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Efficacy, Education, Administration, Informatics

E2712. Using a Face Sheet to Improve Recognition of Radiology Technologists by Radiology Residents

Kennedy B,  Ford R,  Deshmukh S. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

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Objective: Our aim is to improve the communication between residents and technologists by improving the ability of the residents to identify the technologists, done with the aid of published face sheets of the technologists in the department.

Materials and Methods: A list of technologists employed at our main hospitals was obtained from the lead technologist in each department (CT, ultrasound, MRI, radiography, interventional radiology, nuclear medicine, and breast imaging). A face sheet was compiled using photographs from the technologists’ ID badges. A survey was sent to the radiology residents asking them to report their ability to identify the technologists from each imaging department. The appropriate face sheets were displayed at the corresponding work stations as well as made available on the resident blog following survey completion. The residents were then resurveyed 3 months following the release of the face sheet to assess the effect.

Results: Before face sheet release, only 32% of residents were able to identify technologists in person, while 50% reported being able to identify technologists over the phone. Technologists were better identified on higher volume services (CT/MRI) or on services where there is frequent face-to-face interaction (IR/ultrasound). Radiography, which has the largest number of technologists, was reported as the least identifiable service. After face sheet release, 43% of residents reported being able to identify technologists in person and 57% were able to identify the technologists over the phone. Residents were able to better identify the technologists in all departments with plain film showing the largest improvement. All residents reported accessing the face sheets at least once a month with 43% accessing it multiple times per week. All residents reported their ability to identify the technologists had improved since the release of the face sheets.

Conclusion: The readily available nature of a technologist face sheet results in frequent usage by the radiology residents. This has resulted in an improved ability of the residents in our program to identify and communicate with the technologists throughout the department.