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Breast Imaging

E3170. Take Care of Me Now: Imaging Overview of Acute Breast Emergencies

Gupta P,  Foshee S,  Garcia-Morales F. Dallas VA Medical Center, Dallas, TX

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Background Information: Acute breast conditions are infrequent and require prompt recognition and management. We present imaging features of various breast emergencies that can be encountered in a breast imaging practice.

Educational Goals/Teaching Points: The goal of this exhibit is to describe various emergent conditions of the breast and discuss common clinical presentations, imaging features, and appropriate management of acute breast emergencies.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques: The following case examples will be discussed in this presentation with illustrated images: cellulitis, mastitis and abscess, hematoma, fat necrosis or seat belt injury, ruptured implant, axillary lymphadenitis, radiation-induced injury or myositis, and inflammatory breast cancer.

Conclusion: Breast emergencies are uncommon, however require prompt recognition and management. Knowledge of these conditions, their clinical presentations, imaging features, management and appropriate follow up is necessary for any breast imager.