Unresectable HCC
2194 Oral PresentationPathology Correlation to MRI in Evaluating Tumor Response Following Transarterial Chemoembolization
2198 Oral PresentationChange in Platelet Count after TIPS: Correlation With Portosystemic Pressure Gradient.
2206 Oral PresentationTIPS Prior to Abdominal Surgery: Outcomes in Cirrhotic Patients.
2208 Oral PresentationPsoas Muscle Density Predicts Survival of Cirrhotic Patients Undergoing TIPS
2291 Oral PresentationEarly Experience With Microwave Ablation in the Treatment of Osteoid Osteomas
2366 Oral PresentationRetrograde Popliteal Access for Recanalization of Lower Extremity Arterial Chronic Total Occlusion
2553 Oral PresentationManagement of Vascular and Urinary Complications After Partial Nephrectomy.
2636 Oral PresentationUltrasound Guided Thyroid Biopsies: Working Towards a Standardized Approach.
2760 Oral PresentationCan CT-Guided Needle Intervention Achieve Accuracy With Ultra-Low Dose?
2897 Oral PresentationImpact of Ultrasound-Guided Lymph Node Mapping and Biopsy on Managing Patients With Thyroid Cancer
2906 Oral PresentationYttrium-90 Radiation Activity Delivered to Liver Tumors by Glass Versus Resin Microspheres.
2934 Oral PresentationEmbolization of Pulmonary AVMs: Evaluation of Complications on Pre- and Postinterventional MRI
3200 Oral PresentationRelative Influence of Capillary Index Score, Time, and Revascularization on Outcome after Stroke
E1013 Educational ExhibitMay Thurner Syndrome: Presentation, Radiologic Diagnosis, and the Role of Endovascular Treatment
E1052 Educational ExhibitBurned, Frozen, Bloody, and Leaking: Complications After Renal Tumor Ablation
E1090 Educational ExhibitApproach to Endovascular Management of High-Flow Priapism
E1099 Educational ExhibitEndovascular Management of Renal Angiomyolipoma Using a Sclerotic-Embolic Mixture
E1130 Educational ExhibitBenign Biliary Strictures
E1133 Educational ExhibitAdrenal Lesions and Review of Nonsurgical Interventional Management
E1135 Educational ExhibitCase Report: Rare Cystic Adventitial Disease of the Common Femoral Vein
E1152 Scientific Exhibit Image-Guided Large Bore Suprapubic Cystostomy: A Safe Less-Invasive Bladder Divergence Alternative
E1200 Educational ExhibitPercutaneous management of intra and extra-hepatic biliary leakage: Alternatives to bile diversion.
E2238 Educational ExhibitReview of Radial Artery Approach for Interventional Radiology Procedures
E2249 Educational ExhibitContrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in Hepatic Interventional Oncology: Emerging Applications
E2253 Educational ExhibitCT Appearance of a Novel Radiopaque Embolization Particle Used in Chemoembolization
E2257 Educational ExhibitDiagnosis and Clinical Implications of Hepatic Arterial Variants in 90Y Therapy
E2322 Educational ExhibitVisceral Artery Aneurysms: Current Endovascular Management for the Diagnostic Radiologist
E2327 Educational ExhibitPain In the Butt: Imaging and Endovascular Management of Pelvic Vascular Trauma
E2332 Educational ExhibitOff the Beaten Path: Alternative Access Sites for Endovascular Recanalization
E2347 Educational ExhibitUnstable Aortic Aneurysms: A Review of MDCT Imaging Features
E2427 Educational ExhibitA Review of Upper and Lower Extremity Deep Venous Thrombosis
E2474 Educational ExhibitInferior Vena Cava Aneurysms: Pathophysiologic Overview with Review of Current Literature
E2518 Educational ExhibitThe Updated Role of Mechanical Thrombectomy in Large Vessel Occlusion
E2560 Educational ExhibitMusculoskeletal Applications of MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound Ablation
E2610 Educational ExhibitThe Impact of Circulatory Support Devices on Doppler Waveforms
E2621 Scientific ExhibitCryoablation of Abdominal Wall Endometriosis: A Minimally Invasive Treatment
E2648 Educational ExhibitPearls and Pitfalls in the Imaging of Occlusive and Near Occlusive Carotid Disease
E2711 Educational ExhibitVenous Spectral Waveforms: Venous Thrombosis and Beyond
E2789 Scientific ExhibitComparison of Estimated and Directly Measured Skin Radiation Dose for Interventional Procedures
E2812 Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Sonographic Findings in Hepatic Artery Compromise Following Hepatic Transplantation
E2834 Scientific ExhibitEchogenicity of Acute Versus Residual Venous Thrombosis
E2937 Scientific ExhibitCT-Guided Biopsy of Solitary Pulmonary Nodules Less Than 1 cm: Is It Worth It? A Review
E2986 Educational ExhibitRadiographic Complications in Image-Guided Islet Cell Transplantation
E3008 Scientific ExhibitSelf-reported Vs Documented Complications of TACE (DC Beads) and TARE (Y-90 theraspheres) for HCC
E3031 Educational ExhibitPatient Safety During Image-Guided Procedures: A Primer for Noninterventional Radiologists
E3037 Educational ExhibitNovel Oral Anticoagulants: What Every Interventional Radiologist Should Know
E3051 Educational ExhibitUltrasound Guidance: A Safe, Effective and Expedient Approach to Lung Biopsy
E3081 Educational ExhibitReview of Short-Term and Long-Term Inferior Vena Cava Filter Complications
E3092 Educational ExhibitReview of Renal Angiomyolipomas
E3097 Educational ExhibitDiagnosis and Locoregional Therapy of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
E3099 Scientific ExhibitPudendal Neuralgia: Experience in 100 Patients
E3153 Educational ExhibitAngiodysplasia: Imaging Review and Management
E3159 Educational ExhibitAnomalies of the Aorta on Multiple Imaging Modalities
E3171 Educational ExhibitMedical Malpractice: What Every Interventional Radiologist Should Know
E3180 Educational ExhibitRadiologic Physics: What Every Interventional Radiologist Should Know
E3213 Educational ExhibitIVC Filters and Complications: Imaging Review and Technical Aspects
E3227 Educational ExhibitPeripheral Arterial Disease (PAD): Imaging review and Interventional management.
E3237 Educational ExhibitMultimodality Imaging of Leaks in the Cardiovascular System
E3263 Scientific ExhibitConsiderations for Reducing High Lung Shunt Fractions in Y-90 TheraSphere Patients
E3284 Educational ExhibitPercutaneous Venoplasty and Stenting: Imaging Review and Technical Aspects
E3288 Educational ExhibitBiliary Obstruction: Imaging Review and Management
E3289 Educational ExhibitPreoperative CT-Guided Lung Nodule Localization
E3324 Educational ExhibitIntravascular Lipomas: Case Report and Review
E3327 Educational ExhibitVertebroplasty: Indications, Imaging Overview and Technical Aspects