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Emergency Radiology

E2969. Vas Up: Causes of Vas Deferens Inflammation

Berchmans E1,  Goud A.2 1. Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA; 2. Boston VA Healthcare System, Boston, MA

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Background Information: Inflammation of the vas deferens is a rare condition referred to as vasitis. It is usually an incidental finding of a chronic condition in patients with a history of vasectomy, prostatectomy or inguinal hernia repairs. Nonetheless, vasitis can be acutely seen secondary to infections related to epididymitis. In this setting, the condition typically presents with groin pain and scrotal swelling. Acute vasitis has also been noted in the setting of trauma.

Educational Goals/Teaching Points: The goals of the discussion are to identify characteristics of vasitis in ultrasound, CT and MR images and distinguish vasitis from other differential inguinal conditions. We will review the pathophysiology for vas deferens inflammation for determining the origin of inflammation including a discussion of inferring sequelae of injury and inflammation of the vas deferens.

Key Anatomic/Physiologic Issues and Imaging Findings/Techniques: Evaluation of chronic and acute inflammation of the vas deferens using 2D grayscale ultrasound, CT, and MRI will be discussed.

Conclusion: Although rare, findings consistent with inflammation of the vas deferens can be identified in the appropriate clinical setting by a vigilant radiologist. If identified in the acute setting, imaging examination can determine the extent of injury or disease and be a valuable guide for resolution of injury or long-standing effects.