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Nuclear Medicine

2830 Oral PresentationRegional Changes in Brain FDG Uptake After Cranial Irradiation May Reflect Functional Changes
3292 Oral PresentationMetformin Withdrawal Prior to FDG PET/CT: What Is The Ideal Time? A Randomized Controlled Study
3373 Oral PresentationThe Clinical Benefits of a Shortened 2-Hour Non–Morphine HIDA Protocol in Diagnosing Cholecystitis
3544 Oral PresentationComparing Fatty Meal and CCK Infusion to stimulate Gallbladder to calculate EF
E1007 Educational ExhibitAtypical Metastases From Recurrent Prostate Cancer:Choline PET Imaging and Multimodality Correlation
E1357 Educational ExhibitAltered and Iatrogenic Features From Medication in Nuclear Medicine
E1381 Scientific ExhibitCan Standardized Uptake Value on PET/CT Predict Survival in Early Stage Lung Cancer
E1382 Educational ExhibitMolecular Imaging of Neuroendocrine Tumors: Should Gallium-68 PET Replace Octreoscan?
E1405 Scientific ExhibitMetastasis or Meningioma: Somatostatin Imaging in Guiding Surgical Management of Dural-Based Masses
E2635 Educational ExhibitNuclear Medicine in the Emergency Department: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
E2723 Educational ExhibitTuberculosis Mimicking Cancer During Evaluations With FDG PET/CT
E2734 Educational ExhibitBlueprints for Assessing Lymphoma With FDG PET/CT: State-of-the-Art Approach
E2788 Educational ExhibitNononcologic Findings in PET/CT
E3051 Educational ExhibitIncidental Thymic Uptake in Various Nuclear Medicine Scans
E3064 Scientific ExhibitQuantification of Tc-99m MAA Liver perfusion as a predictor of tumor response to Yttrium 90 spheres.
E3116 Educational ExhibitIs This Physiologic? Pearls and Pitfalls for Imaging Female Patients With FDG PET/CT
E3185 Educational ExhibitLugano Classification: A Case-Based Approach to Lymphoma Staging and Response Assessment
E3277 Educational ExhibitPET/CT for Breast Cancer Staging: When Does It Help?
E3349 Educational Exhibit“What’s Up With DaT?” The Evaluation of Parkinsonian Syndrome
E3441 Scientific ExhibitScintigraphic Findings Beyond Ejection Fraction: Are They Correlated With Chronic Cholecystitis?
E3472 Educational ExhibitFemoral Neck Stress Fractures in Military Recruits: Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Correlation
E3494 Educational ExhibitPET/CT Evaluation of Lymphadenopathy
E3503 Scientific Exhibit68Ga-PSMA PET/CT Staging Prior to Radical Prostatectomy: Diagnostic and Prognostic Value
E3535 Educational ExhibitFluciclovine PET/CT: The Usual and Unusual Presentation
E3538 Educational ExhibitLighting the Way: Utilizing Real-Time PET Guidance for Soft-Tissue and Bone Biopsies