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Urinary Imaging

1361 Oral PresentationClear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma: Predicting Carbonic Anhydrase-IX Expression with Multiphasic MDCT
2626 Oral PresentationTumor Response Criteria for Assessing Pazopanib Therapy Effect in Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma
2678 Oral PresentationContrast-enhanced Subharmonic Imaging of the Prostate for Detection of Prostate Cancer
2699 Oral PresentationAn Objective Measurement of Sonographic Renal Echogenicity: The Splenorenal Index
2710 Oral PresentationFree-Breathing Navigator 3D T1-Weighted GRE MRI for Detection of Enhancement in Renal Masses
2711 Oral PresentationIs differentiation of adrenal adenoma from metastasis possible at single-phase enhanced CT?
2772 Oral PresentationSupport Vector Machine Model for Predicting PI-RADS Score
2794 Oral PresentationAccuracy of PI-RADS Version 2 in Detection of Transitional Zone Tumors at 3-T Multiparametric MRI
3165 Oral PresentationDual-Energy CT Urography with 50% Reduced Iodine vs. Single-Energy CT Urography with Standard Iodine
3211 Oral PresentationFused High B-Value DWI/T2 MR Images Improves Detection of Extraprostatic Disease in Prostate Cancer
3266 Oral PresentationTargeted MR-Guided Prostate Biopsy: Assessment of PI-RADS Scoring with Pathologic Correlation
3321 Oral PresentationChange in Cancer Detection Rates after Implementation of PIRADS Version 2 at a Major Academic Center
3394 Oral PresentationUtility of CT Texture Analysis in differentiating low attenuation renal cell carcinoma from cysts
3498 Oral PresentationComparison of MRI/US Fusion bx vs.TRUS bx in Prediction of GS of PCa at Radical Prostatectomy
E1052 Educational ExhibitRadiology-Pathology Reconciliation in MRI-TRUS Fusion Prostate Biopsy
E1186 Educational ExhibitThe Nebulous Medical Renal Disease Radiology Report: What It All Means
E1218 Educational ExhibitTroubled Water: A Case-Based Review of Ureteral Pathology
E1284 Scientific ExhibitElevated Renal Artery Velocity Immediately After Transplant: Concerning for Renal Artery Stenosis?
E1296 Educational ExhibitRetroperitoneal Hemorrhage: What Lies Beneath
E1300 Educational ExhibitAdrenal Mimics Unveiled
E1399 Educational ExhibitUltrasound Contrast Material: Description and Clinical Applications
E1449 Scientific ExhibitPerfusion CT Changes in Primary RCC Versus Metastases in Patients Treated With Targeted Therapy
E1467 Educational ExhibitIt’s All in the Bag: A Case-Based Review of Uncommon Scrotal Diseases
E1554 Educational ExhibitNephraudulence: A Radiographic Review of Common and Uncommon Renal Malignancy Mimics
E2547 Educational ExhibitTsk-Tsk! Do Not Forget TSC! A Review of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Renal and Extrarenal Imaging
E2561 Educational ExhibitExtraprostatic Extension on Prostate mpMRI: A Pictorial Review With Histopathologic Correlation
E2562 Educational ExhibitIn-Bore MRI-Guided Prostate Biopsy: Lessons Learned
E2616 Scientific ExhibitMRI in Penile Cancer in Flaccid State: Pathological Correlation and Critical Comments on Sequences
E2643 Educational ExhibitEvaluation of Intrascrotal Pathology With Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound
E2677 Educational ExhibitKidneys, Ureters, Bladders, Oh My! A Case-Based Review of Genitourinary Mimics of Malignancy
E2713 Educational ExhibitUltrasound SERVeillance of Acute Kidney Injury: Size, Echogenicity, Renal Hilum, and Vascularity
E2865 Educational ExhibitCongenital Anomalies of the Urinary Tract: Embryologic Basis of Imaging Findings
E2908 Educational ExhibitProstate MRI: The Incidentals
E2933 Educational ExhibitBenign to Malignant Adrenal Lesions on MRI: A Comprehensive Review
E2937 Educational ExhibitPostoperative Appearance and Complications of the Urinary Tract Following Surgery
E2945 Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Ureteric Disease
E2973 Educational ExhibitRCC: To Be or Not To Be
E3117 Educational ExhibitScrotal Imaging Beyond Epididymitis and Orchitis: What the Radiologist Should Know
E3207 Scientific ExhibitApparent Diffusion Coefficient Histogram Helps Predict Sarcomatoid Changes in Renal Cell Carcinoma
E3209 Scientific ExhibitPerinephric Fat Stranding on Abdominal CT: Clinical Implications and Opportunities for Improved Care
E3247 Educational ExhibitImaging Follow-Up Following Renal Cryoablation: Distinguishing Tumor Recurrence From Its Mimics
E3328 Educational ExhibitGo With the Flow: Pathophysiology, Radiologic Appearance and Management of Bladder Cancer
E3362 Educational ExhibitFemale-to-Male: Imaging the Transition
E3399 Educational ExhibitEvaluation of the Postoperative Bladder: What the Radiologists Need to Know
E3540 Scientific ExhibitRole of Ceftriaxone in Reducing Infection Rate After Transrectal Ultrasound-Guided Prostate Biopsy