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1035 Oral PresentationDiffusion Tensor Imaging Analysis of the Fetal Brain In Utero
1291 Oral PresentationPediatric Brain: Does the Macrocyclic Agent Gadobutrol Deposit in the Cerebellar Dentate Nucleus?
1391 Oral PresentationNIHSS in Anterior/Posterior Circulation Stroke: Guiding tool to opt MRI as initial exam of choice?
2605 Oral PresentationInitial Diagnostic Large Core Needle Biopsy of Suspicious Thyroid Nodules
2704 Oral PresentationRelationship Between Postendoscopy Resection Volume of Macroadenomas and Clinical Outcome
2759 Oral PresentationFrom Anatomy to Architecture: The Skull Base as a Conceptual 3D Printed Three-Story Building
2924 Oral PresentationExploring Potential Serologic Markers of White Matter Damage in Cocaine Users Using DTI
3090 Oral PresentationAtlas-Based MRI Texture Analysis with Machine Learning Predicts Motor Impairment after SCI
3175 Oral PresentationEvaluating Survival in Subjects with Astrocytic Brain Tumors by MR Perfusion Imaging
3191 Oral PresentationMRI Differentiation of CNS Posttransplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder Versus Brain Metastases
3332 Oral PresentationDifferential effects of folate gene on white matter hyperintensity depends on cerebral amyloid
3384 Oral PresentationImaging Features of Pseudoprogression in Oligodendrogliomas
E1126 Educational ExhibitA Beginner's Guide to Reading Brain CT After Acute Stroke
E1130 Scientific ExhibitAssessing the Gender Authorship Gap in Neuroradiology: Trends Over a 36-Year Period
E1141 Scientific ExhibitParathyroid Adenoma Mobility and Its Role in Parathyroid Imaging and Surgery
E1142 Educational ExhibitSinus CT Scans in Pilots and Astronauts: What the Flight Surgeon Needs the Radiologist to Know
E1185 Educational ExhibitTips and Tricks for Thyroid Ultrasound: Understanding the TI-RADS Classification
E1197 Educational ExhibitGraph Theory: A Primer to Understanding Resting State fMRI
E1215 Educational ExhibitVascular Complications of CNS Tuberculosis: Ten Years Cohort
E1216 Educational ExhibitExtramedullary Hematopoiesis: What Radiologists Need to Know
E1224 Educational ExhibitSpinal Dural Arteriovenous Fistula: A Guide for a General Radiologist
E1234 Educational ExhibitPatterns of Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Injury
E1244 Educational ExhibitMRI Appearance and Pathological Features of Rare Benign Tumors of Tongue
E1267 Educational ExhibitIntegrating Imaging and Clinical Criteria in Diagnosing Behavioral Variant Frontotemporal Dementia
E1268 Educational ExhibitThe Importance of Morphometric Analysis in Diagnosing Primary Progressive Aphasia FTD
E1281 Educational ExhibitThe Spectrum of Orbital Apex Lesions and Critical Imaging Findings That Need to Be Documented
E1315 Scientific ExhibitAnatomic Variations and Sphenoid Sinusitis: A Volumetric Study Through Segmentation on CT
E1322 Educational ExhibitAssessment of Novel Interventions in Obstructive Sleep Apnea With Planar and Cross-Sectional Imaging
E1342 Educational ExhibitHoles in the Wall: A Pictorial Review of Congenital Skull Base and Calvarial Defects
E1401 Educational ExhibitChopped, Seasoned, and Fried: Brain Tumor Posttreatment Imaging- and Treatment-Related Complications
E1425 Educational ExhibitThe Nose Knows: What the Radiologist Needs to Know About Sinonasal Masses
E1454 Educational ExhibitSupraclavicular Region: Last Exit Before the Thorax
E1465 Educational ExhibitReversible Splenial Lesions: Imaging Features and Differential Diagnostic Considerations
E1471 Educational ExhibitSolid as a Rock: Arachnoiditis Ossificans
E1473 Educational ExhibitMDCT Imaging of Laryngeal Trauma
E1475 Educational ExhibitSonographic Imaging of Peripheral Nerve Injuries
E1505 Educational ExhibitClinical Applications of Susceptibility Weighted Imaging Outside of Hemorrhage and Calcium
E2541 Educational ExhibitDrooling Over the Parotids: What Radiologists Need to Know About Parotid Masses
E2542 Educational ExhibitCan You See the Abnormality? Review of the Visual Pathway and Various Causes of Vision Loss
E2552 Educational ExhibitWhat Is That Hole in Your Head? A Review of Skull Base Anatomy
E2553 Educational ExhibitDemineralization of the Otic Capsule: Pathologic Conditions and Normal Variants
E2554 Educational ExhibitMeanwhile, at the Skull Base: A Review of Skull Base Abnormalities
E2600 Educational ExhibitImaging Acute Stroke: What the Neurointerventionalist Wants to Know.
E2607 Educational ExhibitMultimodality Imaging in Moyamoya Disease: A Pictorial Review
E2610 Scientific ExhibitFrequency and Onset of Motion Artifacts in MRI of the Brain, Are Scans Too Long?
E2660 Educational ExhibitThe Ever-Broadening Spectrum: Typical Brain MRI Features of Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder
E2665 Educational ExhibitCaught in a Web: Differentiating Arachnoid Web, Arachnoid Cyst, and Spinal Cord Herniation
E2666 Educational ExhibitLumps and Bumps of the Face and Neck: Learning an Analytical Approach to Salivary Gland Lesions
E2668 Educational ExhibitSuperior Sagittal Sinus Aplasia: Case Report
E2674 Educational ExhibitAir Up There: A Case-Based Review of Unexpected Pneumocephalus
E2676 Educational ExhibitMRI Features of Postoperative Brain MRI After Ferumoxytol Infusion
E2715 Scientific ExhibitSymmetry of Zygomatic Bone Through 3D Segmentation on CT Scan and Mirroring Procedure
E2737 Educational ExhibitTemporal Bone Anatomy: Stepwise Approach for Residents and General Radiologist
E2789 Educational ExhibitDevelopmental Anomalies of the Caudal Cell Mass: Manifestations, Prognosis, Diagnosis and Treatment
E2796 Educational ExhibitPathology of the Carotid Space
E2811 Scientific ExhibitHippocampal Volumetry in Normal Adult Indian Population on 1.5-T MRI
E2844 Scientific ExhibitAberrant Pituitary Morphology in Chiari II Malformation: A Mimic for Pituitary Tumor
E2849 Scientific ExhibitIncidental Thyroid Nodules: Impact of the JACR Guidelines
E2858 Educational ExhibitMeningioma and Beyond: Expanded Differential Diagnosis of Meningeal Mass Lesions
E2895 Educational ExhibitSpinal Cord Tumors and Mimics: An Illustrative Review
E2897 Scientific ExhibitClinical, MR and Pathological Characteristics in Patients With Primary CNS Vasculitis
E2898 Educational ExhibitHeads Up! Pathology at the Craniocervical Junction on CT of the Head
E2902 Educational ExhibitTips and Tricks for Diagnosing Cerebral Venous Thrombosis: What Residents Should Know
E2906 Educational ExhibitLessons From Epilepsy Treatment Conference: Learning From Our Mistakes in MRI Epilepsy Evaluation
E2938 Educational ExhibitKeep Your Eyes Open for Terson Syndrome: An Overlooked Complication of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
E2952 Educational ExhibitCT-Guided Lumbar Facet Joint Rupture as a Nonsurgical Alternative to Relieve Radicular Back Pain
E3003 Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Sinonasal Anatomy: A Case Review
E3013 Scientific ExhibitVasogenic Edema in Brain Tissue of Preclinical Alzheimer Patients Carrying the ApoE 4 Allele
E3054 Educational ExhibitCan You Hear Me Now? Lesions of the IAC and CPA Not Associated with Cranial Nerves VII and VIII
E3071 Educational ExhibitDual Energy CT for Neuroimaging: Physical Principles, Implementation, and Practical Applications
E3109 Educational ExhibitInnovating TIRADS v2017: A Practical and Novel Guide for Structural Template Reporting
E3136 Educational ExhibitAt the Crossroads of Imaging: Nonneoplastic Lesions of the Thoracic Inlet
E3220 Educational ExhibitPathology of Facet Joints of the Spine
E3224 Educational ExhibitBewitched, Bothered and Bewildered by Double Steal Syndrome
E3240 Educational ExhibitThank Your Lucky T2 Star: Patterns of CNS Pathology on Susceptibility Weighted Imaging
E3245 Educational ExhibitPain in the Neck: Atypical Causes of Nontraumatic Neck Pain
E3275 Educational ExhibitImaging Evaluation of Facial Pain
E3288 Educational ExhibitSubtle Signs of the C-Spine: CT Findings of Ligamentous Injuries of the C-Spine and MRI Correlates
E3289 Educational ExhibitImaging of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: MR and PET/CT findings
E3290 Educational ExhibitNormal Variant of Cerebral Arteries: Anterior Circulation
E3294 Educational ExhibitAt the Crossroads of Imaging: Neoplasms of the Thoracic Inlet
E3299 Educational ExhibitT1 Hyperintense Intracranial Lesions
E3311 Scientific ExhibitCraniofacial Defects Associated With Duplicate Pituitary Gland Syndrome-Imaging and Literature Study
E3341 Educational ExhibitCongenital Malformations of the Craniovertebral Junction
E3352 Educational ExhibitPostoperative Imaging in Moyamoya Disease With CT Angiography and MR/CT Perfusion
E3358 Educational ExhibitDifferential Diagnosis of Lucent Lesions of Vertebral Body
E3470 Educational ExhibitA Review of the Radiopathological Spectrum of Clival Region Lesions
E3484 Educational ExhibitReversible Cerebral Vasculopathies: Review of CT/MRI Characterizations and Tips for Diagnosis
E3489 Educational ExhibitRevisiting Moyamoya
E3495 Educational ExhibitRecognizing Ectopic Meningiomas: Don’t Miss These Rare Lesions
E3508 Educational ExhibitNavigating the Complex Anatomy of the Skull Base: Case-Based Review of Skull Base Masses
E3522 Educational ExhibitHearing Loss: The Resident Primer
E3524 Educational ExhibitDifferent Faces of Primary Head and Neck Lymphoma
E3531 Educational ExhibitRadiopathologic Disconcordance in Glioblastoma
E3533 Scientific ExhibitConventional MRI, 2D TOF MRV and Their Combination in the Diagnosis of Dural Sinus Thrombosis
E3534 Educational ExhibitCTA and MRA in Carotid Stenosis: Indications, Benefits, Pitfalls
E3539 Educational ExhibitMRI of the Brachial Plexus: Anatomy, Pathology, MR Protocols
E3551 Scientific ExhibitSubtracted versus Unsubtracted MR Images in Detecting High-Grade Glioma
E3554 Educational ExhibitManagement of Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms
E3564 Educational ExhibitNormal Postoperative Orbital Appearance With Mimickers and Complications