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1014 Oral PresentationAbdominal Imaging After Bariatric Surgery: Predictors, Usage and Utility
1016 Oral PresentationRoutine Upper Gastrointestinal Series After Bariatric Surgery: Predictors, Usage and Utility
1017 Oral PresentationMultimodality Comparison of Right Ventricular Function for Ventricular Assist Device Stratification
1031 Oral PresentationAssessing the Response of Benign Breast Lesion to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Comparison to Cancers
1053 Oral PresentationThe Hidden Bleed: Contrast Extravasation Versus Hemorrhage in After Thrombectomy
1055 Oral PresentationRadiology Education for the 21st Century: Implementation of an E-Learning Curriculum
1083 Oral PresentationEvaluation of 3D FSE With Parallel Transmit Technology for Segmental Evaluation of the Colonic Wall
1085 Oral PresentationLung Cancer Screening Guidelines: How Readable Are Internet-Based Patient Education Resources?
1094 Oral PresentationDo We Need a Different Standard of Care for Emergency Radiologists?
1098 Oral PresentationTumor Response/Survival Outcomes; Oncozene Beads Used in TACE for Unresectable HCC
1106 Oral PresentationCurbside Consults: Practices, Pitfalls and Legal Issues
1108 Oral PresentationAnalysis of Micro-Calcifications Detected on Screening Synthetic 2D Mammography: Are They All Real?
1145 Oral PresentationOrbital Blunt Trauma: Can CT Help in Predicting the Development of Diplopia?
1147 Oral PresentationEfficacy of Ultrasound-Guided Proximal Biceps Tendon Sheath Steroid Injections
1160 Oral PresentationAccessory Anterolateral Talar Facet: Correlating MRI Findings in an Anatomic Variant
1179 Oral PresentationDual-Energy Virtual Unenhanced CT Versus True Unenhanced CT in the Diagnosis of Hepatic Steatosis
1195 Oral PresentationTrends in National Institutes of Health Funding to Diagnostic Radiology Departments
2194 Oral PresentationPathology Correlation to MRI in Evaluating Tumor Response Following Transarterial Chemoembolization
2198 Oral PresentationChange in Platelet Count after TIPS: Correlation With Portosystemic Pressure Gradient.
2206 Oral PresentationTIPS Prior to Abdominal Surgery: Outcomes in Cirrhotic Patients.
2208 Oral PresentationPsoas Muscle Density Predicts Survival of Cirrhotic Patients Undergoing TIPS
2214 Oral PresentationInterpretation of Brain PET/MRI Is Independent of Attenuation Correction Method
2218 Oral PresentationLI-RADS Use for Comprehensive Management at Veterans Administration Hospitals
2222 Oral PresentationTrauma-Related Pseudopneumoperitoneum: Costochondral Vacuum Phenomenon
2225 Oral PresentationComparison of Screening Metrics: Online vs Batch Interpretation of Tomosynthesis Mammograms
2263 Oral PresentationOptimization of ROI Sampling Strategies for Hepatic MRI Proton Density Fat Fraction
2264 Oral PresentationSenior Medical Student Radiology Electives: A Needs Assessment
2272 Oral PresentationTransperineal Ultrasound in Children With Ambiguous Genitalia and Correlation With Genitography
2286 Oral PresentationDAT-SPECT Brain Imaging: Impact on Management of Patients With Suspected Parkinsonism
2287 Oral PresentationPotential Use of the BI-RADS Mammography Atlas for Lesions Detected on Dedicated Breast CT
2291 Oral PresentationEarly Experience With Microwave Ablation in the Treatment of Osteoid Osteomas
2298 Oral PresentationSafety and Outcomes of Fiducial Placement for Radiosurgery in Patients With Abdominal Malignancies
2301 Oral PresentationLow-Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening in a High-Risk Population
2311 Oral PresentationClustered Microcysts on Breast Sonography: What is an Appropriate Management Recommendation?
2331 Oral PresentationPredicting Future Hip Fractures at Abdominal CT Using Opportunistic Osteoporosis Screening Measures
2333 Oral PresentationDiagnostic Yield of Percutaneous CT-Guided Sacroiliac Joint Sampling for Infection
2362 Oral PresentationComparing Call Back Characteristics Between Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and 2D Mammography
2366 Oral PresentationRetrograde Popliteal Access for Recanalization of Lower Extremity Arterial Chronic Total Occlusion
2376 Oral PresentationSuspicious Breast MRI Lesions Assigned to MRI Follow-Up: Was Outcome Negatively Affected?
2382 Oral PresentationSingle Center Review of Our Experience of Minimal Aortic Injury Using CT Angiography
2390 Oral PresentationInterobserver Reproducibility of PI-RADSv2: Assessment Among Novice Radiologists in Prostate MRI
2395 Oral PresentationWhole Breast Screening Ultrasound at a Single Institution: A 2673 Patient Experience
2400 Oral PresentationPostarthroscopy Anterior Interval Fat Fibrosis Effect on Patellar Height: A Quantitative Analysis
2423 Oral PresentationLI-RADS Ancillary Features of Malignancy on MRI in Patients at Risk for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
2428 Oral PresentationA Multilayer 3D Printed Phantom for Fluoroscopy-Guided Lumbosacral Procedures
2441 Oral PresentationManagement of Tumor Measurements in Cancer Trials: ENABLE Rather Than RESIST.
2449 Oral PresentationDetection of Myocardial Scar on Dual-Energy Cardiac CT in Patients Undergoing TAVR
2451 Oral PresentationComparison of TI Scout and MOLLI In sequences for T1 Mapping in Patients With Multiple Myeloma
2456 Oral PresentationImpact of Zonal Anatomy on the Diagnostic Performance of 3-T Multiparametric MRI for Prostate Cancer
2465 Oral PresentationDefining an Optimal CT Liver Attenuation Threshold to Screen for Hereditary Hemochromatosis
2481 Oral PresentationUninsured Patients: A Distinct Subpopulation of Patients With Breast Cancer
2487 Oral PresentationOptoacoustic Breast Imaging: Imaging-Pathology Correlation in Benign and Malignant Breast Masses
2502 Oral PresentationDesign and Validation of a Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Curriculum Utilizing Peer Teachers
2509 Oral PresentationImpact of Ancillary LIRADS Imaging Features Versus Major LIRADS Imaging Features.
2511 Oral PresentationPrognostic Role of Detection Method in Invasive Breast Cancer
2512 Oral PresentationMRI and PET Characteristics of Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumors
2517 Oral PresentationEffect of Varying Spectral Models of Fat on Hepatic MRI Proton Density Fat Fraction Estimation
2520 Oral PresentationUterine Position Preconception and Postpartum: An MRI Study
2525 Oral PresentationIncrease in Radial Scar Detection with DBT: A Benefit or Limitation of the Technology?
2537 Oral PresentationPerivascular Fat-Stranding on Coronary CT Angiography: A High Risk Marker.
2538 Oral PresentationInjuries and Anatomy of the Knee: Sex Differences
2553 Oral PresentationManagement of Vascular and Urinary Complications After Partial Nephrectomy.
2556 Oral PresentationRapid Screening for Abnormal Bone Density on Routine CT Images That Include the Spine
2559 Oral Presentation21st Century Gastrointestinal Fluoroscopy by the Numbers: What Should We Still Be Teaching?
2568 Oral PresentationFDG PET/MRI With Dedicated Pelvic Imaging in Cervical Cancer
2570 Oral PresentationSonographic Diagnosis of Pneumoperitoneum: Beyond Experiment – the Results from Reading Rooms
2571 Oral PresentationQuantification of DWI Using ADC Maps in Comparison to SUV in Lymph Node Metastases Using PET/MRI
2577 Oral PresentationLack of Association Between LGE and LVOTO in Asymmetric Septal Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
2578 Oral PresentationCartoons in Lieu of Anesthesia or Sedation for Pediatric MRI
2580 Oral PresentationThe Role of Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in Assessing the Axilla in Patients With Breast Cancer
2584 Oral PresentationPI-RADSv2 Predicts Upgrading at MR/US Fusion Biopsy in Active Surveillance Prostate Cancer Patients
2585 Oral PresentationDifferentiation of Insufficiency Fractures and Leaking Baker Cysts by Soft Tissue Edema Patterns
2616 Oral PresentationMRI Evaluation of Chopart Joint Injury in the Setting of Acute Ankle Injury
2634 Oral Presentation3D CT Reconstruction and Printing to Evaluate Multiple Aortopulmonary Collateral Arteries
2636 Oral PresentationUltrasound Guided Thyroid Biopsies: Working Towards a Standardized Approach.
2641 Oral PresentationSites and Rate of Occlusive Disease in Ischemic Stroke: A CT-Angiography Study of 2209 Patients
2649 Oral PresentationCan Automated Breast Ultrasound Be the Key to Increased Cancer Detection and a Low Callback Rate?
2660 Oral PresentationComparing the Accuracy of Ultrasound and CT in the Evaluation of Acute Cholecystitis
2677 Oral PresentationPrevalence of Vertebral Fractures at Routine Body CT According to L1 Trabecular Attenuation
2685 Oral PresentationImaging Characterization of Breast Cancer With Squamous Features
2687 Oral PresentationConspicuity of Screen-Detected Cancers on 2D Synthetic Mammography vs Full Field Digital Mammography
2714 Oral PresentationDo Intraductal Papillomas Diagnosed After Image-Guided Core Needle Biopsy Need to Be Excised?
2722 Oral PresentationDiagnostic Accuracy of DECT Imaging for Hemosiderin Deposits in Pigmented Villonodular Synovitis
2726 Oral PresentationTemporal and Site Differences Between Radiologist and Nonradiologist Interpretation of Neuroimaging
2760 Oral PresentationCan CT-Guided Needle Intervention Achieve Accuracy With Ultra-Low Dose?
2766 Oral PresentationEffect of Motion Compensation on the Image Quality of Cone Beam CT Scans in Musculoskeletal Setting
2768 Oral PresentationEpicardial Fat Volume Is Independently Associated With Presence and Severity of Systemic Sclerosis
2804 Oral PresentationTumor Response Assessment Methods: Standard-of-Care Versus Computer-Assisted Response Evaluation
2814 Oral PresentationUnderstanding Patient Preference in Female Pelvic Imaging: Transvaginal Ultrasound and MRI
2815 Oral PresentationImpact of Age and Density on the Performance of Mammography and Ultrasound in Diagnostic Imaging
2827 Oral PresentationFollow Up MRI of Untreated or Nonoperatively Treated Plantar Plate Tear
2830 Oral PresentationPatient Miscentering During CT: Findings From 57,621 Acquisitions and Impact on Dose
2832 Oral PresentationNot One of the Usual Suspects: MRI Features of Insertional Lateral Cord Plantar Fasciitis
2844 Oral PresentationPrevalence of Splenules at Abdominal CT in Adults: Does it Match Our Expectations
2853 Oral PresentationCoronary CT Angiography in a Large County Hospital Emergency Department: Initial Experience
2861 Oral PresentationDiagnostic Utility of Contrast-Enhanced Breast MRI for the Evaluation of Nipple Discharge
2862 Oral PresentationPathologic Outcomes of Architectural Distortion on Digital 2D Versus Tomosynthesis Mammography
2863 Oral PresentationPathologic Upgrade Rates of High-Risk Lesions With Digital 2D Versus Tomosynthesis Mammography
2873 Oral PresentationEffect of Structured Reporting for CT Enterography in the Setting of Inflammatory Bowel Disease
2883 Oral PresentationEffects of Reconstruction Planes on CT Image Quality When Using Iterative Reconstruction Techniques
2889 Oral PresentationSmartphone-Needle Guide Device Improves Accuracy and Reduces Radiation for CT-Guided Biopsies.
2897 Oral PresentationImpact of Ultrasound-Guided Lymph Node Mapping and Biopsy on Managing Patients With Thyroid Cancer
2900 Oral PresentationImaging Features of Juxtacortical Chondroma With Pathologic Correlation.
2901 Oral PresentationLung Cancer Screening CT: Correlating Degree of Centrilobular Emphysema to Pack-Years of Smoking
2906 Oral PresentationYttrium-90 Radiation Activity Delivered to Liver Tumors by Glass Versus Resin Microspheres.
2907 Oral PresentationBrain MRI Sequence Identification Using Deep Learning
2909 Oral PresentationLung Cancer Screening CT: Correlating Visual Coronary Artery Calcium Score to Pack-Years of Smoking
2912 Oral PresentationGadolinium Deposition in Pediatric Brain: Findings Post Multiple Exposures to Gadobenate Dimeglumine
2934 Oral PresentationEmbolization of Pulmonary AVMs: Evaluation of Complications on Pre- and Postinterventional MRI
2935 Oral PresentationIncidence and Impact of Orthopedic Metal Hardware on Routine Abdominal CT
2936 Oral PresentationWhole-Body MRI for Staging, Therapy Monitoring and Follow-Up of Pediatric Malignancies
2938 Oral PresentationPatterns of Hepatobiliary Contrast Uptake in Liver Metastases on Gadoxetate Disodium-Enhanced MRI
2942 Oral PresentationDECT in Patients With Large Body Habitus: Impact on Image Quality and Material Decomposition
2946 Oral PresentationSurvey Practices in Utilization of Imaging Modalities in Crohn Disease
2949 Oral PresentationDiagnostic Accuracy of Paired Color and Gray-scale CT Images for Detecting Acute Ischemic Stroke
2950 Oral PresentationMRI Features of Perianal Fistulas: Is There a Difference Between Crohn’s and non-Crohn’s Patients?
2951 Oral PresentationImaging Differences Between Early and Late Failure in Prostate Cancer Patients After Prostatectomy
2956 Oral PresentationMaking Things Crystal Clear: Use of Dual Energy CT for the Assessment and Diagnosis of Gout
2957 Oral PresentationA Retrospective Analysis of Preoperative CT in Unresectable or Margin-Positive Whipple’s Patients.
2970 Oral PresentationSubsecond CTA for Pulmonary Embolism Using Third Generation Dual-Source CT: Intrapatient Comparison
2976 Oral PresentationNational Hospital Quality Performance and Medicare Reimbursements for Outpatient Radiology Services
2985 Oral PresentationBone and Joint Modeling From 3D Ankle MRI: Feasibility and Comparison With Radiographs and 2D MRI
2989 Oral PresentationIntratumoral Voxel Attenuation Alteration Better Predicts PET Response Than RECIST in CRCLM.
2995 Oral PresentationSubmillisievert Chest CT With Advanced Modeled Iterative Reconstruction
3002 Oral PresentationIs There a Role for Bone Scan in the Work-Up of Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma?
3015 Oral PresentationEpicardial Adipose Tissue Quantification in Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia
3028 Oral PresentationDiagnostic Performance of CT Angiography for Coronary Artery Anomalies in Congenital Heart Disease
3035 Oral PresentationCan Ultrasound Predict Malignancy in an Adnexal Mass?
3049 Oral PresentationImaging Findings in Serial CT Examinations in Patients With Cholangitis.
3053 Oral PresentationProstate Cancer Prognostic Grade Groups: Can mpMRI Separate Low, Intermediate and High-Grade Cancer?
3082 Oral PresentationCompressed Sensing SPACE for Fast Knee MRI: A Study of Reliability of Sensitivity for Pathology
3127 Oral PresentationIncidental Cardiac Findings on Abdominal CT: Prevalence and Association with Cardiovascular Events
3131 Oral PresentationFDG PET/CT and PET/MRI in Staging Breast Cancer: Imaging Correlation With Tumor Characteristics
3136 Oral PresentationFDG PET/CT in the Staging of Indolent Lymphoma: A Prospective Multicenter PET Registry Study
3140 Oral PresentationCrowd-Sourced Approach for Multireader Multicase Studies
3143 Oral PresentationEmergency Department MRI of Patients With Multiple Sclerosis: Worthwhile or Wasteful?
3144 Oral PresentationUtility of Inpatient Renal Ultrasound for Evaluation of Acute Kidney Injury Following a Negative CT
3162 Oral PresentationComparison of Cancers Detected by Screening Ultrasound and Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
3185 Oral PresentationUtility of Ordering Both Hand and Wrist Radiographs in Acute Minor Trauma
3192 Oral PresentationImproved Preparedness in the Management of Acute Contrast Reactions After High-Fidelity Simulation
3200 Oral PresentationRelative Influence of Capillary Index Score, Time, and Revascularization on Outcome after Stroke
3206 Oral PresentationHepatic Steatosis After Pancreaticoduodenectomy in a Cohort of Patients with IPMNs
3210 Oral PresentationAnatomic Demonstration of Retropharyngeal Space in Ultrashort TE MRI of the Cervical Spine
3218 Oral PresentationEmergent Breast Ultrasound of Clinically Suspected Breast Abscesses: Impact on Clinical Management
3228 Oral PresentationPotential Importance of Biopsy of Areas of Soft Tissue Neoplasm Necrosis
3249 Oral PresentationComparison of Low-Energy and High-Energy Lisfranc Injuries
3256 Oral PresentationMR Phenotype of Temporomandibular Disease: Morphologic, Quantitative T2, and UTE T2* MR Evaluation
3257 Oral PresentationLong Head of Biceps Tendinopathy: MRI, Arthroscopic and Histopathologic Correlation.
3260 Oral PresentationImpact of Reinterpretation and Repeat of Breast Imaging Studies
3262 Oral PresentationImaging Appearances of Laryngeal and Tracheal Chondrosarcomas.
3267 Oral PresentationNovel Clinical Application of R2* Maps in Visualization of Biliary Anatomy
3269 Oral PresentationSWI for Differentiation of Ependymoma and Medulloblastomas: Preliminary Results
3271 Oral PresentationMedial Subluxation of the Femorotibial Joint: Making a Case for Microinstability in the Knee
3273 Oral PresentationMicro CT Imaging of Human Lung Cancer: Radiology Meets Pathology
3275 Oral PresentationIV Contrast Extravasation During CT: Impact of Preliminary Saline Flush Through a Power Injector
3291 Oral PresentationEducational Impact of Simulation Training During Contrast Emergency Management
3292 Oral PresentationImpact of Emergency Department MRI Scanning on Hospital Length of Stay
3296 Oral PresentationRepeatability, Reproducibility, and Interobserver Agreement of Liver Surface Nodularity Measurement
3299 Oral PresentationUtilization of the Lung-RADS S Category Modifier in a Clinical Lung Cancer Screening Program
3301 Oral Presentation Changes in the Imaging Appearance of Giant Cell Tumor of Bone with Denosumab Treatment
3303 Oral PresentationLipid Profile Correlations in Patients With Incidentally Noted Fatty Liver Based on CT Criteria.
3307 Oral PresentationLiver Surface Nodularity Score as a Predictor of Liver and Cardiovascular Events in NAFLD
3334 Oral PresentationProstate Cancer Volume Correlation on 3-T MultiParametric MRI and Pathology:Using 3D-Printed Molds
3337 Oral PresentationSonographic Monitoring of Clubfoot Correction During Treatment With the Ponseti Method: A Reality
E1004 Educational ExhibitStick ‘Em, Follow ‘Em, or Ignore ‘Em...What to Do With All Those Thyroid Nodules
E1006 Scientific ExhibitMRI of the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex: Cross-Sectional Anatomy and Injury Classification
E1012 Educational ExhibitNot the Usual Suspects: A Pictorial Review of Unusual Bladder and Prostate Masses
E1013 Educational ExhibitMay Thurner Syndrome: Presentation, Radiologic Diagnosis, and the Role of Endovascular Treatment
E1020 Scientific ExhibitTime Dedicated to Noninterpretative Patient Care Activities by Breast Imagers at an Academic Center
E1021 Educational ExhibitCT Metal Reduction Techniques in Shoulder Arthroplasties
E1022 Educational ExhibitPictorial Review of Imaging Appearance of Pituitary Macroadenomas
E1023 Educational ExhibitSupratentorial Intra- and Extraaxial Neoplasms: Algorithm Approach for Residents
E1025 Educational ExhibitImaging and Management of Uterine Arteriovenous Malformation
E1026 Educational ExhibitCommon and Subtle Findings in the Acute Aorta: What the Radiologist Needs to Recognize
E1027 Educational ExhibitA Pictorial Review of True Endoleaks and Mimics of Endoleaks on CT Angiography
E1030 Scientific ExhibitFifteen Years of Jury Verdicts and Settlements in New York, Florida, and Illinois
E1032 Educational ExhibitMRI of Pediatric Appendicitis: Tips, Tricks, and Theory
E1034 Educational ExhibitExtracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation in Adults: A Comprehensive Review
E1037 Educational ExhibitMRI of Optic Nerve Conditions: To Know the Unknown
E1039 Educational ExhibitExtradural Tumor Mimickers in Spine: Image, Identify, and Interpret
E1040 Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Fatty Lesions in the Brain: Facts and features
E1044 Educational ExhibitWhole Lung Ventilation/Perfusion Mismatch
E1045 Educational ExhibitPitfalls in the Diagnosis of Subdural Hemorrhage: A Pictorial Review of Uncommon Causes and Mimics
E1047 Educational ExhibitBreast Elastography: A Review of Strain and Shear Wave Elastography
E1048 Educational ExhibitEssential Knowledge for Defining Odontogenic Lesions of the Mandible
E1052 Educational ExhibitBurned, Frozen, Bloody, and Leaking: Complications After Renal Tumor Ablation
E1058 Scientific ExhibitRadiation Dose Reduction Initiative: Effect on Image Quality of Shoulder CT Imaging
E1062 Educational ExhibitEndomyocardial Fibrosis: Pictorial Review of Imaging Findings
E1065 Scientific ExhibitUltrasound Accuracy in Diagnosing Cholelithiasis: Is It Based on Good Evidence?
E1066 Educational ExhibitA Simple Cyst or Carcinoma? Which Incidental Body Findings on MSK MRI Matter and How to Triage Them
E1067 Educational ExhibitAcronyms and Eponyms Related to Shoulder Instability: A Case-Based Review
E1068 Scientific ExhibitA Proposal for a Fair and Transparent Moonlighting System
E1071 Educational ExhibitNeuromodulation: Review of Indications, Imaging Appearance, and MRI Safety of Implanted Devices
E1077 Educational ExhibitWho DaT? Pearls and Pitfalls of Parkinson Disease Imaging: Evaluating Dopamine Receptors
E1078 Educational ExhibitHepatic Geography - Navigating the Islands and Continents of Diffuse Liver Disease
E1087 Educational ExhibitFunctional Imaging of Aortic Coarctation: Imaging Techniques and Presurgical Planning
E1088 Educational ExhibitExtraosseous Ewing’s Sarcoma of Pancreas: Case Report with Radiologic and Pathologic Correlation
E1090 Educational ExhibitApproach to Endovascular Management of High-Flow Priapism
E1095 Educational ExhibitChew on This: Lytic and Sclerotic Lesions of the Jaws
E1099 Educational ExhibitEndovascular Management of Renal Angiomyolipoma Using a Sclerotic-Embolic Mixture
E1101 Educational ExhibitPitfalls in Musculoskeletal MRI Interpretation Without Radiography or CT for Comparison
E1103 Scientific ExhibitThree Shots, Four Shots, One Too Many: Retrospective Analysis of Perceived Pain
E1107 Educational ExhibitManography: Multiparametric Prostate MRI and PI-RADS v2—Wait, Watch, and Biopsy
E1110 Educational ExhibitSports-Related Injuries of the Upper Extremity
E1114 Scientific ExhibitTag, You’re It: What Is the Optimal Timing for Oral Fluid Tagging in CT Colonography?
E1119 Educational ExhibitDiagnosis of Cystic Retrorectal Masses on MRI With Review of Pathology and Management
E1121 Educational ExhibitIncidentalomas on FDG PET/CT: Differentials and Management
E1122 Educational ExhibitFDG PET/CT Artifacts and Physiologic Uptake: Pearls and Pitfalls
E1126 Educational ExhibitA Resident-Friendly Approach for Interpreting Imaging Findings of Lumbar Spine Degenerative Disease
E1130 Educational ExhibitBenign Biliary Strictures
E1131 Educational ExhibitCastAway Radiology: Cases from Remote Islands and the Impact of Limited Healthcare Resources
E1132 Scientific ExhibitStructured Reporting in the Academic Setting: What the Referring Clinician Thinks
E1133 Educational ExhibitAdrenal Lesions and Review of Nonsurgical Interventional Management
E1135 Educational ExhibitCase Report: Rare Cystic Adventitial Disease of the Common Femoral Vein
E1136 Educational ExhibitOut of Breast Experiences: Extramammary Findings on Breast MRI
E1140 Educational ExhibitErdheim-Chester Disease: A Head-to-Toe Pictorial Review
E1142 Educational ExhibitIncidental Findings on Whole-Body Low-Dose CT for Multiple Myeloma
E1143 Scientific ExhibitThe Effect of Tube Current Reduction on Image Quality and Radiation Exposure in Paranasal Sinuses CT
E1151 Educational ExhibitDon’t Be Unnerved: Imaging Features of Neurogenic Tumors in the Abdomen
E1152 Scientific Exhibit Image-Guided Large Bore Suprapubic Cystostomy: A Safe Less-Invasive Bladder Divergence Alternative
E1157 Educational ExhibitMusculoskeletal Interventions: Evidence-Based Approaches
E1161 Educational ExhibitImaging of Hip Dysplasia and Periacetabular Osteotomy: What the Orthopedist Wants to Know
E1164 Educational ExhibitUnderstanding Common Pitfalls in MR Elbow Imaging: The Hinge to Accurate Diagnosis
E1167 Educational ExhibitEliminating the Enemy: Minimizing Background Parenchymal Enhancement Using Ultrafast Protocol MRI
E1168 Educational ExhibitBlunt and Penetrating Diaphragmatic Injuries: Why Do We Miss Them?
E1170 Educational ExhibitThe Azygos Vein from A to Z: Normal Appearance, Anomalies, and Abnormalities
E1173 Educational ExhibitWhere Did Your Voice Go? An Anatomic and Radiologic Review of Unilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis
E1176 Educational ExhibitThe Other Mastitis: Imaging, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Granulomatous Mastitis
E1178 Educational ExhibitComplementary Roles of FDG PET/CT and MRI in the Diagnosis and Management of Cardiac Sarcoidosis
E1182 Scientific ExhibitEvaluation of a Point-of-Care Ultrasound Curriculum and Ocular Phantom in Residency Training
E1183 Educational ExhibitSolid Pseudopapillary Tumor: What a Surgeon Wants to Know
E1184 Educational ExhibitApproach to Meniscal Tears for the General Radiologist
E1186 Educational ExhibitThe Hidden Costs of Free-Silicone Buttock Injections
E1187 Educational ExhibitMultifaceted Diagnostic Role of Tomosynthesis
E1192 Scientific ExhibitCheck Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: Using a Preprocedural Checklist to Improve Patient Safety
E1193 Educational ExhibitImaging Approach to Pediatric Soft Tissue Lumps and Bumps
E1194 Scientific ExhibitComparison of CTA, TTE, and TEE for Detection and Characterization of Coronary Anomalies in Infants
E1200 Educational ExhibitPercutaneous management of intra and extra-hepatic biliary leakage: Alternatives to bile diversion.
E1201 Educational ExhibitNon-Traumatic Foot Radiographs: What the Foot Specialist Wants to Know
E1203 Scientific ExhibitContrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in Soft-Tissue Sarcoma
E1204 Educational ExhibitParasellar Region: Clinical Presentation and Multimodality Imaging of Uncommon Lesions
E1205 Educational ExhibitContrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in Soft Tissue Sarcomas: Evaluation and Therapy Response
E2193 Educational ExhibitRole of Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound of Indeterminate Renal Lesions
E2195 Educational ExhibitA Systematic Approach to Venous Obstruction in the Chest: Thinking Beyond Caval Obstruction
E2196 Scientific ExhibitMR-Guided Breast Biopsies: Our Experience in Patients With Diagnosed Breast Malignancy or Lesions
E2205 Educational ExhibitRadiofrequency Ablation for Osteoid Osteoma Revisited: Our Institution’s Experience
E2209 Educational ExhibitUltrasound Evaluation of Internal Mammary Lymph Nodes: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Considerations
E2210 Educational ExhibitComplications of Upper Extremity Arthroplasties
E2213 Educational ExhibitMusculoskeletal Coccidioidomycosis: An Illustrative Review
E2215 Scientific ExhibitMild Asymptomatic Intrahepatic Biliary Dilation After Cholecystectomy, Likely an Incidental Finding
E2219 Scientific ExhibitAdded Value of Imaging for the Symptomatic Male Breast: Can We Avoid Unnecessary Biopsies?
E2220 Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Situs
E2224 Educational ExhibitShoulder Surgery: A Perilous Proposition for the Suprascapular Nerve
E2226 Scientific ExhibitIncremental Value of Myocardial Perfusion Reserve With Use of a Dynamic Cadmium-Zinc-Telluride SPECT
E2227 Educational ExhibitVenous Variability: Partial Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return
E2228 Educational ExhibitBI-RADS Category 3: To Follow or Not to Follow, That Is the Question
E2229 Educational ExhibitChew on These: Common and Uncommon Lesions of the Jaw—A Case-Based Radiologic-Pathologic Tutorial
E2230 Educational ExhibitMACRA: A Major Change in Reimbursement, and Implications for Radiology
E2231 Educational ExhibitAbdominal Schwannomas: Review of Imaging Findings and Pathology
E2236 Educational ExhibitComplications of Crohn Disease as Seen on Cross-Sectional Imaging and What It Means for Management
E2238 Educational ExhibitReview of Radial Artery Approach for Interventional Radiology Procedures
E2240 Educational ExhibitSkull Base Mimics: Distinguishing Masses at the Skull Base
E2241 Educational ExhibitThe Lateral Chest Radiograph: A Guide for Residents
E2242 Educational ExhibitDistinguishing Osteoblastoma from Osteoid Osteoma
E2249 Educational ExhibitContrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in Hepatic Interventional Oncology: Emerging Applications
E2250 Educational ExhibitRecognition of Hypermetabolic Fat in Imaging
E2251 Educational ExhibitCT Diagnosis of Hernias in the Abdomen and Pelvis
E2252 Educational ExhibitWhy Taste Matters: Tumors of the Tongue
E2253 Educational ExhibitCT Appearance of a Novel Radiopaque Embolization Particle Used in Chemoembolization
E2255 Educational ExhibitCesarean Section: A Multimodality Imaging Review of Acute and Chronic Complications
E2257 Educational ExhibitDiagnosis and Clinical Implications of Hepatic Arterial Variants in 90Y Therapy
E2258 Educational ExhibitCan you hear me now? A Pictorial Review of Common and Uncommon Causes of Sensorineural Hearing Loss
E2262 Educational ExhibitThe Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Imaging Review of Cosmetic Body Procedures and Complications
E2265 Educational ExhibitFirst Trimester Fetal Malformations: A Review of Sonographic Findings and Screening Evaluation
E2266 Educational ExhibitImaging of Hand and Wrist Masses: A Systematic Approach Will Point You in the Right Direction
E2268 Educational ExhibitObstetric Emergency: A Review of Placental Abruption
E2270 Educational ExhibitPitfalls and blind spots of oncologic FDG PET/CT: What the mind does not know, the eyes do not see.
E2278 Educational ExhibitIrritating Lesion: Typical and Atypical Osteoid Osteoma from Diagnosis to Treatment
E2279 Educational ExhibitCT Signs of a Failing Heart
E2284 Educational ExhibitDental Procedural Complications: What Radiologists Need to Know
E2288 Educational ExhibitPreoperative Language Mapping with Functional MRI: Clinical Review, Pearls, and Pitfalls
E2289 Educational ExhibitAcute (Fulminant) Liver Failure: Ultrasound with Correlative Imaging
E2297 Educational ExhibitNeonatal Cranial Sonography: An Approach to Accurate Diagnosis
E2303 Educational ExhibitEveryone Poops? Differential Diagnosis in Neonatal Low Obstruction Using Contrast Enema
E2306 Educational ExhibitBiceps Tenodesis for the Radiologists: Understand the Surgery, Find the Complications
E2308 Educational ExhibitDo Not Underestimate the Chest: Systemic Diseases That Can Be Diagnosed on Thoracic Imaging
E2309 Educational ExhibitA Review of Normal and Abnormal Thymus in Pediatric Imaging
E2313 Scientific ExhibitOutcomes From Stereotactic Core Needle Biopsy of Noncalcified Abnormalities
E2315 Scientific ExhibitFrequency and Analysis of Nonclinical Errors in Radiology Reports Using Voice Recognition Dictation
E2316 Educational ExhibitImage-Guided Cryoablation of Breast Tumors
E2321 Educational ExhibitWhat’s to Blame for High Blood Pressure? Imaging Evaluation for Secondary Hypertension
E2322 Educational ExhibitVisceral Artery Aneurysms: Current Endovascular Management for the Diagnostic Radiologist
E2323 Educational ExhibitExtramammary Malignancies Enountered in Breast Imaging
E2325 Scientific ExhibitErrors in Lung-RADS Reporting in a Lung Cancer Screening Program
E2326 Educational ExhibitPersistent Sciatic Artery: A Favorable Anatomic Variant in a Setting of Trauma
E2327 Educational ExhibitPain In the Butt: Imaging and Endovascular Management of Pelvic Vascular Trauma
E2329 Educational ExhibitBreast MRI in Ductal Carcinoma in Situ With Emphasis on DWI
E2332 Educational ExhibitOff the Beaten Path: Alternative Access Sites for Endovascular Recanalization
E2334 Educational ExhibitThe Many Faces of Neurosarcoidosis: A Review of the Imaging Manifestations and Current Literature
E2335 Scientific ExhibitReferring Provider Survey on Radiology Reports: Challenges and Increasing Survey Response Rates
E2337 Scientific ExhibitEfficacy/Cost-Effectiveness of Chest X-Rays Performed for Routine Admission: Review of 4483 Patients
E2339 Scientific ExhibitElastofibroma Dorsi: Cross-Sectional Imaging Findings and Follow-Up
E2340 Scientific ExhibitRosai-Dorfman Disease: Cross-Sectional Scan Findings in 32 Pathologically Proven Cases
E2341 Educational ExhibitMDCT Evaluation of Complications of Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Tubes
E2342 Educational ExhibitSick to One’s Stomach: A Pictorial Review of Primary and Secondary Gastric Malignancies
E2343 Educational ExhibitApocrine Lesions of the Breast: A Multimodality Pictorial Review
E2344 Educational ExhibitMusculoskeletal Ultrasound in the Diagnosis of Acute Crystalline Arthropathy
E2345 Educational ExhibitMeckel Diverticulum: Imaging Gamuts
E2346 Educational ExhibitMDCT Imaging of Acute Biliary Inflammation and the Gamut of Secondary Complications
E2347 Educational ExhibitUnstable Aortic Aneurysms: A Review of MDCT Imaging Features
E2352 Educational ExhibitHow to Recognize Different Types of Breast Reconstruction Surgery: Multimodality Approach
E2354 Educational ExhibitResident Primer for Pericardial Disease: A Multimodality Approach
E2355 Educational ExhibitBlinded by the White: A Pictorial Review of High-Density Material in the Thorax
E2356 Scientific ExhibitHip Muscle Variation: An Insight into the Pathogenesis of Fatigue-Type Femoral Neck Stress Injuries
E2357 Educational ExhibitRenal Vascular Emergencies
E2359 Educational ExhibitHunting for Cat-Scratch Disease: A Multisystem Pictorial Review of Key Radiologic Findings
E2360 Educational ExhibitWhat Lurks Beneath: Mammographically Occult Male Breast Lesions in the Setting of Gynecomastia
E2364 Educational ExhibitChordoma: Conventional and Cutting-Edge Imaging and Treatment
E2368 Educational ExhibitCare for Cartilage: Safety of Anesthetics in Arthrography
E2369 Educational ExhibitReview of Scaphoid Imaging
E2370 Scientific ExhibitUpdate of Radiologic Findings in Patients with Stuewe-Wiedemann Syndrome After the Age of 2 Years
E2371 Scientific ExhibitGadolinium Deposition in Tissue After Long-Term Intraperitoneal GBCA Injection in Rats
E2372 Educational ExhibitLooking Beyond the Fracture: Extraosseous Findings on Preoperative CT of Extremity Injuries
E2374 Educational ExhibitUltrasound Elastography of the Liver: What, When, and How?
E2377 Educational ExhibitA Case-Based Review of Uncommon Causes of Axillary Adenopathy and Potential Pitfalls in Management
E2379 Educational ExhibitPearls and Pitfalls in the Diagnosis and Management of Giant Hemangiomas and Their Mimickers
E2381 Educational ExhibitBarium Study for Dynamic Assessment of Esophageal Motility Disorders as a Cause of Dysphagia
E2383 Educational ExhibitImmunotherapy: Current Use, Understanding Response Patterns on Imaging, and Future Developments
E2384 Educational ExhibitCardiac Devices in the Thorax: The Role of Radiology in Evaluating Placement and Function
E2389 Educational ExhibitGout: A Multimodality Imaging Review With Attention to Recent Developments in Imaging Diagnosis
E2391 Scientific ExhibitComparative Analysis of FDG-PET/MRI Coregistration with MRI and PET for Cortical Dysplasia
E2394 Educational ExhibitClinical Scenarios and Breast Imaging: What Gynecologists Need to Know
E2396 Educational ExhibitPulmonary Lymphoma: A Review of Cross-Sectional Imaging Findings
E2397 Educational ExhibitA Study in Gray: Uncovering the Mysteries of the Left Atrium
E2398 Educational ExhibitFDG-PET vs Amyloid-PET: Contrasts and Complimentary Uses
E2406 Educational ExhibitLife on the Edge: Findings at the Periphery of Head CT and Brain MRI Examinations
E2410 Educational ExhibitCurrent Controversies in Axillary Management of Patients With Breast Cancer
E2412 Educational ExhibitPeritoneal Carcinomatosis: A Case-Based Review
E2416 Educational ExhibitMultimodality Imaging of Renal Vascular Lesions: Pearls From Challenging Cases
E2419 Educational ExhibitBreast Masses on Ultrasound Beyond Cysts and Invasive Cancer
E2422 Scientific ExhibitVaginal Anatomy on MRI: New Information Obtained Using Distention
E2424 Scientific ExhibitValue of Targeted Ultrasound in Evaluating Palpable Breast Findings: A Study Based on Breast Density
E2426 Educational ExhibitAnkle and Hindfoot MRI: What Every Radiologist Needs to Know
E2427 Educational ExhibitA Review of Upper and Lower Extremity Deep Venous Thrombosis
E2430 Educational ExhibitUnusual and Atypical Presentations of Emphysema
E2432 Educational ExhibitPregnant and in Pain!
E2440 Scientific ExhibitShear Wave Elastography: Value in Targeted Ultrasound After Breast MRI
E2446 Educational ExhibitThe Kids Aren’t Alright: What Radiologists Need To Know About Pediatric Meniscus Tears
E2447 Educational ExhibitFluoroscopic Guided Joint Injections: The Pearls and Pitfalls of Popular and Rare Techniques
E2457 Educational ExhibitThe Many Faces of Cystic Breast Masses: Sonographic Appearances With Multimodal Imaging Correlates
E2460 Educational ExhibitLeave no Stone Unturned: Identifying Calcified Brain Parenchymal Lesions
E2461 Educational ExhibitImaging and Clinical Management of Granulomatous Mastitis: What Every Radiologist Should Know
E2462 Scientific ExhibitNeck Circumference, Neck Diameter, Body Mass Index, and Radiation Exposure in Neck MDCT Examinations
E2463 Educational ExhibitRadiation Treatment Planning for CNS Tumors: Current Radiographic Utilization and Future Directions
E2464 Educational ExhibitQuarantine! Granulomatous Mastitis of the Breast
E2467 Scientific ExhibitARFI Elastography in Transplanted Kidney: Correlation With Fibrosis and Abnormal Renal Function
E2469 Scientific ExhibitAre the Roots Thickened? Normal Measures in MR Neurography of the Lumbosacral Plexus
E2471 Educational ExhibitImaging of Recurrent Prostate Cancer Using 11C-Choline PET/CT: A Game of Hide and Seek
E2472 Educational ExhibitIntestinal Transplants in Adults: Normal Appearance and Complications
E2473 Educational ExhibitTechnique, Results, and Limitations of MR Elastography in the Evaluation of Chronic Liver Disease
E2474 Educational ExhibitInferior Vena Cava Aneurysms: Pathophysiologic Overview with Review of Current Literature
E2482 Educational ExhibitSystematic Approach to Fat-Containing Lesions in the Thorax
E2484 Educational ExhibitRadiology Resident as Physics Teacher: One Program’s Perspective
E2486 Educational ExhibitWhat Do I Do? A Quick Reference Guide to Common Radiology Safety Issues
E2491 Educational ExhibitOld Is Gold: A Technical, Clinical, and Imaging Overview of Scintigraphic Lymphangiogram
E2492 Scientific ExhibitIs Sonography Adequate for Diagnosing Acute Appendicitis in Children? A Quality Improvement Project
E2494 Scientific Exhibit3D Analysis of Normal Coronary Artery Dimensions in 20 Patients With Right Coronary Artery Dominance
E2496 Educational ExhibitWhat to Expect When Your Patient Is Expecting: Imaging the Pregnant or Lactating Patient
E2497 Educational ExhibitShunts and Valves: Pearls and Pitfalls
E2499 Educational ExhibitDissecting True Versus False Lumen: Imaging Overview of Aortic Dissection
E2501 Educational ExhibitCT Findings of Pulmonary Edema
E2510 Educational ExhibitDon’t Always Go with Your Gut: A Case-Based Review of Gastrointestinal Mimics of Malignancy
E2513 Educational ExhibitThe Ins and Outs of Endometrial Carcinoma: A Guide to Gynecologic Oncology Tumor Board
E2514 Educational ExhibitPostnatal Imaging of Down Syndrome: A Spectrum of Anomalies
E2515 Educational ExhibitPitfalls and Pearls in Postoperative Breast Imaging
E2518 Educational ExhibitThe Updated Role of Mechanical Thrombectomy in Large Vessel Occlusion
E2519 Educational ExhibitBridging Past and Present: Dry Bone CT Technique for Clinical and Archaeologic Comparative Samples
E2522 Educational ExhibitNeuropathic Entrapment Syndromes Affecting the Foot and Ankle: A Case-Based Review
E2523 Educational ExhibitIncremental Role of Molecular Biomarkers in Imaging Characterization of Cystic Pancreatic Neoplasms
E2527 Scientific ExhibitIncidence and Classification of Transitional Anatomy of the Spine Based on Postmortem CT Scans
E2528 Scientific ExhibitCT Pulmonary Angiogram Quality in Early and Later Pregnancy: A Possible Diagnostic Paradigm Shift
E2530 Scientific ExhibitFeasibility of High-Resolution Ultrasound for SLAP tears of the Shoulder Compared to MR Arthrography
E2531 Educational ExhibitIncidentalomas of the Proximal Femur: When to Be Worried?
E2534 Educational ExhibitBlind Spots in Abdominal Imaging
E2535 Educational ExhibitNondiagnostic Breast MRI: When Should We Say It?
E2545 Educational ExhibitTemporomandibular Joint Fracture: What the Surgeon Needs to Know
E2546 Educational ExhibitDiagnosis, Treatment, and Management of Molar Pregnancy: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
E2547 Educational ExhibitSonographic Features and Signs of Uncommon Presentations of Ectopic Pregnancy
E2549 Scientific ExhibitThe Role of MRI as a Predictor of Distant Recurrence in Rectal Cancer
E2550 Educational ExhibitFluoroscopic-Guided Musculoskeletal Interventions: Modern Day Relevance and Practical Techniques
E2552 Educational ExhibitHello, Is It Me You’re Looking For?: Clinically Significant Incidentalomas in Nuclear Medicine
E2554 Educational ExhibitMRI of Neonatal Brachial Plexus Birth Palsy: Techniques, Findings, and Surgical Implications
E2555 Educational ExhibitDark Side of Paranasal Sinus Imaging: Nontraumatic Sinus Emergencies on Call
E2558 Educational ExhibitWhat Is That? A Review of Recently Introduced and Less Commonly Encountered Intrathoracic Devices
E2560 Educational ExhibitMusculoskeletal Applications of MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound Ablation
E2561 Educational ExhibitThe New Age of Danger in Medical Imaging? A Review of Recent Literature
E2563 Educational ExhibitUncommon Filling Defects: Nonthrombotic Pulmonary Embolism on CT
E2565 Educational ExhibitNecrotizing Enterocolitis: A Review of Current Imaging Findings and Reporting Lexicon
E2567 Educational ExhibitCT Imaging of Bioresorbable Stents: A Primer for Radiologists
E2569 Educational ExhibitBowel Obstructions, With a Twist! A Review of Internal Hernias and Volvulus
E2572 Educational ExhibitGout of This World: Dual-Energy CT and Its Expanded Role in the Assessment and Diagnosis of Gout
E2581 Educational ExhibitWatching the Watchman: A Multimodality Imaging Review of the New WATCHMAN Cardiac Device
E2586 Educational ExhibitGetting to the Bottom of Perianal Fistulas: MRI Uses and Findings in Perianal Fistulas
E2587 Educational ExhibitAir Fluid Levels in the Chest: Beyond the Abscess
E2588 Educational ExhibitDifferentiating Benign and Malignant Biliary Strictures
E2590 Scientific ExhibitMammographic Evaluation of Symptomatic Women 30–39 Yrs: Chance to Screen Clinically Occult Cancers?
E2595 Scientific ExhibitSeeing Is Believing: Eyestrain-Reducing Glasses in Radiology
E2597 Educational ExhibitThe Spectrum of Lunate Abnormalities
E2598 Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Aortic Valve Abnormalities by Cardiac CT and MRI
E2601 Scientific ExhibitDevelopment of Ovarian Cancer in Sonographically Indeterminate Lesions: Incidence and Tumor Type
E2602 Educational ExhibitOvarian Mature Cystic Teratoma (Dermoid): Review of Ultrasound Features
E2603 Educational ExhibitRadiologic Review of Incidentally Detected Congenital Anomalies of the Heart
E2605 Educational ExhibitPain in the Os: Clinically Relevant Accessory Ossicles of the Extremities
E2606 Educational ExhibitCardiac Assist Devices: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
E2607 Educational ExhibitPositioned for Success: Immediate Postoperative Evaluation of Arthroplasty Alignment
E2610 Educational ExhibitThe Impact of Circulatory Support Devices on Doppler Waveforms
E2611 Educational ExhibitThe Transaxial Highway: Imaging the Dural Spaces of the Spine
E2613 Educational ExhibitSAVI SCOUT Radar Localization: Experience and Comparison With Other Localization Procedures
E2614 Educational ExhibitCT and MRI of Adrenal Tumors: A Pictorial Essay
E2615 Educational ExhibitA Simplified Review of Truncus Arteriosus for the Radiologist
E2617 Educational ExhibitWrist Arthroplasty: Current Concepts for Radiologists
E2620 Educational ExhibitRefresher on the Knee Meniscus for Radiologists: Anatomy, Attachments and Normal Variants
E2621 Scientific ExhibitCryoablation of Abdominal Wall Endometriosis: A Minimally Invasive Treatment
E2622 Educational ExhibitFrom Fetal Life to Childhood: Varied Appearances of Congenital Pleuroperitoneal Cavity Abnormalities
E2623 Educational ExhibitHoarsing Around: An Anatomic and Pathologic Review of Vocal Cord Paralysis
E2625 Educational ExhibitWhat Can Go Wrong? Pediatric Neuroaxis Abnormalities from Fetal Life to Neonatal Life
E2629 Educational ExhibitTranscatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: A Community Hospital Perspective
E2630 Educational ExhibitThoracic Imaging for Chronic Cough: Key Findings and Diagnostic Pitfalls
E2633 Scientific ExhibitTechnique and Tissue: Diagnostic Rate of Image-Guided Biopsies and Associated Factors
E2637 Educational ExhibitDWI in Abdominal Imaging: Look at These Pearls
E2638 Scientific ExhibitTime Is of the Essence in CT Pulmonary Angiography: Benefits of Empiric Timing
E2639 Educational ExhibitA Practical Guide to Percutaneous Renal Mass Biopsy
E2642 Educational ExhibitInjuries of the Female Athlete: A Review of Imaging Findings
E2643 Educational ExhibitTuberculosis From Head to Toe: A Pictorial Review
E2644 Educational ExhibitReviewing the NOTES: A Radiologist’s Guide for Imaging of Endoscopic Surgeries
E2648 Educational ExhibitPearls and Pitfalls in the Imaging of Occlusive and Near Occlusive Carotid Disease
E2650 Educational ExhibitHips for the Abdominal Imager: A Review of Common Conditions of the Hips on Abdominopelvic CT
E2651 Educational ExhibitNeuroimaging Answers to the Patient Found Down
E2652 Educational ExhibitThe Five Key Elements of a Clinical History: Does Training Technologists Improve Quality?
E2653 Educational ExhibitRole of Orthopedic Hardware Biomechanics in Fracture Reporting: Lower Extremity Trauma
E2655 Educational ExhibitAtypical Infections in the Abdomen and Pelvis: A Diagnostic Conundrum
E2656 Educational ExhibitAtelectasis Revisited: Radiographic and CT Correlation
E2657 Educational ExhibitCADASIL: A Review of Imaging Differentials and Its Progression
E2659 Educational ExhibitHamstrung? MRI Evaluation of the Anatomy and Injuries of the Hamstring Muscle Complex
E2661 Educational ExhibitHow to Use Virtual Reality to Design the Ideal Radiology Reading Room
E2666 Educational ExhibitThe Esophagus: What the Radiologist Needs to Know About Pathology and Postsurgical Evaluation
E2668 Educational ExhibitFound Hiding in Plain Sight: Hoffa Fat Pad and Its Pathology
E2669 Scientific ExhibitContrast-Induced Nephropathy Prediction by Age, Glomerular Filtration, and Ejection Fraction Score
E2670 Educational ExhibitAvulsion Fractures: Why Do They Happen, When Do They Happen, and How to Recognize Them
E2671 Educational ExhibitTraversing the Tunnels and Canals: A Case-Based Review of Extremity Entrapment Neuropathies
E2672 Scientific ExhibitPeripheral Zone Lesions on Prostate MRI: Do We Need Dynamic Contrast Enhancement?
E2673 Educational ExhibitCoronary Artery Aneurysms and Their Mimics: A Case-Based Multimodality Approach
E2674 Educational ExhibitUltrasound-Guided Procedures of the Hands, Wrist and Foot and Ankle: Pearls and Pitfalls
E2675 Educational ExhibitMRI Assessment of the Postoperative Wrist: What Radiologists Need to Know
E2681 Educational ExhibitMRI of Gynecologic Malignancies: How MRI Guides Management
E2682 Educational ExhibitMale Pelvis Imaging: Thinking Outside the Prostate
E2686 Educational ExhibitWhat’s in the Gut? An Illustrative Case-Based Review of Small Bowel Masses
E2690 Educational ExhibitImaging After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation: Expected Findings and Complications
E2693 Educational ExhibitClimbing the Wall: Beyond Wall Thickness in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
E2698 Educational ExhibitDevelopmental Problems of the Placenta
E2700 Scientific ExhibitClinical Yield and Appropriateness of CTA in Work-Up of Peripartum Patients With PE
E2701 Educational Exhibit Cavitary Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer: Current Update
E2703 Educational ExhibitRed Eye Radiology: Combating Fatigue During the Night
E2707 Educational ExhibitGadolinium Chelates: Can We Relax?
E2708 Educational ExhibitIt’s What’s On the Outside That Counts: Lesions Involving the Outer Surface of Bone
E2711 Educational ExhibitVenous Spectral Waveforms: Venous Thrombosis and Beyond
E2712 Scientific ExhibitUsing a Face Sheet to Improve Recognition of Radiology Technologists by Radiology Residents
E2713 Educational ExhibitBlind Spots in the Abdomen and Pelvis: Where Are They Hiding?
E2715 Educational ExhibitImaging of Cesarean Scar Ectopic Uterine Pregnancy Before and After Treatment
E2716 Educational ExhibitUltrasound of Arterial Bypass Grafts: Surveillance, Complications, and Pitfalls
E2718 Scientific ExhibitCT Signs of Internal Hernia Following Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass With Surgical Correlation
E2723 Scientific ExhibitCT and PET/CT Features of Adrenal Myelolipomas in Patients with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia
E2729 Educational ExhibitIntraarticular Joint Access: A Review of Techniques and Approaches
E2731 Educational Exhibit“The View from Down Under”: The Utility of Transperineal Ultrasound in the Pediatric Population
E2735 Scientific ExhibitRespiratory Physician Input in Increasing the Diagnostic Yield of Pulmonary CT Angiography
E2736 Educational ExhibitMen Are From Mars: Spectrum of Disease of the Male Breast
E2737 Educational ExhibitMultimodality Imaging of Congenitally Corrected Transposition of the Great Arteries
E2739 Educational ExhibitLiving at the Edge: Imaging of the Transdiaphragmatic Disease Processes
E2741 Educational ExhibitThe Role of MDCT in the Investigation of Acute Gastrointestinal Hemorrhage
E2742 Educational ExhibitPectus Excavatum in the Adult Patient, Part I: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
E2746 Educational ExhibitPectus Excavatum in the Adult Patient, Part II: Assessment of the Postoperative Patient
E2747 Educational ExhibitHereditary Renal Cell Cancer Syndromes: Spectrum of Renal and Extrarenal Imaging Findings
E2749 Educational ExhibitThe Skinny on Bariatric Interventions
E2752 Educational ExhibitWhat’s Lurking in the Shadows of That Portable Abdominal Radiograph? An Interactive Primer
E2754 Educational ExhibitIs This Really SCIWORA? Spectrum of Imaging Findings in the Clinicoradiologic Entity
E2755 Scientific ExhibitSonography Training in Radiology Residency Departments: A National Survey
E2758 Educational ExhibitAn Imaging Guide to Evaluating Orbital Trauma
E2761 Scientific ExhibitImaging of a 3D Bioabsorbable Implant for Radiation Therapy Planning in Breast Lumpectomy Cavities
E2762 Educational ExhibitRising to the Occasion: Radiologists’ Role in Evaluating Inflatable Penile Prostheses Using CT
E2764 Scientific ExhibitThe Right Side of History: Obtaining Appropriate History for Ordered Studies to Improve Patient Care
E2765 Educational ExhibitWhat Lies Beneath: Imaging Fetal Spinal Dysraphisms
E2770 Educational ExhibitNuclear Medicine Infection Imaging
E2775 Educational ExhibitLooking Beyond the GIST of Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors: A Review of Associated Tumors
E2776 Educational ExhibitReview of Normal and Abnormal Foreign Bodies After Surgery
E2778 Educational ExhibitRare Lung Malignancies: Imaging Features with Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation
E2779 Educational ExhibitTibiotalar Arthroplasty: What the Surgeon Wants to Know
E2781 Educational ExhibitTriangular Fibrocartilage Complex Injuries in Athletes
E2782 Educational Exhibit“Dirty Masses” in the Abdomen: Their CT Appearance and Significance
E2784 Educational ExhibitAcoustic Shadowing: Can We Use This Limitation in Arriving at a Diagnosis?
E2786 Educational ExhibitImaging Review of Lower Intestinal Obstruction in the Neonate
E2787 Educational ExhibitSharpening the Radiologist’s Peripheral Vision: A Pictorial Review of Pleural-Based Lesions
E2788 Educational ExhibitMinute to Win It: A Multimodality Quiz on Female Infertility Imaging
E2789 Scientific ExhibitComparison of Estimated and Directly Measured Skin Radiation Dose for Interventional Procedures
E2790 Educational ExhibitPediatric Gastrointestinal Emergency Imaging for the Adult-Focused Radiologist
E2794 Educational ExhibitOccult Breast Cancer Presenting as Axillary Nodal Metastasis: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
E2795 Educational ExhibitAnterior Shoulder Instability: Imaging Classification of On- and Off-track Lesions
E2796 Educational ExhibitCorrelation between MRI and Arthroscopy Findings in Complex Shoulder Reconstruction
E2797 Scientific ExhibitStructured Reporting in Musculoskeletal Radiology: A Complex Solution to a Complex Problem
E2798 Educational ExhibitA Peek Behind CT Colonography: Identification and Classification of Incidental Findings in C-RADS
E2799 Educational ExhibitImaging of Cardiac Ventricular Assist Devices: Expected Findings and Potential Complications
E2800 Educational ExhibitImaging for Transmural Drainage of Pancreatitis-Related Collections With a Novel Stent
E2801 Educational ExhibitWhat’s New in the Molecular Imaging of Prostate Cancer? A Pictorial Review of Fluciclovine
E2803 Educational ExhibitImaging, Pathology, and Management of Vascular and Biliary Complications After Liver Transplantation
E2806 Educational ExhibitThe Many Faces of Pyelonephritis: Multimodality Approach and Pitfalls
E2807 Scientific ExhibitAccuracy of Coronary CT Angiography in Stenosis Assessment Compared to the Reference Standard
E2809 Educational ExhibitMore Than a Bump in the Road: Imaging Characteristics and Treatment of Blisterlike Aneurysms
E2811 Educational ExhibitMR Defecography: Structuring a Report to Better Help the Surgeon
E2812 Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Sonographic Findings in Hepatic Artery Compromise Following Hepatic Transplantation
E2816 Educational ExhibitHepatocellular Adenoma Subtypes: Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation
E2817 Educational ExhibitThe ILAE Classification of Focal Cortical Dysplasia: Overview and Pictorial Review
E2818 Scientific ExhibitComparison of Patellofemoral Measurements in Patients With ACL Tear and Matched Controls
E2819 Educational ExhibitNon HCC Solid Liver Lesions Occurring in Chronic Liver Disease: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
E2820 Educational ExhibitBeyond Mesothelioma: Pleural Tumors and Tumorlike Lesions
E2823 Scientific ExhibitEfficacy of High Pitch Aorta CTA for Detecting AMI in Patients Suspected Aortic Dissection at ED
E2829 Educational ExhibitRediscovering the Retroperitoneum: Masses and More
E2831 Educational ExhibitPostsurgical Fluoroscopic CT Evaluation in Oropharyngoesophageal Reconstruction
E2833 Educational ExhibitUpdate on Adrenal Incidentaloma: What Radiologists Need to Know
E2834 Scientific ExhibitEchogenicity of Acute Versus Residual Venous Thrombosis
E2835 Educational ExhibitThe Many Faces of Endometriosis: MRI Spectrum From Benign to Neoplastic
E2836 Scientific ExhibitFunctional MRI Neuroimaging Study of Financial Decision Making By Business Managers
E2837 Educational ExhibitGlenn Blalock Mustard: Short Review of Congenital Cardiac Repairs and Complications
E2838 Educational ExhibitSpindle Cell Lesions of the Breast: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
E2839 Scientific ExhibitImproving Attending and Resident Collaborative Readout Efficiency With EtherRad
E2840 Scientific ExhibitDose Delivered to Patients Between Tomosynthesis and Standard Compression Views in Mammography
E2842 Educational ExhibitMRI of the Chopart Joint: Anatomy and Imaging Findings
E2843 Educational ExhibitThe Future of Inflammatory Bowel Disease Imaging: To Activity and Beyond
E2845 Educational ExhibitBeyond Adenocarcinoma: Uncommon Solid Lesions of the Pancreas
E2846 Educational ExhibitBasal Ganglia Pathology: Deciphering the Shades of Deep Gray
E2850 Educational ExhibitGoing Down the Right Pipe: Imaging of the Esophagus
E2851 Educational ExhibitBottoms Up! Imaging of Perianal Fistulas
E2855 Scientific ExhibitThe Utility of Texture Analysis on Multiparametric MRI in Prostate Cancer Risk Stratification
E2856 Educational ExhibitImaging Evaluation of Gastrointestinal Schistosomiasis: A Multimodality Review of Imaging Findings
E2857 Educational ExhibitIs It Really a Buckle Fracture? A Review of Distal Radial Fractures
E2858 Scientific ExhibitQuantitative ADC Improves Specificity for Clinically Significant Peripheral Zone Prostate Cancer
E2860 Educational ExhibitSusceptibility Weighted Imaging: Beyond the Bleed
E2864 Scientific ExhibitRenal Cell Carcinoma: Can Density or Appearance on Unenhanced CT Exclude Cancer?
E2865 Educational ExhibitDigesting the Radiologic Lexicon: Food Signs in Radiology.
E2866 Educational ExhibitPineal Region Lesions: A Systematic Algorithmic Approach
E2867 Educational ExhibitLINX Procedure: Expected Radiographic Findings and Complications
E2870 Educational ExhibitStumped: Digital Breast Tomosynthesis to the Rescue!!
E2872 Educational ExhibitRocks for Docs: Intraabdominal Calcification on Plain Films
E2874 Educational ExhibitParagangliomas of the Head and Neck
E2876 Educational ExhibitImaging Approach to Disorders of the Pediatric Adrenal Gland
E2877 Educational ExhibitMeningeal Cysts of the Spine: An Interactive, Case-Based Tutorial
E2879 Educational ExhibitImaging of Common Peroneal Tendon Abnormalities
E2881 Educational ExhibitSuch a Pain in the Neck: Imaging Features of Cervical Spine Fractures and Other Traumatic Sequelae
E2882 Educational ExhibitGallbladder Carcinoma: Extent of Disease Evaluation—What the Surgeon Needs to Know
E2885 Scientific ExhibitReceptor Status Pattern in Primary Breast Cancer and Metastatic Bone Lesions-Is There a Discordance?
E2891 Scientific ExhibitAbove, Below, and Beyond the Region of Interest: An Analysis of Incidental Findings on Spine MRI
E2893 Educational ExhibitFluoroscopic Myelography: A Review of Optimal Positioning Techniques, Pitfalls, and Diagnostics.
E2896 Educational ExhibitPalpable Hand and Wrist Masses
E2898 Educational ExhibitNeuro MRI: What the Overnight Resident Needs to Know to Make It to the Morning
E2903 Educational ExhibitMimics of Acute Appendicitis: Emergent Imaging of Right Lower Quadrant Pain
E2904 Educational ExhibitRunning Down Your Spine: Imaging Hallmarks of Paravertebral Masses
E2905 Educational ExhibitClinical Reasoning in Radiology: A Practical Guide for Day-to-Day Resident Teaching
E2908 Educational ExhibitA Resident-Friendly Approach for Interpreting the Imaging of Cervical Spine Degenerative Disease
E2910 Educational ExhibitDevelopment and Implementation of a Lung Cancer Screening Program: A Resident-Driven Initiative
E2911 Educational ExhibitFemoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome and Labral Tears: Let’s Make It Easy!
E2913 Educational ExhibitA Resident-Friendly Algorithmic Approach to Preforming and Interpreting Myelography of the Spine
E2914 Educational ExhibitLiver Vascular Tumors: From Exceedingly Common to Extraordinarily Rare
E2915 Educational ExhibitCan You Stomach This? Complications of Bariatric Surgery
E2923 Educational ExhibitHungry-Hungry Radiologists: Imaging Characteristics of Food-Related Musculoskeletal Radiologic Signs
E2926 Educational ExhibitIt Hurts Down There: Radiology of Genitourinary Tract Infections
E2928 Scientific ExhibitDoes Prostatic Venous Anatomy Relate to Blood Prostate-Specific Antigen Level?
E2930 Educational ExhibitBrain, Spine, Head and Neck Imaging of Dermoid Cysts: Common Uncommon Locations, Appearances
E2931 Educational ExhibitA Guide to Evaluating Abdominal Trauma on CT
E2932 Educational ExhibitEmerging MRI Techniques for Characterization of Ectopic Endometrial Tissue
E2937 Scientific ExhibitCT-Guided Biopsy of Solitary Pulmonary Nodules Less Than 1 cm: Is It Worth It? A Review
E2939 Educational ExhibitUltrasound Evaluation of Peripheral Nerves
E2940 Scientific ExhibitImage-Guided Arthroplasty Aspiration: Impact of Modality on the Rate of Obtaining a Dry Tap
E2943 Educational ExhibitPI-RADS v2 as Reviewed Through Images
E2947 Educational ExhibitThe Other Face of Lymphoma: A Review of the Extranodal Presentations of Head and Neck Lymphoma
E2948 Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Chronic Cesarean Section Defects in Gravid and Nongravid Patients
E2953 Educational ExhibitRadiologic Spectrum of Osseous Metastasis in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
E2961 Educational ExhibitCardiac Aneurysms: When to Ring the Bell
E2964 Educational ExhibitCommon Variants of Spinal Sonography in Normal Developing Neonates
E2965 Scientific ExhibitMRI Protocol Optimization for Time-Efficient Identification of the Appendix
E2967 Educational ExhibitRotator Cuff Disease and Internal and External Impingement: A Current Review
E2968 Educational ExhibitMy Heart Will Go On: Imaging Adults With Congenital Heart Disease
E2969 Educational ExhibitVas Up: Causes of Vas Deferens Inflammation
E2977 Educational ExhibitThe spectrum of neuroimaging in the HIV and non-HIV immunosuppressed patient.
E2978 Educational ExhibitVascular Variants and Pathology on Musculoskeletal Imaging and Significance Prior to Intervention
E2979 Educational ExhibitA Pain in the Neck: Review of CT and USS Modalities in Inflammatory Neck Masses
E2980 Educational ExhibitNontraumatic Causes of Hemoperitoneum
E2981 Scientific ExhibitDecreasing Screening Mammography Recall Rates With Consensus Recall: The Effect of Breast Density
E2986 Educational ExhibitRadiographic Complications in Image-Guided Islet Cell Transplantation
E2988 Educational ExhibitExtrasinus Pathologies on the Routine CT Sinus Study: What the Radiologist Cannot Afford to Miss
E3000 Educational ExhibitThe Handbook: Tips and Pitfalls for Developing and Maintaining an Online Handbook for Residents
E3001 Educational ExhibitMultimodality Imaging Approach to Brain Death and the Role of MRI
E3005 Educational ExhibitMind Full or Mindful? A Guide to Mindfulness in the Reading Room
E3006 Educational ExhibitThe Family Tree of Papillary Breast Lesions
E3008 Scientific ExhibitSelf-reported Vs Documented Complications of TACE (DC Beads) and TARE (Y-90 theraspheres) for HCC
E3009 Educational ExhibitFun With the Physis: A Review of Growth Patterns, Important Pathology, and How It Changes Management
E3010 Educational ExhibitDistal Clavicular Osteolysis: An Under-Recognized Cause of Shoulder Pain
E3012 Educational ExhibitAttention to Other Types of Hip Impingement
E3014 Scientific ExhibitFrequency and Outcomes of Biopsy-Proven Fibroadenomas Recommended for Surgical Excision
E3016 Educational ExhibitUltrasound Imaging of Iatrogenic Peripheral Nerve Injury
E3017 Educational ExhibitLymph Node Assessment by Imaging Criteria in Oncology Clinical Trials
E3022 Scientific ExhibitEfficacy of Annual Chest CT Screening in Detection of Malignancy in Cardiac Transplant Recipients
E3023 Educational ExhibitCommon and Uncommon Emergencies in Ear, Nose, and Throat: Prompt, Accurate Diagnosis Can Save Lives
E3024 Educational ExhibitNipple Diseases: What Is the Differential Diagnosis?
E3026 Educational ExhibitWhy Radiologists Should Take Notice and Understand MACRA
E3027 Educational ExhibitReview of CNS Mycosis: Imaging Patterns, Clinical Syndromes and
E3030 Educational ExhibitPenetrating Neck Trauma on MDCT Angiography
E3031 Educational ExhibitPatient Safety During Image-Guided Procedures: A Primer for Noninterventional Radiologists
E3032 Educational ExhibitOverview of Bony Metastases Assessment by Different Imaging Criteria in Oncology: Lessons Learned
E3033 Educational ExhibitThe Many Faces of Pediatric Pilocytic Astrocytomas
E3037 Educational ExhibitNovel Oral Anticoagulants: What Every Interventional Radiologist Should Know
E3039 Scientific ExhibitHot spots in Fatty Liver on C-11 Choline PET
E3041 Educational ExhibitThoracic Venous Anomalies: Pictorial Review, Associations, and Consequences
E3042 Educational ExhibitVendor-Neutral Archive: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
E3043 Educational ExhibitThe Spectrum of Pulmonary Neuroendocrine Cell Proliferations and Neoplasms
E3044 Scientific ExhibitPerformance of Coronary CT Angiography Before Cardiac Valve Surgery
E3046 Educational ExhibitImaging Dental Implants: Differentiating Postprocedural Complications and Incidental Findings
E3047 Educational ExhibitNot Your Typical Sinus Infection: Complications of Rhinosinusitis
E3048 Educational ExhibitThe Vomiting Neonate: Embryology, Management, and Imaging
E3050 Scientific ExhibitCarotid and Femoral Intima-Media Thickness Correlation With Histopathologic Atherosclerosis in CKD
E3051 Educational ExhibitUltrasound Guidance: A Safe, Effective and Expedient Approach to Lung Biopsy
E3052 Educational ExhibitSo You Think You Can Stage: A Case-Based Approach to Rectal Cancer Staging
E3055 Scientific ExhibitBreast MRI in Young Women with Breast Cancer: Tumor Imaging and Phenotypic features
E3056 Scientific ExhibitDiagnosis of Pediatric Appendicitis: Is MRI More Appropriate Than CT?
E3059 Educational ExhibitBRCA and Beyond: Comprehensive Review of Hereditary Breast and Gynecologic Cancer Syndromes
E3062 Educational ExhibitPathology of the Corpus Callosum: A Pictorial Review
E3064 Educational ExhibitTesticular, Extratesticular, and Combined Intra- and Extratesticular Pathologies: Imaging Features
E3067 Educational ExhibitThe Unknown Skull Lesion: Diagnostic Approach to Benign and Malignant Lesions of the Skull
E3068 Educational ExhibitSkeletal Manifestations of Renal Disease
E3069 Educational ExhibitCongenital Posterior Fossa Malformations: Diagnostic Checklist and Commonly Confused Diagnoses
E3070 Scientific ExhibitPatterns of Meniscal Injury in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Graft Tears
E3071 Educational ExhibitLight Chain Deposition Disease: A Rare Cause of Cystic Lung Disease
E3072 Scientific ExhibitAccurate Measurements of Enhanced Images Via a Deconvolution Computer-Aided Detection Algorithm
E3073 Educational ExhibitCongenital Lung Malformations: A Pictorial Essay
E3076 Educational ExhibitSkeletal Manifestations of Sarcoidosis
E3081 Educational ExhibitReview of Short-Term and Long-Term Inferior Vena Cava Filter Complications
E3083 Educational ExhibitDifferential Diagnosis and the Next Step: Incidentally Detected FDG-Avid Breast and Axillary Lesions
E3084 Educational ExhibitRunning Injuries of the Lower Leg
E3085 Scientific ExhibitNeedle Core Biopsy Diagnosis of Papillary Lesions: Is Surgical Excision Necessary?
E3086 Educational ExhibitCervical Ectopic Thymus: The Underestimated Pediatric Neck Mass
E3087 Educational ExhibitEnchondroma and Its Malignant Sibling
E3089 Educational ExhibitArthritis in Children: A Debilitating Disease
E3090 Scientific ExhibitAccuracy of Coronary Artery With High-Pitch Spiral Scan on Third Generation DSCT: A Phantom Study
E3092 Educational ExhibitReview of Renal Angiomyolipomas
E3093 Educational ExhibitDecrypting the Reversed Halo Sign: A Case-Based Review
E3094 Educational ExhibitThe Pediatric Acute Scrotum
E3097 Educational ExhibitDiagnosis and Locoregional Therapy of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
E3099 Scientific ExhibitPudendal Neuralgia: Experience in 100 Patients
E3100 Educational ExhibitEpidural Steroid Injections: Planning the Successful Treatment and Recognizing Common Pitfalls
E3102 Educational ExhibitImaging of Extraaxial Musculoskeletal Tuberculosis
E3104 Educational ExhibitMultiparametric MRI in the Evaluation of Prostate Cancer Recurrence: A Case-Based Review
E3105 Educational ExhibitCarotid-Cavernous Fistulas: Anatomic and Imaging Review
E3107 Educational ExhibitCLIPPERS: A Radiologic Review
E3108 Educational ExhibitWhen One Becomes Two: Role of Radiology in Preoperative Management of Conjoined Twins
E3109 Educational ExhibitMammographic Calcifications Before and After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
E3111 Educational ExhibitBrain and Skin and Eyes, Oh My! A Review of Phakomatoses
E3112 Educational ExhibitRole of Imaging in Intracranial Rosai Dorfman Disease
E3118 Educational ExhibitCNS Leukemia: Imaging Findings
E3119 Educational ExhibitThe Many Faces of Pulmonary Edema
E3120 Scientific ExhibitNew Injection Technique for Shoulder MR arthrography: Superior Approach Using the Triangle Landmark
E3122 Educational ExhibitClivus: The Obvious and the Not-So-Obvious
E3124 Educational ExhibitOn Cloud Nine: A Review of Patient Satisfaction Measures in Radiology
E3125 Educational ExhibitSonographic Evaluation of Neonatal Breast Enlargement: What the Radiologist Should Know
E3126 Educational ExhibitCartilage Tumors: An Imaging Review of Chondroid Lesions
E3129 Educational ExhibitImaging Review of Head and Neck Infections
E3130 Educational ExhibitAcute Sacral Trauma: What the Surgeon Wants to Know
E3132 Educational ExhibitThe Forgotten Bone of Thorax: A Review of Normal Variants and Lesions of the Clavicle
E3134 Educational ExhibitDiffuse Axonal Injury: Patterns on SWI and DWI
E3135 Educational ExhibitThe Atypical Malignant Axillary Lymph Node in Patients With Breast Cancer
E3139 Scientific ExhibitMale Breast Cancer: Molecular Profile and Impact of F18 FDG PET/CT on Its Staging and Management
E3142 Educational ExhibitPartial Reconstruction
E3145 Educational ExhibitFetal Abdominal Cystic Lesions: Practical Tips for Diagnosis
E3146 Educational ExhibitImaging the Axilla: A Review of the Forgotten Crossroads of Radiology Subspecialty Reporting
E3148 Educational ExhibitPathology of the Inguinal Canal and Scrotum in Neonates, Children, and Adolescents
E3149 Educational ExhibitImaging Spectrum of IgG4-Related Disease
E3150 Educational ExhibitKeep Calm and Follow the Doctor’s Orders
E3151 Educational ExhibitDual-Energy CT in the Acute Abdomen
E3153 Educational ExhibitAngiodysplasia: Imaging Review and Management
E3156 Educational ExhibitMRI of Ankle Arthroplasty Implants
E3157 Scientific ExhibitLung Pattern Classification for Interstitial Lung Diseases Using a Deep Convolutional Neural Network
E3158 Educational ExhibitThyroid Nodules: Reporting Lexicon and Management Guidelines
E3159 Educational ExhibitAnomalies of the Aorta on Multiple Imaging Modalities
E3161 Educational ExhibitEctopic Pregnancy: A Review
E3163 Educational ExhibitFalse-Positive Breast Lesions: Imaging Features and Histologic Correlation
E3165 Educational ExhibitInteractive Exhibit on Imaging Updates for Staging and Response Assessment in Pancreatic Cancer
E3168 Educational ExhibitAnalyzing Delays in the ED: How to Optimize Processes in a Methodical Way
E3170 Educational ExhibitTake Care of Me Now: Imaging Overview of Acute Breast Emergencies
E3171 Educational ExhibitMedical Malpractice: What Every Interventional Radiologist Should Know
E3176 Educational ExhibitAll About Spleen in 15 Minutes!
E3177 Educational ExhibitPercutaneous Cardiac Closure Devices: Plugging Up Abnormal Connections
E3178 Educational ExhibitAtypical Locations of Osteoid Osteomas and Impact on Intervention
E3180 Educational ExhibitRadiologic Physics: What Every Interventional Radiologist Should Know
E3181 Educational ExhibitMRI of the Chest for Evaluation of Lung and Pleural Malignant Masses
E3183 Educational ExhibitEthical Dilemmas in Publishing
E3186 Educational ExhibitState-of-the-Art Imaging of the Brachial Plexus: Techniques and Disease Processes
E3191 Educational ExhibitWhen Bone Attacks: Radiographic Features of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva
E3196 Scientific ExhibitPrediction Model for Nonmalignant Cystic Pancreatic Lesion Validated by Surgical Resection
E3201 Educational ExhibitPediatric Bone Tumors: Early Presentations and Clues for Accurate Diagnosis
E3202 Educational ExhibitForeign Bodies and Retained Surgical Instruments: Identification and Management
E3205 Educational ExhibitTumor and Tumor Mimics of the Rib: A Step-by-Step Diagnosis
E3211 Scientific ExhibitIntraductal Papillomas Diagnosed on Core Needle Biopsy: Is Excision the Decision?
E3212 Educational ExhibitUltrashort Time-to-Echo (UTE) MR Sequence in Degenerative Spine Disease
E3213 Educational ExhibitIVC Filters and Complications: Imaging Review and Technical Aspects
E3217 Educational ExhibitAcroosteolysis: A Multimodality Review of Vascular Injury of the Distal Phalanges
E3219 Educational ExhibitFocused Ultrasound in the Evaluation of Musculoskeletal Disorders: Applications and Techniques
E3223 Educational ExhibitNuts and Bolts of Multiparametric Prostate MRI Using PI-RADS V2: A Pictorial Review
E3224 Educational ExhibitMultimodality Imaging of Mesenteric Masses
E3225 Educational ExhibitUlnar Collateral Ligament Injuries and the Tommy John Epidemic: What Every Radiologist Needs to Know
E3227 Educational ExhibitPeripheral Arterial Disease (PAD): Imaging review and Interventional management.
E3229 Educational ExhibitWhen Coalitions Work Against You: An Overlooked Cause of Pain in the Wrist and Foot
E3230 Educational ExhibitThe Lateral Chest Radiograph Simplified
E3231 Educational ExhibitThere’s an I in Team: Imaging and Mechanisms of Lower Extremity Injuries in Professional Athletes
E3232 Educational ExhibitAnterior Cruciate Ligament Graft Reconstruction: A Comprehensive Review of Related Complications
E3233 Educational ExhibitHepatobiliary Scan: Thinking Outside the Biliary Tree—Unexpected Findings on Cholescintigraphy
E3234 Educational ExhibitPitfalls in Cardiac MRI: Causes and Solutions
E3235 Educational ExhibitPitfalls in Cardiac CT: Causes and Solutions
E3236 Educational ExhibitMultimodality Imaging of Complications of Myocardial Infarction
E3237 Educational ExhibitMultimodality Imaging of Leaks in the Cardiovascular System
E3238 Educational ExhibitApplications of CT and MRI in Electrophysiology
E3239 Educational ExhibitCT Angiography of Coronary Artery Anomalies
E3240 Educational ExhibitUpdate on Thoracic Manifestations of HIV
E3251 Educational ExhibitLymphoma: Multimodality Spectrum of Imaging Findings and Its Differential Diagnosis
E3252 Scientific ExhibitRadiologist as Operator: Early Facility With Novel Radar Reflector for Preop Breast Localization
E3253 Educational ExhibitImaging Chondrosarcoma: A Review With Classification, Histology, Diagnosis and Treatment Planning.
E3254 Scientific ExhibitReadability of Online Patient Education Materials Related to Pediatric Radiation Safety
E3258 Educational ExhibitThrowback Thursday: The Art of Fluoroscopy
E3259 Educational ExhibitWe’re Not in Pancreas Anymore: Overview and Cases of Biliary Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm
E3261 Educational ExhibitWorkup of Female Infertility: A Review of American College of Radiology Appropriateness Criteria
E3263 Scientific ExhibitConsiderations for Reducing High Lung Shunt Fractions in Y-90 TheraSphere Patients
E3264 Scientific ExhibitQualitative and Quantitative Computer Imaging Analysis of Breast MRI BPE and BPU in FDG PET/CT
E3268 Educational ExhibitFetal MRI for Dummies
E3270 Educational ExhibitHistologic Subtypes of Thyroid Cancer: Review for Radiologists
E3272 Educational ExhibitSoft-Tissue Tumors of the Extremities: Findings on Ultrasound and MRI
E3276 Educational ExhibitCNS Opportunistic Infections in Immunocompromised Patients
E3278 Educational ExhibitHilar Cholangiocarcinoma:What Surgeons Need to Know
E3280 Educational ExhibitImaging of the Thoracic Outlet
E3281 Educational ExhibitSports Injuries
E3282 Educational ExhibitRadiologic Assessment of Esophageal Medical Devices
E3283 Educational ExhibitExtrasynovial Inflammation and Impingement of the Knee: A Current Review
E3284 Educational ExhibitPercutaneous Venoplasty and Stenting: Imaging Review and Technical Aspects
E3286 Educational ExhibitMRI Evaluation of the Sacral Plexus and Proximal Sciatic Nerve
E3287 Educational ExhibitMRI of the Shoulder: What the Orthopedic Surgeon Needs to Know
E3288 Educational ExhibitBiliary Obstruction: Imaging Review and Management
E3289 Educational ExhibitPreoperative CT-Guided Lung Nodule Localization
E3290 Educational ExhibitUrachal Carcinoma: A Multidisciplinary Approach
E3295 Educational ExhibitSkeletal “Do not Touch” Lesions
E3302 Educational ExhibitImaging Evaluation of the Renal Transplant with Emphasis on Innovative Modalities
E3304 Educational ExhibitArtifacts in Breast MRI
E3309 Educational ExhibitThe Benign Shrinking Breast
E3313 Scientific ExhibitIn the Setting of Negative Mammogram, Is Additional Ultrasound Evaluation Necessary for Breast Pain?
E3315 Scientific ExhibitAbdominal CT Findings, Cause of Death in 32 Patients Who Died 24 Hours of Arrival to Emergency Room
E3317 Educational ExhibitOrbital Injuries: A Comprehensive Review of the Imaging Findings
E3319 Scientific ExhibitModel-Based Iterative Reconstruction in Screening Low-Dose CT: Comparison with AIDR and FBP
E3320 Scientific ExhibitKeeping the Flow Flowing: Implementation of a Novel PACS-Based Patient Tracking List in IR
E3321 Educational ExhibitHIV Below the Belt: Infections, Tumors, and Everything in Between
E3322 Educational ExhibitPainful Syndromes of the Foot and Ankle by Anatomic Site
E3324 Educational ExhibitIntravascular Lipomas: Case Report and Review
E3327 Educational ExhibitVertebroplasty: Indications, Imaging Overview and Technical Aspects
E3330 Educational ExhibitUncommon But Not Forgotten: Unusual Tumors and Tumorlike Lesions of the Lung
E3331 Educational ExhibitPancreatic Arteriovenous Malformation: A Case Study
E3333 Scientific ExhibitPelvic Floor Intrinsic Dyssynergy in Pudendal Neuralgia Patients With Hypertonicity on Dynamic MRI
E3336 Educational ExhibitCardiac MRI: Assessment of Strain Patterns in Infiltrative Disorders of the Myocardium
E3338 Scientific ExhibitSonography in Male Infertility: A Look Beyond the Obvious
E4337 Educational ExhibitIntraabdominal Manifestations of Extraskeletal Ewing Sarcomas in Adults