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Pediatric Imaging

E3089. Arthritis in Children: A Debilitating Disease

Abdelhadi S,  Le M,  Mohandas A,  Daruwalla V,  Al-Hihi M. Wayne State University/Detroit Medical Center, Detriot, MI

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Background Information: Arthritis in the pediatric population is a very rare and debilitating, lifestyle-altering condition. It may last anywhere from a couple months to a lifetime. Although juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) is primarily a clinical diagnosis, it is crucial for the radiologist to understand its classification, recognize its signs and progression on various modalities, and effectively report findings to further aid in clinical management.

Educational Goals/Teaching Points: This educational exhibit thoroughly reviews the six subtypes of JIA (oligo, poly rheumatoid factor (RF) negative, poly RF positive, enthesitis related, psoriatic, and systemic), its epidemiology, the joint pathogenesis, and the role of plain radiographs, sonography, and MRI as well as pertinent imaging findings.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques: We describe the JIA spectrum, respective abnormalities, and expected imaging findings on plain radiography, sonography, and MRI.

Conclusion: The goal of this exhibit is to familiarize the radiologist with the various subtypes of JIA and their presentation on multiple imaging modalities to adequately assist the clinician in early detection and management of a potentially debilitating disease.