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Chest Imaging

1062 Oral PresentationIs It Really Necessary to Scan-Check Pulmonary Embolism CT? A Quality Improvement Project
1313 Oral PresentationAutomated Segmentation of Subsolid Pulmonary Nodules: Interreader Variation and Influencing Factors
1383 Oral PresentationCT Texture Analysis of Subsolid Lung Nodules
1416 Oral PresentationReduction of CT Radiation Dose by Utilizing a Chest CT Specific Radiation Dose Reduction Protocol
2675 Oral PresentationDeep Learning Algorithm for rapid automatic detection of pneumothorax on chest CT
2850 Oral PresentationCT volumetry as a surrogate of treatment response in advanced lung cancer
3104 Oral PresentationLow lung cancer screening uptake across demographic subgroups highlights the need to expand programs
3151 Oral PresentationIncidence of PE in Sickle Cell Disease in Subjects Undergoing CT Pulmonary Angiography in the ED
3202 Oral PresentationComparing DLP-based effective dose (ED) to Monte Carlo-based ED in low-dose and routine chest CT's
3298 Oral PresentationMeeting ACR Dose Guidelines for CT Lung Cancer Screening in a Sex-Balanced, Obese Population
3507 Oral PresentationDiagnostic accuracy of texture and semantic features classifying indeterminate CT lung nodules
3519 Oral PresentationRadiograph-dose-equivalent CT for Pneumothorax Using Low kV and mA with Iterative Reconstruction
E1043 Educational ExhibitAbdominal Pain: When the Abdomen Does Not Speak the Chest Screams
E1044 Educational ExhibitRevised Fleischner Society Guidelines for the Management of Incidental Pulmonary Nodules
E1091 Educational ExhibitNormal Radiologic Anatomy and Anatomical Variants of the Chest Relevant to Thoracic Surgery
E1117 Educational ExhibitDefining the Border: The Thoracic Paravertebral Space From Two Perspectives
E1221 Educational ExhibitA Practical Approach to Bronchiectasis
E1223 Educational ExhibitIt’s Not All in Your Head: Thoracic Manifestations of Neurologic Diseases and Disorders
E1265 Educational ExhibitThe Forgotten Vessels: The Pulmonary Lymphatics—What the Radiologist Should Know
E1299 Educational ExhibitPulmonary Embolism: Current Approach and Challenges
E1304 Educational ExhibitCT Evaluation of the Esophagus
E1334 Educational ExhibitA Resident’s Primer to Lung Biopsies
E1339 Scientific ExhibitIncidental Findings of Coronary and Thoracic Aortic Atherosclerotic Disease in Young Adults
E1360 Educational ExhibitLessons From Infections Diagnosed With CT-Guided Lung Biopsy
E1387 Educational ExhibitA Review of Fluid-Filled Cysts of the Lungs
E1400 Educational ExhibitInterstitial Lung Disease of Inherited Origin: CT-Pathologic Correlation
E1443 Educational ExhibitHIV-Associated Lymphadenopathy: Etiology and Important Imaging Features
E1458 Educational ExhibitCardiothoracic Storage Diseases: Spectrum of Imaging Features With Histopathological Correlation
E1492 Educational ExhibitClinical Staging of Lung Cancer: Surgical Perspective for Radiologists
E2688 Scientific ExhibitFollowUp: Atherosclerosis on Abdominal CT in Young Patients and Its Association With CV Risk Factors
E2696 Educational ExhibitThoracic Disorders in Ectopic or Uncommon Locations: Imaging Findings
E2752 Educational ExhibitCongenital Venous Abnormalities of the Thorax in the Adult Patient: Recognition and Classification
E2755 Educational ExhibitAcquired Venous Abnormalities of the Thorax in the Adult Patient: Recognition and Classification
E2775 Educational ExhibitThoracic Hernias: Types, Imaging, Complications and Treatment
E2783 Educational ExhibitUnderstanding the Pathogenesis and Imaging Features in Cases of Familial IPF
E2829 Educational ExhibitCommon Variable Immunodeficiency: What Radiologists Should Know
E2885 Educational ExhibitTelomerase Mutations and Pulmonary Fibrosis
E2886 Educational ExhibitBronchopulmonary Dysplasia: From Neonate to Adult
E2889 Educational ExhibitA Pictorial Review of the TNM-8 Revision of Lung Cancer Staging
E2932 Educational ExhibitSigns in Chest Imaging: Name Saves Time and Helps You Remember
E3092 Scientific ExhibitUpper Airway Dynamics in Combined Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
E3121 Educational ExhibitCardiothoracic Manifestations of Sarcoidosis
E3128 Educational ExhibitTB or Not TB: Differential Diagnosis and Imaging Findings of Pulmonary Cavities
E3135 Educational ExhibitLessons From Thoracic Oncologic Multidisciplinary Conference: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
E3140 Educational ExhibitUpdate to Lung Cancer Staging Essentials: New 8th Edition of TNM Staging
E3182 Educational ExhibitImaging of Tracheomalacia
E3279 Educational ExhibitImportant Imaging Features in Pulmonary Embolism
E3280 Educational ExhibitTumors of Pulmonary Vasculature
E3301 Educational ExhibitCardiac Findings on Noncardiac CT
E3310 Educational ExhibitStrongyloidiasis: Disseminated Disease and Hyperinfection Syndrome
E3316 Educational ExhibitECMO: A Multimodality Review of Expected and Potentially Concerning Imaging Findings
E3445 Educational ExhibitUpdates on Lung Cancer Staging
E3446 Educational ExhibitHistoplasmosis in the 21st Century: New Concepts in Epidemiology, Imaging, Diagnosis, and Therapy
E3460 Educational ExhibitOops! You Found Me: Cardiovascular Significance of Incidentally Discovered Findings in Chest CT
E3461 Educational ExhibitAdverse Events of Immune Check Point Inhibitor Therapy: Imaging Perspectives