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Pediatric Imaging

2272 Oral PresentationTransperineal Ultrasound in Children With Ambiguous Genitalia and Correlation With Genitography
2578 Oral PresentationCartoons in Lieu of Anesthesia or Sedation for Pediatric MRI
2634 Oral Presentation3D CT Reconstruction and Printing to Evaluate Multiple Aortopulmonary Collateral Arteries
2912 Oral PresentationGadolinium Deposition in Pediatric Brain: Findings Post Multiple Exposures to Gadobenate Dimeglumine
2936 Oral PresentationWhole-Body MRI for Staging, Therapy Monitoring and Follow-Up of Pediatric Malignancies
E1032 Educational ExhibitMRI of Pediatric Appendicitis: Tips, Tricks, and Theory
E1131 Educational ExhibitCastAway Radiology: Cases from Remote Islands and the Impact of Limited Healthcare Resources
E1193 Educational ExhibitImaging Approach to Pediatric Soft Tissue Lumps and Bumps
E1194 Scientific ExhibitComparison of CTA, TTE, and TEE for Detection and Characterization of Coronary Anomalies in Infants
E2220 Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Situs
E2278 Educational ExhibitIrritating Lesion: Typical and Atypical Osteoid Osteoma from Diagnosis to Treatment
E2297 Educational ExhibitNeonatal Cranial Sonography: An Approach to Accurate Diagnosis
E2303 Educational ExhibitEveryone Poops? Differential Diagnosis in Neonatal Low Obstruction Using Contrast Enema
E2309 Educational ExhibitA Review of Normal and Abnormal Thymus in Pediatric Imaging
E2359 Educational ExhibitHunting for Cat-Scratch Disease: A Multisystem Pictorial Review of Key Radiologic Findings
E2370 Scientific ExhibitUpdate of Radiologic Findings in Patients with Stuewe-Wiedemann Syndrome After the Age of 2 Years
E2514 Educational ExhibitPostnatal Imaging of Down Syndrome: A Spectrum of Anomalies
E2565 Educational ExhibitNecrotizing Enterocolitis: A Review of Current Imaging Findings and Reporting Lexicon
E2622 Educational ExhibitFrom Fetal Life to Childhood: Varied Appearances of Congenital Pleuroperitoneal Cavity Abnormalities
E2625 Educational ExhibitWhat Can Go Wrong? Pediatric Neuroaxis Abnormalities from Fetal Life to Neonatal Life
E2731 Educational Exhibit“The View from Down Under”: The Utility of Transperineal Ultrasound in the Pediatric Population
E2786 Educational ExhibitImaging Review of Lower Intestinal Obstruction in the Neonate
E2790 Educational ExhibitPediatric Gastrointestinal Emergency Imaging for the Adult-Focused Radiologist
E2837 Educational ExhibitGlenn Blalock Mustard: Short Review of Congenital Cardiac Repairs and Complications
E2857 Educational ExhibitIs It Really a Buckle Fracture? A Review of Distal Radial Fractures
E2876 Educational ExhibitImaging Approach to Disorders of the Pediatric Adrenal Gland
E2964 Educational ExhibitCommon Variants of Spinal Sonography in Normal Developing Neonates
E2979 Educational ExhibitA Pain in the Neck: Review of CT and USS Modalities in Inflammatory Neck Masses
E3009 Educational ExhibitFun With the Physis: A Review of Growth Patterns, Important Pathology, and How It Changes Management
E3048 Educational ExhibitThe Vomiting Neonate: Embryology, Management, and Imaging
E3056 Scientific ExhibitDiagnosis of Pediatric Appendicitis: Is MRI More Appropriate Than CT?
E3073 Educational ExhibitCongenital Lung Malformations: A Pictorial Essay
E3086 Educational ExhibitCervical Ectopic Thymus: The Underestimated Pediatric Neck Mass
E3089 Educational ExhibitArthritis in Children: A Debilitating Disease
E3094 Educational ExhibitThe Pediatric Acute Scrotum
E3108 Educational ExhibitWhen One Becomes Two: Role of Radiology in Preoperative Management of Conjoined Twins
E3125 Educational ExhibitSonographic Evaluation of Neonatal Breast Enlargement: What the Radiologist Should Know
E3148 Educational ExhibitPathology of the Inguinal Canal and Scrotum in Neonates, Children, and Adolescents
E3201 Educational ExhibitPediatric Bone Tumors: Early Presentations and Clues for Accurate Diagnosis
E3229 Educational ExhibitWhen Coalitions Work Against You: An Overlooked Cause of Pain in the Wrist and Foot
E3268 Educational ExhibitFetal MRI for Dummies