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Emergency Radiology

1363 Oral PresentationActive Bleeding Rate on CT Correlates with Mortality and Transfusion Needs in Pelvic Fractures
2545 Oral PresentationImproved assessment of pulmonary arteries by virtual monoenergetic images from spectral detector CT
2900 Oral PresentationExpanding the Role of Radiology in the Detection of Physical Elder Abuse
3314 Oral PresentationDiagnostic Yield of Head CT in ED patients with Altered Mental Status without Known Trauma
E1065 Educational ExhibitThe Side Effects of Checkpoint Inhibitors - A Great Benefit at a Hidden Cost
E1158 Educational ExhibitImaging of Traumatic Injuries to the Male Lower GU Organs and Impact on Surgical Management
E1166 Educational ExhibitThe Role of CT in Diagnosing and Guiding Management of Vascular-Related Postsurgical Complications
E1196 Educational ExhibitUltrasound for Acute Pelvic Pain: Beyond the Uterus and Adnexa!
E1198 Educational ExhibitThe New Epidemic: Imaging Manifestations of Drug Overdose
E1270 Educational ExhibitPathologic Fractures: A Closer Look Beyond the Lines
E1330 Educational ExhibitNo Bones About It! Nontraumatic Soft-Tissue Findings on Cervical Spine CT
E1395 Educational Exhibit Don’t Burst My Bubble: A Review of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
E1422 Educational ExhibitInternal Hernia During Pregnancy: A Possible Diagnosis After Gastric Bypass
E1472 Educational ExhibitThoracoabdominal Manifestations of Illicit Drug Use and Intoxication
E1477 Educational ExhibitPancreatic Trauma: Review of the AAST Classification of Pancreatic Injury by Radiographic Diagnosis
E1487 Educational ExhibitImaging of United States Military Working Dogs
E1540 Scientific ExhibitCT Evaluation of Hemoperitoneum: Should Radiologists Care About kV?
E2540 Educational ExhibitPediatric Bone Imaging for the Adult-Focused Radiologist: Difficult to Diagnosis Injuries.
E2572 Educational ExhibitTraumatic Chest Wall Injuries: A Pictorial Review
E2721 Educational ExhibitImaging of Pulmonary Infections Encountered in the Emergency Department – Common, Rare and Exotic
E2935 Educational ExhibitAtraumatic Knee Pain in the Emergency Department
E2962 Educational ExhibitEye for an Eye: Imaging of Acute Orbital Trauma in the ER
E3124 Educational ExhibitImaging Findings of IV Opioid Abuse Complications
E3141 Scientific ExhibitUtility of CT and Barium Swallow for Suspected Esophageal Perforation in the Emergency Setting
E3167 Educational ExhibitImaging Orbit Fractures and the Postoperative: What the Ophthalmologist Looks For
E3210 Educational ExhibitGastric Emergencies: A Comprehensive Case Based Review
E3221 Educational ExhibitFemale Pelvic Emergencies: From Abscess to Abruption
E3226 Educational ExhibitSonographic Artifacts Encountered during Emergency Imaging
E3238 Educational ExhibitNontraumatic Renal Emergencies: A Multimodality Imaging Review
E3242 Educational ExhibitSuperficial Soft Tissue Ultrasound: Review of Imaging Features of Masses and Masslike Lesions
E3249 Educational ExhibitMuscle Pathologies for Abdominal Imager: A Case-Based Review of Muscle Findings on Abdominopelvic CT
E3253 Educational ExhibitCT Artifacts in the ER: Identification, Explanation, and Mitigation
E3268 Educational ExhibitCT Evaluation of Complex Traumatic Facial Fractures
E3296 Scientific ExhibitIncidental Potential Malignancies on Trauma Scans: Frequency /Followup at a Level -I Trauma Center
E3331 Educational ExhibitRole of CT Imaging in Acute Upper Airway Obstruction in the Emergency Department
E3361 Educational ExhibitThe Speed of Sound: Emergent Head and Neck Ultrasound
E3368 Educational ExhibitImaging of Biliary Emergencies: Pearls and Pitfalls
E3372 Educational ExhibitThe Runaway Tube: Pictorial Essay of Iatrogenic Injuries Resulting from Medical Device Placement.
E3457 Educational ExhibitIs It Real or Not? Imaging of Craniocervical Arterial Dissections and Its Mimics