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Nuclear Medicine

2214 Oral PresentationInterpretation of Brain PET/MRI Is Independent of Attenuation Correction Method
2286 Oral PresentationDAT-SPECT Brain Imaging: Impact on Management of Patients With Suspected Parkinsonism
2568 Oral PresentationFDG PET/MRI With Dedicated Pelvic Imaging in Cervical Cancer
2571 Oral PresentationQuantification of DWI Using ADC Maps in Comparison to SUV in Lymph Node Metastases Using PET/MRI
3131 Oral PresentationFDG PET/CT and PET/MRI in Staging Breast Cancer: Imaging Correlation With Tumor Characteristics
3136 Oral PresentationFDG PET/CT in the Staging of Indolent Lymphoma: A Prospective Multicenter PET Registry Study
E1044 Educational ExhibitWhole Lung Ventilation/Perfusion Mismatch
E1103 Scientific ExhibitThree Shots, Four Shots, One Too Many: Retrospective Analysis of Perceived Pain
E1121 Educational ExhibitIncidentalomas on FDG PET/CT: Differentials and Management
E1122 Educational ExhibitFDG PET/CT Artifacts and Physiologic Uptake: Pearls and Pitfalls
E2226 Scientific ExhibitIncremental Value of Myocardial Perfusion Reserve With Use of a Dynamic Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride SPECT
E2250 Educational ExhibitRecognition of Hypermetabolic Fat in Imaging
E2270 Educational ExhibitPitfalls and blind spots of oncologic FDG PET/CT: What the mind does not know, the eyes do not see.
E2398 Educational ExhibitFDG-PET vs Amyloid-PET: Contrasts and Complimentary Uses
E2471 Educational ExhibitImaging of Recurrent Prostate Cancer Using 11C-Choline PET/CT: A Game of Hide and Seek
E2491 Educational ExhibitOld Is Gold: A Technical, Clinical, and Imaging Overview of Scintigraphic Lymphangiogram
E2552 Educational ExhibitHello, Is It Me You’re Looking For?: Clinically Significant Incidentalomas in Nuclear Medicine
E2770 Educational ExhibitNuclear Medicine Infection Imaging
E2801 Educational ExhibitWhat’s New in the Molecular Imaging of Prostate Cancer? A Pictorial Review of Fluciclovine
E3039 Scientific ExhibitHot spots in Fatty Liver on C-11 Choline PET
E3083 Educational ExhibitDifferential Diagnosis and the Next Step: Incidentally Detected FDG-Avid Breast and Axillary Lesions
E3139 Scientific ExhibitMale Breast Cancer: Molecular Profile and Impact of F18 FDG PET/CT on Its Staging and Management
E3233 Educational ExhibitHepatobiliary Scan: Thinking Outside the Biliary Tree—Unexpected Findings on Cholescintigraphy