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Efficacy, Education, Administration, Informatics

1055 Oral PresentationRadiology Education for the 21st Century: Implementation of an E-Learning Curriculum
1094 Oral PresentationDo We Need a Different Standard of Care for Emergency Radiologists?
1106 Oral PresentationCurbside Consults: Practices, Pitfalls and Legal Issues
1195 Oral PresentationTrends in National Institutes of Health Funding to Diagnostic Radiology Departments
2264 Oral PresentationSenior Medical Student Radiology Electives: A Needs Assessment
2298 Oral PresentationSafety and Outcomes of Fiducial Placement for Radiosurgery in Patients With Abdominal Malignancies
2441 Oral PresentationManagement of Tumor Measurements in Cancer Trials: ENABLE Rather Than RESIST.
2502 Oral PresentationDesign and Validation of a Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Curriculum Utilizing Peer Teachers
2559 Oral Presentation21st Century Gastrointestinal Fluoroscopy by the Numbers: What Should We Still Be Teaching?
2830 Oral PresentationPatient Miscentering During CT: Findings From 57,621 Acquisitions and Impact on Dose
2907 Oral PresentationBrain MRI Sequence Identification Using Deep Learning
2976 Oral PresentationNational Hospital Quality Performance and Medicare Reimbursements for Outpatient Radiology Services
3002 Oral PresentationIs There a Role for Bone Scan in the Work-Up of Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma?
3140 Oral PresentationCrowd-Sourced Approach for Multireader Multicase Studies
3192 Oral PresentationImproved Preparedness in the Management of Acute Contrast Reactions After High-Fidelity Simulation
3275 Oral PresentationIV Contrast Extravasation During CT: Impact of Preliminary Saline Flush Through a Power Injector
3291 Oral PresentationEducational Impact of Simulation Training During Contrast Emergency Management
E1020 Scientific ExhibitTime Dedicated to Noninterpretative Patient Care Activities by Breast Imagers at an Academic Center
E1030 Scientific ExhibitFifteen Years of Jury Verdicts and Settlements in New York, Florida, and Illinois
E1065 Scientific ExhibitUltrasound Accuracy in Diagnosing Cholelithiasis: Is It Based on Good Evidence?
E1068 Scientific ExhibitA Proposal for a Fair and Transparent Moonlighting System
E1132 Scientific ExhibitStructured Reporting in the Academic Setting: What the Referring Clinician Thinks
E1182 Scientific ExhibitEvaluation of a Point-of-Care Ultrasound Curriculum and Ocular Phantom in Residency Training
E1192 Scientific ExhibitCheck Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: Using a Preprocedural Checklist to Improve Patient Safety
E2230 Educational ExhibitMACRA: A Major Change in Reimbursement, and Implications for Radiology
E2315 Scientific ExhibitFrequency and Analysis of Nonclinical Errors in Radiology Reports Using Voice Recognition Dictation
E2335 Scientific ExhibitReferring Provider Survey on Radiology Reports: Challenges and Increasing Survey Response Rates
E2337 Scientific ExhibitEfficacy/Cost-Effectiveness of Chest X-Rays Performed for Routine Admission: Review of 4483 Patients
E2484 Educational ExhibitRadiology Resident as Physics Teacher: One Program’s Perspective
E2486 Educational ExhibitWhat Do I Do? A Quick Reference Guide to Common Radiology Safety Issues
E2492 Scientific ExhibitIs Sonography Adequate for Diagnosing Acute Appendicitis in Children? A Quality Improvement Project
E2561 Educational ExhibitThe New Age of Danger in Medical Imaging? A Review of Recent Literature
E2595 Scientific ExhibitSeeing Is Believing: Eyestrain-Reducing Glasses in Radiology
E2633 Scientific ExhibitTechnique and Tissue: Diagnostic Rate of Image-Guided Biopsies and Associated Factors
E2661 Educational ExhibitHow to Use Virtual Reality to Design the Ideal Radiology Reading Room
E2669 Scientific ExhibitContrast-Induced Nephropathy Prediction by Age, Glomerular Filtration, and Ejection Fraction Score
E2700 Scientific ExhibitClinical Yield and Appropriateness of CTA in Work-Up of Peripartum Patients With PE
E2703 Educational ExhibitRed Eye Radiology: Combating Fatigue During the Night
E2707 Educational ExhibitGadolinium Chelates: Can We Relax?
E2712 Scientific ExhibitUsing a Face Sheet to Improve Recognition of Radiology Technologists by Radiology Residents
E2755 Scientific ExhibitSonography Training in Radiology Residency Departments: A National Survey
E2764 Scientific ExhibitThe Right Side of History: Obtaining Appropriate History for Ordered Studies to Improve Patient Care
E2833 Educational ExhibitUpdate on Adrenal Incidentaloma: What Radiologists Need to Know
E2839 Scientific ExhibitImproving Attending and Resident Collaborative Readout Efficiency With EtherRad
E2905 Educational ExhibitClinical Reasoning in Radiology: A Practical Guide for Day-to-Day Resident Teaching
E3000 Educational ExhibitThe Handbook: Tips and Pitfalls for Developing and Maintaining an Online Handbook for Residents
E3005 Educational ExhibitMind Full or Mindful? A Guide to Mindfulness in the Reading Room
E3017 Educational ExhibitLymph Node Assessment by Imaging Criteria in Oncology Clinical Trials
E3026 Educational ExhibitWhy Radiologists Should Take Notice and Understand MACRA
E3032 Educational ExhibitOverview of Bony Metastases Assessment by Different Imaging Criteria in Oncology: Lessons Learned
E3042 Educational ExhibitVendor-Neutral Archive: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
E3072 Scientific ExhibitAccurate Measurements of Enhanced Images Via a Deconvolution Computer-Aided Detection Algorithm
E3124 Educational ExhibitOn Cloud Nine: A Review of Patient Satisfaction Measures in Radiology
E3150 Educational ExhibitKeep Calm and Follow the Doctor’s Orders
E3168 Educational ExhibitAnalyzing Delays in the ED: How to Optimize Processes in a Methodical Way
E3183 Educational ExhibitEthical Dilemmas in Publishing
E3202 Educational ExhibitForeign Bodies and Retained Surgical Instruments: Identification and Management
E3254 Scientific ExhibitReadability of Online Patient Education Materials Related to Pediatric Radiation Safety
E3320 Scientific ExhibitKeeping the Flow Flowing: Implementation of a Novel PACS-Based Patient Tracking List in IR