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Emergency Radiology

1145 Oral PresentationOrbital Blunt Trauma: Can CT Help in Predicting the Development of Diplopia?
2222 Oral PresentationTrauma-Related Pseudopneumoperitoneum: Costochondral Vacuum Phenomenon
2970 Oral PresentationSubsecond CTA for Pulmonary Embolism Using Third Generation Dual-Source CT: Intrapatient Comparison
3185 Oral PresentationUtility of Ordering Both Hand and Wrist Radiographs in Acute Minor Trauma
E1026 Educational ExhibitCommon and Subtle Findings in the Acute Aorta: What the Radiologist Needs to Recognize
E1168 Educational ExhibitBlunt and Penetrating Diaphragmatic Injuries: Why Do We Miss Them?
E2251 Educational ExhibitCT Diagnosis of Hernias in the Abdomen and Pelvis
E2262 Educational ExhibitThe Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Imaging Review of Cosmetic Body Procedures and Complications
E2279 Educational ExhibitCT Signs of a Failing Heart
E2326 Educational ExhibitPersistent Sciatic Artery: A Favorable Anatomic Variant in a Setting of Trauma
E2357 Educational ExhibitRenal Vascular Emergencies
E2372 Educational ExhibitLooking Beyond the Fracture: Extraosseous Findings on Preoperative CT of Extremity Injuries
E2432 Educational ExhibitPregnant and in Pain!
E2499 Educational ExhibitDissecting True Versus False Lumen: Imaging Overview of Aortic Dissection
E2545 Educational ExhibitTemporomandibular Joint Fracture: What the Surgeon Needs to Know
E2555 Educational ExhibitDark Side of Paranasal Sinus Imaging: Nontraumatic Sinus Emergencies on Call
E2651 Educational ExhibitNeuroimaging Answers to the Patient Found Down
E2716 Educational ExhibitUltrasound of Arterial Bypass Grafts: Surveillance, Complications, and Pitfalls
E2754 Educational ExhibitIs This Really SCIWORA? Spectrum of Imaging Findings in the Clinicoradiologic Entity
E2758 Educational ExhibitAn Imaging Guide to Evaluating Orbital Trauma
E2784 Educational ExhibitAcoustic Shadowing: Can We Use This Limitation in Arriving at a Diagnosis?
E2881 Educational ExhibitSuch a Pain in the Neck: Imaging Features of Cervical Spine Fractures and Other Traumatic Sequelae
E2931 Educational ExhibitA Guide to Evaluating Abdominal Trauma on CT
E2965 Scientific ExhibitMRI Protocol Optimization for Time-Efficient Identification of the Appendix
E2969 Educational ExhibitVas Up: Causes of Vas Deferens Inflammation
E2980 Educational ExhibitNontraumatic Causes of Hemoperitoneum
E3023 Educational ExhibitCommon and Uncommon Emergencies in Ear, Nose, and Throat: Prompt, Accurate Diagnosis Can Save Lives
E3151 Educational ExhibitDual-Energy CT in the Acute Abdomen
E3315 Scientific ExhibitAbdominal CT Findings, Cause of Death in 32 Patients Who Died 24 Hours of Arrival to Emergency Room