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1028 Oral PresentationPotential for Differentiating Biliary Cystadenomas from Benign Hepatic Cysts
1035 Oral PresentationDiffusion Tensor Imaging Analysis of the Fetal Brain In Utero
1051 Oral PresentationUsefulness of CEUS in Differentiating Inflammatory Bowel Disease from Colon Cancer
1062 Oral PresentationIs It Really Necessary to Scan-Check Pulmonary Embolism CT? A Quality Improvement Project
1068 Oral PresentationTechnical Factors on Outside Breast MR Precipitating MR Imaging at a Tertiary Breast Cancer Center
1072 Oral PresentationPatellofemoral joint incongruence: mechanism of injury and bilaterality
1082 Oral PresentationUtility of normalized ADC in distinguishing intrapancreatic accessory spleen from pancreatic NET
1087 Oral PresentationInternational Rad-Path Correlation Conference: A Multiinstitutional Experience
1089 Oral PresentationUtility of PET/MRI in Cirrhotic and Metastatic Cancer with Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System
1093 Oral PresentationAnterior calcaneal process fractures: Are they indicative of a more advanced Chopart joint injury?
1094 Oral PresentationReview of a Technical Recall Program for Mammography Designed to Fulfill the MQSA EQUIP Requirement
1100 Oral PresentationEffect of Perimeniscal Scarring on Prevention of Knee Osteoarthritis
1118 Oral PresentationDWI and High-Resolution MR Volumetry With Lymphovascular Invasion and N Stages in Rectal Cancer
1131 Oral PresentationTumor size at MRI with lymph node metastasis and lymphovascular invasion in cervical cancer
1139 Oral PresentationStart Your Day By Adding Some Value: Reducing Wasteful Utilization of the Morning Portable ICU Chest Radiograph
1147 Oral PresentationOutcomes of Imaging guided placement versus laparoscopic placement of peritoneal dialysis catheters
1150 Oral PresentationAdjuvant Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy After Transarterial Chemoembolization in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
1151 Oral PresentationChanges in Kidney Function and MELD Score in Patients With Diabetes Undergoing Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt Placement
1152 Oral PresentationPsoas muscle density in combination with MELD score can improve survival predictability post TIPS
1154 Oral PresentationContrast Dose Reporting Compliance: Efficacy and Barriers of Using Report Template Functionality
1155 Oral PresentationChanges in the BI-RADS category 3 assessment after the implementation of tomosynthesis
1167 Oral PresentationRadiation Exposure of Mammography plus Tomosynthesis: Correlation with Breast Density and Thickness
1173 Oral PresentationNovice-expert differences/similarities in correlating medical images within a 3D simulation setting
1182 Oral PresentationMRI Cine-Tagging of Cardiac-Induced Motion for Staging Liver Fibrosis
1189 Oral PresentationEmbolization of renal cell carcinoma prior to cryoablation: a propensity score matching analysis
1204 Oral PresentationEvaluating the Frequency and Severity of Ovarian Vein Congestion on Adult Female CT
1210 Oral PresentationAssessing Accuracy and Precision of 3D Augmented Reality Holographic models derived from DICOM data
1232 Oral PresentationUse of IVIM MR Imaging for the Differentiation of Benign from Malignant Soft-TissueTumors
1233 Oral PresentationAxillary Lymph Node Evaluation Using Convolutional Neural Networks.
1243 Oral PresentationTransjugular liver biopsy: safer than ever
1253 Oral PresentationCardiac MRI of Fetal Congenital Isolated Vascular Rings
1260 Oral PresentationDegree of heterotopic ossification about the hip is associated with time between injury and surgery
1271 Oral PresentationRole of MRI in the Diagnosis of Injury to the Lisfranc Ligament Complex
1291 Oral PresentationPediatric Brain: Does the Macrocyclic Agent Gadobutrol Deposit in the Cerebellar Dentate Nucleus?
1307 Oral PresentationOverutilization of Health Care Resources for Breast Pain
1308 Oral PresentationAdded value of ADC in distinguishing between serous and mucinous pancreatic cystic neoplasms
1313 Oral PresentationAutomated Segmentation of Subsolid Pulmonary Nodules: Interreader Variation and Influencing Factors
1333 Oral PresentationComparison of MRI, Ultrasound, and Transient Elastography for Staging Liver Fibrosis
1352 Oral PresentationAccuracy of Spinal Pedicle Localization Utilizing Holographic Augmented Reality Guidance
1361 Oral PresentationClear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma: Predicting Carbonic Anhydrase-IX Expression with Multiphasic MDCT
1363 Oral PresentationActive Bleeding Rate on CT Correlates with Mortality and Transfusion Needs in Pelvic Fractures
1383 Oral PresentationCT Texture Analysis of Subsolid Lung Nodules
1391 Oral PresentationNIHSS in Anterior/Posterior Circulation Stroke: Guiding tool to opt MRI as initial exam of choice?
1411 Oral PresentationNovel Hand Ultrasound Techniques as Predictors of Safety for Transradial Arterial Access
1412 Oral PresentationPrognostic Significance of Volumetric Tumor Burden: Comparison With Traditional Morphologic Characters
1413 Oral PresentationLong-Term Follow-Up of Intraductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm of Pancreas in a High-Risk Population
1416 Oral PresentationReduction of CT Radiation Dose by Utilizing a Chest CT Specific Radiation Dose Reduction Protocol
1444 Oral PresentationStent Reconstruction for Iliocaval Thrombosis: Multiinstitutional Practices in the United States
1474 Oral PresentationPure Concordant Radial Scars Are Benign and Do Not Require Excision
1495 Oral PresentationImaging of Coronary Artery Stents using Photon Counting Detector CT System
1548 Oral PresentationUnequal wait times: Impact of wait days and social determinants of health on advanced imaging access
1549 Oral PresentationEffectiveness of screening mammography in women under age 50
1553 Oral PresentationCarved in bone: the “calcaneal crescent” in patients with and without plantar fasciitis
2543 Oral PresentationManagement and follow-up of incidental thyroid nodules in daily practice
2545 Oral PresentationImproved assessment of pulmonary arteries by virtual monoenergetic images from spectral detector CT
2556 Oral PresentationIndexed left ventricular end-diastolic mass is associated with cardiac amyloidosis
2583 Oral PresentationQuantifying differences in FAI, instability, and controls using CT and 3D volumetric segmentation
2605 Oral PresentationInitial Diagnostic Large Core Needle Biopsy of Suspicious Thyroid Nodules
2621 Oral PresentationQuantitative Functional and Metabolic Imaging for the Characterization of Malignant Tumors in NF1
2624 Oral PresentationCan DBT utilization in breast cancer screening decrease interval cancer rates?
2625 Oral PresentationBreast Cancer Screening Outcomes over 5-years during Implementation of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
2626 Oral PresentationTumor Response Criteria for Assessing Pazopanib Therapy Effect in Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma
2637 Oral PresentationPatient Selection for DCIS Observation Trials (COMET and LORIS): Are They Truly Low Risk?
2647 Oral PresentationLow FOV CT in the Evaluation of Acute Appendicitis in the Pediatric Population
2659 Oral PresentationDoes Iterative Reconstruction Affect Texture Analysis in Liver CT?
2675 Oral PresentationDeep Learning Algorithm for rapid automatic detection of pneumothorax on chest CT
2678 Oral PresentationContrast-enhanced Subharmonic Imaging of the Prostate for Detection of Prostate Cancer
2685 Oral PresentationDecreasing Radiology Resident Reporting Errors: A Single-Center Experience
2699 Oral PresentationAn Objective Measurement of Sonographic Renal Echogenicity: The Splenorenal Index
2703 Oral PresentationImpact of low kVp scan technique on oral contrast density at abdominopelvic CT
2704 Oral PresentationRelationship Between Postendoscopy Resection Volume of Macroadenomas and Clinical Outcome
2707 Oral PresentationFully-Automated Sarcopenia Assessment on Abdominal CT
2710 Oral PresentationFree-Breathing Navigator 3D T1-Weighted GRE MRI for Detection of Enhancement in Renal Masses
2711 Oral PresentationIs differentiation of adrenal adenoma from metastasis possible at single-phase enhanced CT?
2732 Oral PresentationPediatric Posterior Ankle Impingement: A commonly underdiagnosed cause of posterior ankle pain
2759 Oral PresentationFrom Anatomy to Architecture: The Skull Base as a Conceptual 3D Printed Three-Story Building
2770 Oral PresentationRole of Liver Volumetrics in Predicting the Indication for Liver Transplantation and MELD in PSC
2772 Oral PresentationSupport Vector Machine Model for Predicting PI-RADS Score
2794 Oral PresentationAccuracy of PI-RADS Version 2 in Detection of Transitional Zone Tumors at 3-T Multiparametric MRI
2814 Oral PresentationRegional ventricular dysfunction in cardiac sarcoidosis and ARVD/C
2815 Oral PresentationPredicting coil embolization in patients with GI bleeds and Hepatofugal flow on pre-TIPS imaging
2823 Oral PresentationSimultaneous Fine Needle Aspiration and Core Biopsy of Thyroid Nodules: A Report of 556 Cases
2825 Oral PresentationShear Wave Elastography of the Spleen in Normal Volunteers
2830 Oral PresentationRegional Changes in Brain FDG Uptake After Cranial Irradiation May Reflect Functional Changes
2831 Oral PresentationIleocolic Artery Hook Sign
2850 Oral PresentationCT volumetry as a surrogate of treatment response in advanced lung cancer
2852 Oral PresentationDefining Normal: An investigation of nipple morphology and enhancement patterns on breast MRI
2857 Oral PresentationHepatic Artery Velocity Can Differentiate Causes of Abnormal Liver Function Tests
2891 Oral PresentationInvestigating resident physicians' perceptions of Radiology and the declining interest in the field
2892 Oral PresentationRole of Right Ventricular Function Assessed by MDCT in Patients With Aortic Stenosis Undergoing TAVR
2894 Oral PresentationDigital imaging importation and patient leakage
2900 Oral PresentationExpanding the Role of Radiology in the Detection of Physical Elder Abuse
2916 Oral PresentationGadolinium-Based IV Contrast Administration for Detection of Recurrent Soft-Tissue Sarcomas
2924 Oral PresentationExploring Potential Serologic Markers of White Matter Damage in Cocaine Users Using DTI
2940 Oral PresentationBurnout Among UCSD Radiologists and Opportunities for a Focused Approach to Intervention
2965 Oral PresentationClinical Utility of Preoperative MRI in Oncotype DX Eligible Patients
2980 Oral PresentationCT Diagnosis of Ileal Carcinoid: Rates of Missed Findings
2983 Oral PresentationOpposed phase imaging: is it equally effective for differentiating benign from treated metastases?
2987 Oral PresentationIVC filter retrieval program effects on retrieval rates and number of patients lost to follow-up
2991 Oral PresentationAssessing Myocardial Ischemia: Dynamic Myocardial CT Perfusion Versus Cardiac MRI
3006 Oral PresentationVirtual monoenergetic images in assessment of hyperdense liver lesions in phantom and patients
3008 Oral PresentationImaging Features of Musculoskeletal Pleomorphic Liposarcoma with Pathologic Correlation
3009 Oral PresentationRound Cell Components of Myxoid Liposarcoma: Can We Identify These Concerning Areas of Imaging?
3019 Oral PresentationEvaluation of 3D-Printed Models in Teaching Anatomy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
3021 Oral PresentationThe Sonographic Diagnosis of Testicular Torsion in the Pediatric Patient: “Knot” That Easy
3022 Oral PresentationHyperintense T2 Signal in the Ulnar Nerve at the Cubital Tunnel: Normal or Abnormal?
3031 Oral PresentationUtility of Core Needle Biopsy to Differentiate Aneurysmal Bone Cyst from Telangiectatic Osteosarcoma
3048 Oral PresentationACR US LI-RADS in Clinical Practice: A Multicenter Experience
3050 Oral PresentationQuantification of Liver Fat With Unenhanced CT: Correlation With the MR-PDFF Reference Standard
3052 Oral PresentationMultiparametric CT for Staging Liver Fibrosis: Correlation With METAVIR in Patients With HCV
3074 Oral PresentationReport Analysis: What Are the Most Common Factors Resulting in Corrected or Addended Reports?
3076 Oral PresentationWomen’s Perspectives on Screening Mammography
3077 Oral PresentationEfficacy of Intraarticular Hip Steroid Injection and Subsequent Surgery
3082 Oral PresentationCTC Screening in Extracolonic Cancer Survivors: Rates of colorectal and extracolonic findings
3085 Oral PresentationQuantifying differences in muscle bulk in common adult hip conditions of FAI and hip instability
3090 Oral PresentationAtlas-Based MRI Texture Analysis with Machine Learning Predicts Motor Impairment after SCI
3098 Oral PresentationOs Subscapulare: imaging findings and clinical relevance
3104 Oral PresentationLow lung cancer screening uptake across demographic subgroups highlights the need to expand programs
3110 Oral PresentationTexture analysis for the molecular classification of hepatocellular adenomas on EOB-DTPA MRI
3122 Oral PresentationElectronic Consultation between Primary Care Providers and Radiologists
3123 Oral PresentationAssessment of Posterior Wall Acetabular Fractures in Adolescents
3129 Oral PresentationUtility of CT of the Chest, Abdomen, and Pelvis in Patients With Acute Neurologic Abnormalities
3151 Oral PresentationIncidence of PE in Sickle Cell Disease in Subjects Undergoing CT Pulmonary Angiography in the ED
3154 Oral PresentationUtility of Sonography for the Evaluation of Acute Closed Mallet Finger Injuries
3165 Oral PresentationDual-Energy CT Urography with 50% Reduced Iodine vs. Single-Energy CT Urography with Standard Iodine
3170 Oral Presentation3D TSE MRI of the Ankle in 10 Minutes: Comparison With a 20-Minute 2D TSE Protocol
3171 Oral PresentationMorphologic Characteristics of Mitral Annular Calcification: Risk for Cerebrovascular Events?
3173 Oral PresentationRapid 3D MRI of Elbow Injuries
3175 Oral PresentationEvaluating Survival in Subjects with Astrocytic Brain Tumors by MR Perfusion Imaging
3176 Oral PresentationFully Automated 10-Minute 3D Turbo Spin-Echo MRI of the Pediatric Knee
3179 Oral PresentationImpact of the keV of Virtual Monochromatic Images on CT Texture Parameters
3187 Oral PresentationThe Impact of Clinical Decision Support on Computer-Assisted Professional Billing: A Pilot Study
3188 Oral PresentationImpact of Multiple Procedures Payment Reduction 2017
3191 Oral PresentationMRI Differentiation of CNS Posttransplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder Versus Brain Metastases
3199 Oral PresentationVirtual Unenhanced CT: Effect on Size and Conspicuity of Liver Metastases From Breast Carcinoma
3202 Oral PresentationComparing DLP-based effective dose (ED) to Monte Carlo-based ED in low-dose and routine chest CT's
3211 Oral PresentationFused High B-Value DWI/T2 MR Images Improves Detection of Extraprostatic Disease in Prostate Cancer
3216 Oral PresentationComparison of MR-guided joint injection with a fluoroscopic approach for pediatric MR arthrography
3236 Oral PresentationImaging Redundancy in Screening for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
3251 Oral PresentationPre-TAVR MDCT Assessment of LV Function and Morphology Based on Gradient and Ejection Fraction
3260 Oral PresentationEvaluation of a Novel Nonradioactive Magnetic Seed Wireless Localization Program
3261 Oral PresentationDigital 2D Versus Tomosynthesis Mammography: Comparison of False-Positive Diagnostic Examinations
3266 Oral PresentationTargeted MR-Guided Prostate Biopsy: Assessment of PI-RADS Scoring with Pathologic Correlation
3272 Oral PresentationAccuracy of MRI and MRA in Detecting Rotator Cuff Tears in the Setting of Calcific Tendinosis
3282 Oral PresentationAutomated Correlation of Knee MRI and Arthroscopy: A Continuous Quality Improvement Initiative
3292 Oral PresentationMetformin Withdrawal Prior to FDG PET/CT: What Is The Ideal Time? A Randomized Controlled Study
3298 Oral PresentationMeeting ACR Dose Guidelines for CT Lung Cancer Screening in a Sex-Balanced, Obese Population
3314 Oral PresentationDiagnostic Yield of Head CT in ED patients with Altered Mental Status without Known Trauma
3321 Oral PresentationChange in Cancer Detection Rates after Implementation of PIRADS Version 2 at a Major Academic Center
3324 Oral PresentationMDCT for Bowel Carcinoids: Positive or Negative Enteric Contrast?
3325 Oral PresentationScaphoid Fracture Surgical Management Not Changed Between CT Reformats in the Wrist or Scaphoid Axes
3332 Oral PresentationDifferential effects of folate gene on white matter hyperintensity depends on cerebral amyloid
3355 Oral PresentationRadiographs in screening for femoral cam morphology: How many are sufficient?
3366 Oral PresentationIndependent Jejunal Response in Secretin-Enhanced MRCP
3373 Oral PresentationThe Clinical Benefits of a Shortened 2-Hour Non–Morphine HIDA Protocol in Diagnosing Cholecystitis
3384 Oral PresentationImaging Features of Pseudoprogression in Oligodendrogliomas
3392 Oral PresentationVolumetric ADC and response to TACE in hepatic metastases from breast cancer
3394 Oral PresentationUtility of CT Texture Analysis in differentiating low attenuation renal cell carcinoma from cysts
3412 Oral PresentationBiopsy Outcomes With Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: 4 Years After Implementation
3432 Oral PresentationMulticenter, International Study on Acceptable Quality Dose for CT Radiation Dose Optimization
3440 Oral PresentationLV Stroke Volume by MDCT and Echocardiography: Comparison to Gold Standard Thermodilution Technique
3471 Oral PresentationBreast MRI for clinically suspicious nipple discharge with negative conventional imaging
3473 Oral PresentationThigh Muscles Measurements Using Preoperative CT Examinations: Potential for Sarcopenia Screening
3477 Oral PresentationThe effect of MRI on two MRI-unsafe pacemakers; a study in sheep
3491 Oral PresentationRelationship between LV strain and RV function by cardiac MR in pulmonary hypertension
3496 Oral PresentationTomosynthesis-Detected Architectural Distortion: When May Biopsy Be Unnecessary?
3498 Oral PresentationComparison of MRI/US Fusion bx vs.TRUS bx in Prediction of GS of PCa at Radical Prostatectomy
3499 Oral PresentationOutcome of articles rejected by the MSK section of AJR: Where do they go and how are they changed?
3507 Oral PresentationDiagnostic accuracy of texture and semantic features classifying indeterminate CT lung nodules
3509 Oral PresentationCharacterization of Intramuscular Calf Vein Thrombosis on Routine Musculoskeletal MRI
3519 Oral PresentationRadiograph-dose-equivalent CT for Pneumothorax Using Low kV and mA with Iterative Reconstruction
3544 Oral PresentationComparing Fatty Meal and CCK Infusion to stimulate Gallbladder to calculate EF
3565 Oral PresentationCharacterization of Glenoid Bone Remodeling in Professional Baseball Players
E1007 Educational ExhibitAtypical Metastases From Recurrent Prostate Cancer:Choline PET Imaging and Multimodality Correlation
E1011 Scientific ExhibitMultiparametric MRI With PI-RADS in the Diagnosis of Recurrent Prostate Cancer After Radiotherapy
E1013 Scientific ExhibitRole of Radiomic Texture Analysis Mapping in Prediction of Microvascular Invasion in HCC
E1021 Educational ExhibitCase Mix Index: Implications for Education of Radiology Residents
E1027 Educational ExhibitChronic Recurrent Multifocal Osteomyelitis in Pediatric Population: A Diagnostic Dilemma
E1039 Educational ExhibitThe Skin: The Blind Spot of the Breast Imager
E1041 Educational ExhibitQuality Control and Artifacts in Digital Mammography
E1043 Educational ExhibitAbdominal Pain: When the Abdomen Does Not Speak the Chest Screams
E1044 Educational ExhibitRevised Fleischner Society Guidelines for the Management of Incidental Pulmonary Nodules
E1046 Scientific ExhibitBenign Intraductal Papillomas Without Atypia at Core Needle Biopsy: Is Surgical Excision Necessary?
E1052 Educational ExhibitRadiology-Pathology Reconciliation in MRI-TRUS Fusion Prostate Biopsy
E1065 Educational ExhibitThe Side Effects of Checkpoint Inhibitors - A Great Benefit at a Hidden Cost
E1066 Educational ExhibitIgnore, excise or embolize?: How the Radiologist should approach splenic lesions.
E1067 Educational ExhibitManagement of LI-RADS v2017 Category 2, 3, 4 and M Observations on CT and MRI
E1075 Educational ExhibitComing Full Circle: Overview of Novel Indications for Intervention Via Radial Arterial Access
E1079 Educational ExhibitUltrasound Evaluation of Musculoskeletal Soft-Tissue Masses
E1081 Educational ExhibitImaging Features and Management of Tumors of Undefined Neoplastic Nature
E1085 Educational ExhibitContrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography: What Do We Know?
E1091 Educational ExhibitNormal Radiologic Anatomy and Anatomical Variants of the Chest Relevant to Thoracic Surgery
E1092 Educational ExhibitPancreatic neuroendocrine tumor; review of Heterogeneous spectrum of CT appearance
E1097 Educational ExhibitCancer Immunotherapy Toxicity: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
E1102 Scientific ExhibitImaging Features of Nonmalignant and Malignant Architectural Distortion Detected by Tomosynthesis
E1103 Scientific ExhibitPerformance of CT and MR Imaging in Detection of Histologically Proven Pancreatic Endocrine Tumors
E1110 Educational ExhibitRectal Cancer Staging MRI: The Basics
E1111 Scientific ExhibitQuantitative Assessment of Background Parenchymal Enhancement Changes Following Tamoxifen Treatment
E1113 Educational ExhibitSoft-Tissue Tumors of the Hand: An Imaging Review
E1115 Scientific ExhibitRaising Awareness for Recommendations for Screening Mammography: A Public Outreach Project
E1117 Educational ExhibitDefining the Border: The Thoracic Paravertebral Space From Two Perspectives
E1123 Educational ExhibitA Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Cancer Masquerading as a Benign-Appearing Breast Mass
E1126 Educational ExhibitA Beginner's Guide to Reading Brain CT After Acute Stroke
E1130 Scientific ExhibitAssessing the Gender Authorship Gap in Neuroradiology: Trends Over a 36-Year Period
E1133 Educational ExhibitBe Right about Right Colonic Diverticulitis: Helpful CT Findings
E1134 Educational ExhibitCurrent Concepts and New Imaging Techniques in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
E1135 Scientific ExhibitClinical and Neck CT Findings of Kikuchi Disease in Children
E1140 Educational ExhibitGone Fishin’: An Interventional Radiology Voyage in Foreign Body Retrieval
E1141 Scientific ExhibitParathyroid Adenoma Mobility and Its Role in Parathyroid Imaging and Surgery
E1142 Educational ExhibitSinus CT Scans in Pilots and Astronauts: What the Flight Surgeon Needs the Radiologist to Know
E1145 Educational ExhibitPostradiation Breast Imaging
E1146 Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Inflammatory Myofibroblastic Tumors in Pediatric Population
E1158 Educational ExhibitImaging of Traumatic Injuries to the Male Lower GU Organs and Impact on Surgical Management
E1160 Scientific ExhibitInternship in Radiology: Who Does It Better?
E1162 Educational ExhibitPain in the Calf: Imaging Findings and Differential Diagnosis of Acute Calf Pain
E1166 Educational ExhibitThe Role of CT in Diagnosing and Guiding Management of Vascular-Related Postsurgical Complications
E1168 Educational ExhibitBeyond Anencephaly: A Review of Fetal MRI Findings Associated With Elevated AFP
E1169 Educational ExhibitMastering the Muscle: A Comprehensive Review of muscular Pathology Based on Clinical History
E1172 Educational ExhibitProducts to Improve Safety in Interventional Radiology: Device Descriptions and Safety Applications
E1181 Educational ExhibitPrimary Pediatric Chest Tumors: An Educational Summary and Guide to Diagnosis
E1183 Educational ExhibitBack to the Basics: A Trainees’ Guide to Essential Interventional Radiology Equipment
E1185 Educational ExhibitTips and Tricks for Thyroid Ultrasound: Understanding the TI-RADS Classification
E1186 Educational ExhibitThe Nebulous Medical Renal Disease Radiology Report: What It All Means
E1188 Educational Exhibit(Meta)tarsals: Typical Tumors in Atypical Locations
E1191 Educational ExhibitAcute pancreatitis: Case reviews of pathology, complications, revised Atlanta criteria and mimickers
E1195 Educational ExhibitCommon and Uncommon Complications of Bariatric Surgery: A Review From the Radiologic Perspective.
E1196 Educational ExhibitUltrasound for Acute Pelvic Pain: Beyond the Uterus and Adnexa!
E1197 Educational ExhibitGraph Theory: A Primer to Understanding Resting State fMRI
E1198 Educational ExhibitThe New Epidemic: Imaging Manifestations of Drug Overdose
E1200 Scientific ExhibitUtility of Completion Imaging Prior to Lung Biopsy: Measure Twice, Cut Once
E1206 Scientific ExhibitAssessment of Male Breast Disease: Which Imaging Modality Is Better?
E1207 Educational ExhibitIntrahepatic Bile Duct Narrowing: It’s Not Always What You Think
E1209 Scientific ExhibitHepatic Steatosis in Contrast-enhanced CT
E1215 Educational ExhibitVascular Complications of CNS Tuberculosis: Ten Years Cohort
E1216 Educational ExhibitExtramedullary Hematopoiesis: What Radiologists Need to Know
E1217 Scientific ExhibitDCE MRI Predicts Pathologic Response of Breast Cancer to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Prior to Treatment
E1218 Educational ExhibitTroubled Water: A Case-Based Review of Ureteral Pathology
E1220 Educational ExhibitAssociation Between Ovarian or Extraovarian Endometriosis and Cancer in Pelvic MRI: Clinical Cases
E1221 Educational ExhibitA Practical Approach to Bronchiectasis
E1223 Educational ExhibitIt’s Not All in Your Head: Thoracic Manifestations of Neurologic Diseases and Disorders
E1224 Educational ExhibitSpinal Dural Arteriovenous Fistula: A Guide for a General Radiologist
E1225 Educational ExhibitGuide to Fetal MRI: Common Thoracic and Abdominal Anatomic Abnormalities
E1226 Scientific ExhibitDoes Size Matter?
E1228 Educational ExhibitThe Radiologist's Role in Guiding Therapy for Crohn's Disease.
E1230 Educational ExhibitWYSIWYG: A Checklist Approach to Pelvic Endometriosis
E1234 Educational ExhibitPatterns of Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Injury
E1236 Educational ExhibitIt Ain’t Over Until the Fat Lesions Sing...Or Is It?
E1242 Scientific ExhibitMRI of Uterine Arteriovenous Malformations and Retained Products of Conception
E1244 Educational ExhibitMRI Appearance and Pathological Features of Rare Benign Tumors of Tongue
E1250 Educational ExhibitMake No Mistake: “Childproofing” Your Pediatric Bone Radiograph Interpretation
E1251 Educational ExhibitA Timeline of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging and Its Prospect on Future Clinical Use
E1254 Educational ExhibitPes Anserinus: Anatomy and Pathology
E1255 Scientific ExhibitAutomated Detection of Pleural Effusions on Radiographs With Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
E1259 Educational ExhibitThe Pathologist Said What?
E1264 Educational ExhibitImaging Findings in Thalassemia: What Radiologists Should Know
E1265 Educational ExhibitThe Forgotten Vessels: The Pulmonary Lymphatics—What the Radiologist Should Know
E1267 Educational ExhibitIntegrating Imaging and Clinical Criteria in Diagnosing Behavioral Variant Frontotemporal Dementia
E1268 Educational ExhibitThe Importance of Morphometric Analysis in Diagnosing Primary Progressive Aphasia FTD
E1270 Educational ExhibitPathologic Fractures: A Closer Look Beyond the Lines
E1273 Educational ExhibitBlast Injury to the Lower Extremities: From the Battlefield to the Home Front
E1280 Educational ExhibitUpper and Lower Extremity Musculoskeletal Injuries in Handball Players
E1281 Educational ExhibitThe Spectrum of Orbital Apex Lesions and Critical Imaging Findings That Need to Be Documented
E1282 Educational ExhibitImaging Features and Treatment Options of Breast Pseudoaneurysm After Biopsy: A Case-Based Review
E1284 Scientific ExhibitElevated Renal Artery Velocity Immediately After Transplant: Concerning for Renal Artery Stenosis?
E1287 Educational ExhibitArchitectural Distortion: Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation of the Spectrum of Disease
E1292 Educational ExhibitMesenchymal Lesions of the Breast: What Radiologists Need to Know
E1295 Educational ExhibitBRCA Mash-Up: Pictorial Review of BRCA-Associated Breast Cancer Phenotypes
E1296 Educational ExhibitRetroperitoneal Hemorrhage: What Lies Beneath
E1297 Educational ExhibitTo Be or Not To Be: TB in the Body
E1298 Educational ExhibitAll About That Ostomy
E1299 Educational ExhibitPulmonary Embolism: Current Approach and Challenges
E1300 Educational ExhibitAdrenal Mimics Unveiled
E1301 Educational ExhibitLipomatous Soft-Tissue Lesions of the Extremities: A Radiopathologic Pictorial Review
E1303 Educational ExhibitA Bumpy Ride: Esophageal Dysmotility Revisited
E1304 Educational ExhibitCT Evaluation of the Esophagus
E1306 Scientific ExhibitArtificial Intelligence: Effect of Computer Aided Detection Software on Radiologist Behavior
E1312 Educational ExhibitThe Ugly Side of Breast Enhancement: A Multimodality Review of Breast Implant Complications
E1315 Scientific ExhibitAnatomic Variations and Sphenoid Sinusitis: A Volumetric Study Through Segmentation on CT
E1318 Scientific ExhibitKnee Joint Pathology With Joint Effusions Using Suprapatellar Compression Band on Knee MRI
E1319 Scientific ExhibitClarity Through the Joint: Utilization of Digital Tomography in Pediatric Elbow Injuries
E1321 Educational ExhibitIn or Out? Tips, Techniques and Pitfalls of Shoulder Arthrography With Cross-Sectional Correlates
E1322 Educational ExhibitAssessment of Novel Interventions in Obstructive Sleep Apnea With Planar and Cross-Sectional Imaging
E1323 Scientific ExhibitSensitivity and Specificity of Three-Sequence MRI for Breast Cancer Screening
E1328 Educational ExhibitRadiographic Safari: Animal and Archery Based Radiographic Signs in Musculoskeletal Imaging
E1329 Scientific ExhibitHealth Considerations After Inferior Vena Cava Filter Placement Can Affect Retrieval Rates
E1330 Educational ExhibitNo Bones About It! Nontraumatic Soft-Tissue Findings on Cervical Spine CT
E1334 Educational ExhibitA Resident’s Primer to Lung Biopsies
E1335 Educational ExhibitPortosystemic Collateral Pathways in Portal Hypertension: The More You Know, The More You Find
E1336 Scientific ExhibitCadaver-Based CT Dose Optimization With Preservation of Diagnostic Accuracy in the Wrist
E1337 Educational ExhibitEctopic Pregnancy and the Value of Ultrasound Including 3D Imaging
E1339 Scientific ExhibitIncidental Findings of Coronary and Thoracic Aortic Atherosclerotic Disease in Young Adults
E1340 Educational ExhibitAnomalous Anterior Epicardial Vessels: A Pictorial Essay
E1342 Educational ExhibitHoles in the Wall: A Pictorial Review of Congenital Skull Base and Calvarial Defects
E1346 Scientific ExhibitUse of MRI in Assessment, Diagnosis, and Monitoring of Pediatric Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
E1351 Educational ExhibitCongenital Causes of Pediatric Neck Masses
E1355 Educational ExhibitPediatric Rhabdomyosarcoma Throughout the Body: Clinical-Pathologic-Radiologic Correlation
E1357 Educational ExhibitAltered and Iatrogenic Features From Medication in Nuclear Medicine
E1358 Educational ExhibitShoulder MRI Arthrography With Arthroscopic Correlation: A Pictorial Review of Labral Tears
E1360 Educational ExhibitLessons From Infections Diagnosed With CT-Guided Lung Biopsy
E1370 Educational ExhibitManaging CT Quality Across a Technologically Varied and Geographically Dispersed Network
E1380 Scientific ExhibitA Single Center Study Correlating LCIS Histologic Subtypes With Mammographic Calcifications
E1381 Scientific ExhibitCan Standardized Uptake Value on PET/CT Predict Survival in Early Stage Lung Cancer
E1382 Educational ExhibitMolecular Imaging of Neuroendocrine Tumors: Should Gallium-68 PET Replace Octreoscan?
E1387 Educational ExhibitA Review of Fluid-Filled Cysts of the Lungs
E1388 Educational ExhibitContrast-Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) of Synovitis and Treatment Response in Inflammatory Arthritis
E1390 Educational ExhibitRevisiting the Classics: Signs in Breast Imaging
E1392 Educational ExhibitChronic Pelvic Pain: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
E1393 Educational ExhibitMimics of Complications in the Postsurgical Aorta
E1395 Educational Exhibit Don’t Burst My Bubble: A Review of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
E1398 Scientific ExhibitPreoperative Staging Breast MRI: Increased Incidence of Additional Findings in Younger Patients
E1399 Educational ExhibitUltrasound Contrast Material: Description and Clinical Applications
E1400 Educational ExhibitInterstitial Lung Disease of Inherited Origin: CT-Pathologic Correlation
E1401 Educational ExhibitChopped, Seasoned, and Fried: Brain Tumor Posttreatment Imaging- and Treatment-Related Complications
E1402 Scientific ExhibitBilateral Thoracentesis: Higher Risk or Myth?
E1403 Educational ExhibitA Matter of the Heart: An Overview of Dual Energy CT in Cardiac Imaging
E1405 Scientific ExhibitMetastasis or Meningioma: Somatostatin Imaging in Guiding Surgical Management of Dural-Based Masses
E1408 Educational ExhibitSpeckles on Ultrasound: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
E1410 Educational ExhibitCarotid Webs: The Endoluminal Fibrotic (ELF) Shelf
E1418 Educational ExhibitNear Misses: How Optimal Image Quality and Technique Can Save You...and the Patient
E1420 Educational ExhibitMR Arthrography of Shoulder: A Case-Based Approach to Glenoid Labral Tears
E1422 Educational ExhibitInternal Hernia During Pregnancy: A Possible Diagnosis After Gastric Bypass
E1425 Educational ExhibitThe Nose Knows: What the Radiologist Needs to Know About Sinonasal Masses
E1435 Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Musculoskeletal Diagnoses on Ultrasound: A Primer for Becoming Facile With Sonography
E1436 Educational ExhibitMRI Characteristics of Pseudotumors Following Metal-on-Metal Hip Arthroplasty
E1437 Educational ExhibitMeniscal Tears: Unifying the Lexicon
E1442 Educational ExhibitAscites: Differential Considerations and Important Imaging Features
E1443 Educational ExhibitHIV-Associated Lymphadenopathy: Etiology and Important Imaging Features
E1449 Scientific ExhibitPerfusion CT Changes in Primary RCC Versus Metastases in Patients Treated With Targeted Therapy
E1452 Educational ExhibitMeniscus Surgeries: Illustrative Review of Tear Patterns, Imaging Findings, and Repair Options
E1454 Educational ExhibitSupraclavicular Region: Last Exit Before the Thorax
E1455 Educational ExhibitAsymmetric Ductal Ectasia: Clinical Significance and Imaging Findings
E1456 Educational ExhibitMyositis: An Imaging and Clinical Review
E1458 Educational ExhibitCardiothoracic Storage Diseases: Spectrum of Imaging Features With Histopathological Correlation
E1462 Educational ExhibitIsolated Spontaneous Visceral Artery Dissection: Diagnosis and Natural History
E1464 Educational ExhibitMischievous masses in the abdomen and pelvis: pearls in differentiating benign from malignant
E1465 Educational ExhibitReversible Splenial Lesions: Imaging Features and Differential Diagnostic Considerations
E1466 Scientific ExhibitPrimum Non Nocere: Utility and Outcomes of Pediatric Breast Ultrasound
E1467 Educational ExhibitIt’s All in the Bag: A Case-Based Review of Uncommon Scrotal Diseases
E1469 Scientific ExhibitMyxoid Liposarcoma, Diagnosis, Staging and Follow-Up: A Single Center Experience With PET/MRI
E1470 Educational ExhibitLumps in the Dark: US of Most Common Soft-Tissue Lesions
E1471 Educational ExhibitSolid as a Rock: Arachnoiditis Ossificans
E1472 Educational ExhibitThoracoabdominal Manifestations of Illicit Drug Use and Intoxication
E1473 Educational ExhibitMDCT Imaging of Laryngeal Trauma
E1475 Educational ExhibitSonographic Imaging of Peripheral Nerve Injuries
E1477 Educational ExhibitPancreatic Trauma: Review of the AAST Classification of Pancreatic Injury by Radiographic Diagnosis
E1480 Educational ExhibitThe Echogenic Liver: Steatosis and Beyond
E1481 Educational ExhibitKnow That Waveform: Patterns of Spectral Doppler Waveforms in Peripheral Arterial Disease
E1485 Educational ExhibitMorel-Lavallée Lesion: Presentation, Imaging Findings, and Treatment
E1487 Educational ExhibitImaging of United States Military Working Dogs
E1492 Educational ExhibitClinical Staging of Lung Cancer: Surgical Perspective for Radiologists
E1494 Scientific ExhibitAxillary Lymphadenopathy on Screening Mammography: A First Sign of Hidden Danger?
E1499 Educational ExhibitA Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: Imaging Assessment of Multiple Intraductal Breast Papillomas
E1500 Educational ExhibitLump in the Breast with a Bun in the Oven
E1501 Educational ExhibitUpdate on Pathogenesis of Early Ovarian Cancer With Imaging Correlates
E1502 Educational ExhibitOs Conundrum: Identifying Symptomatic Sesamoids and Accessory Ossicles of the Foot
E1505 Educational ExhibitClinical Applications of Susceptibility Weighted Imaging Outside of Hemorrhage and Calcium
E1506 Scientific ExhibitTemporal and Site Differences in Venous Ultrasounds Interpreted by Radiologists and Nonradiologists
E1508 Scientific ExhibitTest-Retest Reliability of Renal Ultrasound to Detect Hydronephrosis in Pelvic Organ Prolapse
E1509 Educational ExhibitHeart of Stone: Review of Noncoronary Cardiac Calcifications
E1515 Scientific ExhibitSensitivity of ultrasound and CT in detecting gallbladder polyps.
E1516 Educational ExhibitPuffed Up On One Side: Unilateral Breast Edema
E1522 Educational ExhibitBeyond a Pain in the Butt: Recognition of Incidental MSK Findings on Body Imaging Studies
E1525 Educational ExhibitUltrasound Evaluation of Acute Soft-Tissue Injuries of the Lower Extremities
E1528 Educational ExhibitThe Heart of the Matter: Imaging Evaluation of the Cardiac Transplant Patient
E1534 Educational ExhibitEnriching the Medical Student Radiology Clerkship: Simulating the Radiologist’s Experience
E1540 Scientific ExhibitCT Evaluation of Hemoperitoneum: Should Radiologists Care About kV?
E1544 Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Aortic Arch Abnormalities
E1545 Educational ExhibitUltrasound-Guided Aspirations and Injections Around the Hip
E1551 Scientific ExhibitEvaluation of Return Rates for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
E1552 Scientific ExhibitAre Infantile Transfusions at Risk for Hepatic Iron Deposition?
E1554 Educational ExhibitNephraudulence: A Radiographic Review of Common and Uncommon Renal Malignancy Mimics
E2540 Educational ExhibitPediatric Bone Imaging for the Adult-Focused Radiologist: Difficult to Diagnosis Injuries.
E2541 Educational ExhibitDrooling Over the Parotids: What Radiologists Need to Know About Parotid Masses
E2542 Educational ExhibitCan You See the Abnormality? Review of the Visual Pathway and Various Causes of Vision Loss
E2544 Educational ExhibitIncidental Colon Cancer on Routine CT: A Pictorial Review
E2546 Educational ExhibitBetter Understanding of Knee Synovial Plica With Arthroscopic/Radiologic Correlation
E2547 Educational ExhibitTsk-Tsk! Do Not Forget TSC! A Review of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Renal and Extrarenal Imaging
E2549 Educational ExhibitImaging of the Aorta in Marfan Syndrome
E2550 Educational ExhibitTomosynthesis-guided Interventions of The Breast
E2551 Educational ExhibitPlacental Imaging: Delivering the Goods With MRI
E2552 Educational ExhibitWhat Is That Hole in Your Head? A Review of Skull Base Anatomy
E2553 Educational ExhibitDemineralization of the Otic Capsule: Pathologic Conditions and Normal Variants
E2554 Educational ExhibitMeanwhile, at the Skull Base: A Review of Skull Base Abnormalities
E2560 Educational ExhibitContrast-Enhanced Ultrasound: Physics and Safety
E2561 Educational ExhibitExtraprostatic Extension on Prostate mpMRI: A Pictorial Review With Histopathologic Correlation
E2562 Educational ExhibitIn-Bore MRI-Guided Prostate Biopsy: Lessons Learned
E2565 Educational ExhibitPediatric Palpables: Breast Findings in the Pediatric Patient Population
E2572 Educational ExhibitTraumatic Chest Wall Injuries: A Pictorial Review
E2575 Educational ExhibitWhen to waive the red flag? Imaging spectrum of heart conditions that can cause sudden cardiac death
E2581 Educational ExhibitMan made lakes in the liver: the when, the why, and 'what now?' of iatrogenic bilomas
E2582 Scientific ExhibitThe Impact of Sedation on Voiding Cystourethrograms in Pediatric Patients: A Retrospective Study.
E2589 Educational ExhibitManaging Pediatric Breast Cases
E2591 Educational ExhibitDropped Gallstones: A Review of the Imaging Findings and Potential Pitfalls for Misdiagnosis
E2594 Scientific ExhibitPatient-Specific 3D Printed Tumor Models
E2595 Educational ExhibitUnusual Suspects: A Case-Based Pictorial Review of Vascular Compression Syndromes
E2596 Educational ExhibitThe Good, the Bad and the Ugly: A Case Based Review of Pediatric Maxillary and Mandibular Tumors
E2600 Educational ExhibitImaging Acute Stroke: What the Neurointerventionalist Wants to Know.
E2603 Educational ExhibitMesenteric Ischemia: Diagnosis and Treatment
E2607 Educational ExhibitMultimodality Imaging in Moyamoya Disease: A Pictorial Review
E2609 Educational ExhibitFibroepithelial Lesions of the Breast on Percutaneous Core Biopsy: What Next?
E2610 Scientific ExhibitFrequency and Onset of Motion Artifacts in MRI of the Brain, Are Scans Too Long?
E2616 Scientific ExhibitMRI in Penile Cancer in Flaccid State: Pathological Correlation and Critical Comments on Sequences
E2619 Educational ExhibitLymphangiography of the Hepatic Lymphatic System.
E2620 Educational ExhibitLiving on the Edge: Imaging of Seaside Injuries
E2627 Educational ExhibitWhen Inguinal Masses Don’t Turn Out To Be Typical Hernias
E2630 Educational ExhibitMetastatic Lesions to the Breast: Imaging Findings and Pathological Correlation
E2633 Educational ExhibitForeign Bodies in the Female Reproductive Tract: It’s Not What You Think
E2635 Educational ExhibitNuclear Medicine in the Emergency Department: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
E2636 Educational ExhibitDeconstructing Video Fluoroscopic Swallow Study : What the resident needs to know
E2639 Educational ExhibitTips, Clips And Much More!! A Pictorial Review Of Hardware On The Abdominal Radiograph
E2643 Educational ExhibitEvaluation of Intrascrotal Pathology With Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound
E2644 Educational ExhibitVisceral Vasculitis and Radiological Manifestations
E2656 Educational ExhibitHow to Read Ultrasound Liver Elastography: A step-by- step approach
E2660 Educational ExhibitThe Ever-Broadening Spectrum: Typical Brain MRI Features of Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorder
E2663 Educational ExhibitWhen CT Chest Rescued The Breast: Incidental Breast Findings on CT Chest
E2665 Educational ExhibitCaught in a Web: Differentiating Arachnoid Web, Arachnoid Cyst, and Spinal Cord Herniation
E2666 Educational ExhibitLumps and Bumps of the Face and Neck: Learning an Analytical Approach to Salivary Gland Lesions
E2667 Educational ExhibitAudits in Radiology: How To Do It Right—A Guide for Beginners
E2668 Educational ExhibitSuperior Sagittal Sinus Aplasia: Case Report
E2670 Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Voriconazole-Associated Periostitis
E2671 Educational ExhibitTI-RADS: A Practical Guide
E2673 Educational ExhibitUtility of CT in the Evaluation of Left Atrial Appendage Closure Devices
E2674 Educational ExhibitAir Up There: A Case-Based Review of Unexpected Pneumocephalus
E2676 Educational ExhibitMRI Features of Postoperative Brain MRI After Ferumoxytol Infusion
E2677 Educational ExhibitKidneys, Ureters, Bladders, Oh My! A Case-Based Review of Genitourinary Mimics of Malignancy
E2683 Educational ExhibitIs the Male Breast From Mars and the Female Breast From Venus?
E2684 Educational ExhibitMultimodality Imaging of the Sternoclavicular Joint: Anatomy and Pathology
E2688 Scientific ExhibitFollowUp: Atherosclerosis on Abdominal CT in Young Patients and Its Association With CV Risk Factors
E2689 Scientific ExhibitContrasting Views: Optimizing Resident Contrast Media Education
E2692 Educational ExhibitUpdate on Clinical Trials and Technologies in Endovascular Treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis
E2695 Educational ExhibitAcute abdominal conditions in patients with hematologic malignancies: imaging findings
E2696 Educational ExhibitThoracic Disorders in Ectopic or Uncommon Locations: Imaging Findings
E2697 Educational ExhibitOvarian Torsion: A Twisted Diagnosis
E2702 Educational ExhibitImaging Guidance for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Plantar Fasciitis
E2712 Educational ExhibitPlain Abdominal Radiographic Imaging of Premature Neonates
E2713 Educational ExhibitUltrasound SERVeillance of Acute Kidney Injury: Size, Echogenicity, Renal Hilum, and Vascularity
E2715 Scientific ExhibitSymmetry of Zygomatic Bone Through 3D Segmentation on CT Scan and Mirroring Procedure
E2716 Scientific ExhibitPathologic Outcomes of Bloody Breast Cyst Aspirates
E2721 Educational ExhibitImaging of Pulmonary Infections Encountered in the Emergency Department – Common, Rare and Exotic
E2723 Educational ExhibitTuberculosis Mimicking Cancer During Evaluations With FDG PET/CT
E2724 Scientific ExhibitNew Easy Injection Technique for Wrist MR Arthrography: By Using the Lateral Projection of the Wrist
E2728 Educational ExhibitPediatric Neck Space Infections: A Pictorial Review
E2729 Educational ExhibitGelfoam Slurry Tract Embolization for Persistent Vascular Bleeding After Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
E2733 Educational ExhibitLumps and Bumps: How Low Do You Go? The Clinical Utility of Ultrasound for Dermatologic Lesions
E2734 Educational ExhibitBlueprints for Assessing Lymphoma With FDG PET/CT: State-of-the-Art Approach
E2736 Educational ExhibitPostablation Imaging: Differentiating Success From Failure
E2737 Educational ExhibitTemporal Bone Anatomy: Stepwise Approach for Residents and General Radiologist
E2740 Educational ExhibitGetting Stuck in the Wrong Hole: Abdominal Wall Hernias, Imaging Appearance and Complications
E2741 Educational ExhibitDon’t Let Me Bleed: Overview of Preoperative Embolization
E2745 Educational ExhibitCT for Prostate Artery Embolization: Understanding Prostate Artery Anatomy and Variants
E2749 Scientific ExhibitIntestinal and Diffuse Gastric Cancer:Retrospective StudyComparing Primary Sites and Spread Patterns
E2752 Educational ExhibitCongenital Venous Abnormalities of the Thorax in the Adult Patient: Recognition and Classification
E2755 Educational ExhibitAcquired Venous Abnormalities of the Thorax in the Adult Patient: Recognition and Classification
E2756 Educational ExhibitPreoperative Wireless Breast Localization Devices: Pros and Cons
E2762 Educational ExhibitGaining Insight Into Patterns, Pearls and Masquerades in Pediatric Musculoskeletal MRI
E2763 Educational ExhibitWhat’s That? A Pictorial Review of Commonly Seen IR Devices
E2767 Educational ExhibitTomosynthesis Occult Breast Cancer: A Case-Based Review
E2773 Educational ExhibitImaging Before and After Knee Arthroplasty: What Radiologists Need to Look for?
E2775 Educational ExhibitThoracic Hernias: Types, Imaging, Complications and Treatment
E2777 Educational ExhibitThe Many Guises of the Thymus: Recognizing Normal and Ectopic Thymic Tissue in Children
E2780 Educational ExhibitDon’t Get Bent Out of Shape: Preventing Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Radiologists
E2783 Educational ExhibitUnderstanding the Pathogenesis and Imaging Features in Cases of Familial IPF
E2784 Educational ExhibitExtramammary Metastasis to the Breasts: Review of Multimodality Imaging Features
E2786 Educational ExhibitA Pictorial Review of LI-RADS Update v2017
E2787 Scientific ExhibitStill Gold: Assessing the Value of Ductography in Patients With Pathological Nipple Discharge
E2788 Educational ExhibitNononcologic Findings in PET/CT
E2789 Educational ExhibitDevelopmental Anomalies of the Caudal Cell Mass: Manifestations, Prognosis, Diagnosis and Treatment
E2796 Educational ExhibitPathology of the Carotid Space
E2799 Educational ExhibitRadiographic Findings in Lateral Ankle and Foot Pain
E2800 Educational ExhibitPosterolateral Corner of the Knee:An Update and Comprehensive Review
E2802 Educational ExhibitCesarean Scar Imaging: Complications and Pitfalls
E2811 Scientific ExhibitHippocampal Volumetry in Normal Adult Indian Population on 1.5-T MRI
E2812 Scientific ExhibitDiagnostic Accuracy of Supraspinatus Tendon Tears by Standardized Cine Clips on Sonography
E2817 Educational ExhibitCT Chest From the Musculoskeletal Radiologists’ Perspective
E2820 Educational ExhibitPreprocedure Guidelines for Breast Biopsies in Patients on Newer and Conventional Anticoagulants
E2821 Educational ExhibitMusculoskeletal Infections in the Emergency Department: Revisiting Invaluable Role of CT
E2822 Educational ExhibitA Review of Breast Imaging in the Pregnant and Lactating Patient
E2829 Educational ExhibitCommon Variable Immunodeficiency: What Radiologists Should Know
E2834 Educational ExhibitAtypical Uterine Leiomyomas: A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing
E2836 Educational ExhibitEndoleaks: Identification on Cross-Sectional Imaging and Current Management Options
E2838 Scientific ExhibitRecruitment of Intermediate-Risk Women With Dense Breasts to Whole Breast Ultrasound Screening
E2840 Scientific ExhibitDifferentiating Steatosis from Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) with Ultrasound
E2841 Scientific ExhibitPatient History and Imaging Features That Predict Upgrade of Intraductal Papillomas of the Breast
E2842 Educational ExhibitPediatric Cervical Spine Injuries: Part 1—Unique Pediatric Considerations
E2843 Educational ExhibitThe Metacarpophalangeal Joint, Up Close and Personal
E2844 Scientific ExhibitAberrant Pituitary Morphology in Chiari II Malformation: A Mimic for Pituitary Tumor
E2845 Scientific ExhibitDecoding of The PNPLA3 Gene Phenotype Using Noninvasive Imaging Quantitative Radiomics Approach
E2846 Educational ExhibitTarsal Coalition: The Role of the Imaging Modalities
E2847 Educational ExhibitPediatric Cervical Spine Injuries: Part 2—Similarities With Adult Injury Patterns
E2849 Scientific ExhibitIncidental Thyroid Nodules: Impact of the JACR Guidelines
E2851 Educational ExhibitQuiz Yourself: A Potpourri of Fetal Malformations and Development Anomalies
E2853 Educational ExhibitHunger Pains: Common and Uncommon Manifestations of Hydroxyapatite Deposition Disease
E2856 Educational ExhibitColostomy on CT and Fluoroscopy: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
E2858 Educational ExhibitMeningioma and Beyond: Expanded Differential Diagnosis of Meningeal Mass Lesions
E2861 Educational ExhibitReview of Breast Skin Thickening
E2862 Educational ExhibitTwo for One: Protocol Primer and Imaging Review of Split-Bolus Techniques
E2863 Educational ExhibitOne Lump or Two? Imaging of the Pelvic Hernias
E2865 Educational ExhibitCongenital Anomalies of the Urinary Tract: Embryologic Basis of Imaging Findings
E2866 Educational ExhibitBone Tumors of the Skull and Maxillofacial Region
E2868 Educational ExhibitMusculoskeletal Manifestations of Diabetes in the Lower Extremities and Spine
E2869 Educational ExhibitMRI of the Brainstem and Associated Congenital Abnormalities
E2870 Educational ExhibitApplication of Ultrasound to Evaluate Finger Tendon Pathologies
E2871 Educational ExhibitThe Devil is in the Details: A Systematic Approach to Preoperative Breast MRI
E2873 Educational ExhibitTuberculosis of Bone and Joints: Involvement From Head to Toe
E2874 Educational ExhibitBreaking Bad News in the Breast Imaging Setting: A Guide for Radiologists
E2875 Educational ExhibitImaging Features of Musculoskeletal Tuberculosis
E2880 Scientific ExhibitOsseous Metastases From Prostate Cancer: Is the Typical Presentation Really Typical?
E2881 Educational ExhibitWhy Does My Thumb Still Hurt?
E2882 Educational ExhibitEvolution of Pancreatitis: A Patient’s Journey through the Revised Atlanta Classification
E2885 Educational ExhibitTelomerase Mutations and Pulmonary Fibrosis
E2886 Educational ExhibitBronchopulmonary Dysplasia: From Neonate to Adult
E2887 Educational ExhibitSingle-Center Experience in the Management of Iatrogenic Femoral Pseudoaneurysm
E2889 Educational ExhibitA Pictorial Review of the TNM-8 Revision of Lung Cancer Staging
E2895 Educational ExhibitSpinal Cord Tumors and Mimics: An Illustrative Review
E2896 Educational ExhibitCommon and Uncommon Presentations of Ectopic Pregnancy: A Case-Based Review
E2897 Scientific ExhibitClinical, MR and Pathological Characteristics in Patients With Primary CNS Vasculitis
E2898 Educational ExhibitHeads Up! Pathology at the Craniocervical Junction on CT of the Head
E2902 Educational ExhibitTips and Tricks for Diagnosing Cerebral Venous Thrombosis: What Residents Should Know
E2904 Scientific ExhibitPhysical Characteristics of the Distal Tibiofibular Syndesmotic Joint in Uninjured Patients
E2905 Educational ExhibitThe Many Faces of IgG4 Related Disease
E2906 Educational ExhibitLessons From Epilepsy Treatment Conference: Learning From Our Mistakes in MRI Epilepsy Evaluation
E2907 Educational ExhibitRadiation Dermatitis: A Radiologist’s Guide to Prevention, Diagnosis, and Management
E2908 Educational ExhibitProstate MRI: The Incidentals
E2923 Educational ExhibitComing to Term: A Multimodality Review of Cesarean Delivery Complications
E2927 Educational Exhibit“Reducing” Radiologists’ Anxiety About Carpal Instability: A Case-Based Exhibit
E2932 Educational ExhibitSigns in Chest Imaging: Name Saves Time and Helps You Remember
E2933 Educational ExhibitBenign to Malignant Adrenal Lesions on MRI: A Comprehensive Review
E2935 Educational ExhibitAtraumatic Knee Pain in the Emergency Department
E2937 Educational ExhibitPostoperative Appearance and Complications of the Urinary Tract Following Surgery
E2938 Educational ExhibitKeep Your Eyes Open for Terson Syndrome: An Overlooked Complication of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
E2939 Educational ExhibitDon’t Throw the Baby Out with the Bathwater: Avoiding Pitfalls of the Pediatric Acute Abdomen
E2942 Educational ExhibitStressing Stress Fractures: Radiology Review With Self-Assessment Examination
E2945 Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Ureteric Disease
E2949 Educational ExhibitGame of Crohn's; Atypical imaging features of Crohn's disease isolated to the large bowel.
E2952 Educational ExhibitCT-Guided Lumbar Facet Joint Rupture as a Nonsurgical Alternative to Relieve Radicular Back Pain
E2954 Educational ExhibitEfficacy and Safety of Percutaneous CT Guided Celiac Plexus Neurolysis in Treating Abdominal Pain
E2955 Educational ExhibitMultimodality Imaging Features of Pediatric Lipoblastoma With Pathologic Correlation
E2957 Educational ExhibitScleroderma in Bones and Joints From Early Signs to Destruction: Why We See What We See
E2958 Educational ExhibitCT-Guided Interscalene Brachial Plexus Block for the Management of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
E2959 Educational ExhibitDynamic US Imaging of Soft-Tissue Injuries in the Wrist, Hand, Foot and Ankle
E2960 Educational ExhibitPondering the Female Pelvis: Less Frequently Encountered or More Unusual Diagnoses on MRI
E2961 Educational ExhibitYou’re So Vein: Venous Diseases in the Abdomen and Pelvis
E2962 Educational ExhibitEye for an Eye: Imaging of Acute Orbital Trauma in the ER
E2964 Educational ExhibitA Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Aggressive Cancers That Mimic Benign Disease: How to Tell Them Apart
E2966 Educational ExhibitImaging of the Tricuspid Valve: Understanding Congenital and Acquired Abnormalities
E2971 Scientific ExhibitComplex Chemical Shift-Encoded MRI to Estimate Fat in Livers with Elevated Iron Content
E2972 Educational ExhibitHip Arthroplasty: Indications, Types, and Complications
E2973 Educational ExhibitRCC: To Be or Not To Be
E2975 Educational ExhibitImaging 3.0: Resident Strategies and Implementation
E2976 Educational ExhibitCystic Ovarian Tumors and Pelvic Cysts Beyond Adnexa
E2978 Educational ExhibitGastrointestinal Stromal Tumor- CT findings, clinical presentation, and differentiating features.
E2979 Educational ExhibitAdenomyosis in 2017: An Ultrasound Diagnosis
E2981 Educational ExhibitImaging Findings of Cystic Adventitial Disease
E2985 Scientific ExhibitFat Quantification of the Rotator Cuff Musculature Using Dual-Energy CT.
E2990 Educational ExhibitUpper GI for Bariatric Surgery: Immediate Post-Op Evaluation
E2992 Educational ExhibitDCIS - How New Guidelines of Active Surveillance Impact Imaging Recommendations
E2995 Educational ExhibitBack to the Basics: A Radiologist’s Guide to Acute Pancreatitis
E3003 Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Sinonasal Anatomy: A Case Review
E3010 Educational ExhibitT1 Mapping in Cardiooncologic Imaging
E3013 Scientific ExhibitVasogenic Edema in Brain Tissue of Preclinical Alzheimer Patients Carrying the ApoE 4 Allele
E3018 Scientific ExhibitA Comparison of Digital Versus 2D Synthesized Mammograms for Calcification Detection on Screening
E3023 Educational ExhibitSagittal Band Tear: Does It Always Cause Extensor Instability?
E3025 Educational ExhibitImaging of Sudden Cardiac Death in Pediatrics: Characterization With CT, MRI and Echocardiogram
E3026 Educational ExhibitSickle Cell Disease: A Multimodality Imaging Review
E3027 Educational ExhibitPinworms and Other Pitfalls in Ultrasound of Pediatric Appendicitis
E3028 Educational ExhibitScreening and Surveillance Liver Ultrasound: How We Do It
E3032 Educational ExhibitAdding Balance to Your Imaging: Utility of Balanced Gradient Echo Sequences in Diagnostic Radiology
E3034 Educational ExhibitDynamic MRI of the Pelvic Floor
E3035 Educational ExhibitCharm of the Three-Dimensional C Arm: Intraprocedural Applications of Cone-Beam CT
E3036 Educational ExhibitOn the Edge: Pictorial Review and Imaging Assessment of Superficial Findings at Tomosynthesis
E3037 Educational ExhibitMultimodality Imaging Review of Vascular Complications in Renal Transplant Patients
E3040 Educational ExhibitPercutaneous and Endovascular Approaches to Treating Peripheral Vascular Malformations
E3043 Educational ExhibitCT-Guided Percutaneous Sacroplasty in the Management of Sacral Insufficiency Fractures
E3044 Scientific ExhibitRapidly Progressive Osteoarthropathy of the Hip: A Study of 1471 Patients After Steroid Injection
E3046 Educational ExhibitTwist and shout! Multi-modality imaging review of torsed organs in the abdomen and pelvis
E3047 Educational ExhibitMore Than Just Two Layers: Comprehensive Multimodality Imaging Review of Endometrial Abnormalities
E3051 Educational ExhibitIncidental Thymic Uptake in Various Nuclear Medicine Scans
E3053 Educational ExhibitContrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in a Nutshell
E3054 Educational ExhibitCan You Hear Me Now? Lesions of the IAC and CPA Not Associated with Cranial Nerves VII and VIII
E3055 Scientific ExhibitRoutine Qualitative Evaluation of Coronary Calcium: Is It Reproducible?
E3056 Educational ExhibitWrist Trauma: A Review of What’s Important to the Surgeon
E3057 Educational ExhibitCT Appearance of Congenital Heart Disease in Adults
E3060 Educational ExhibitTotal Knee Arthroplasty Without Patellar Resurfacing
E3062 Scientific ExhibitStandardized chest computed tomography reporting: to measure or not to measure?
E3063 Educational ExhibitAdult Flatfoot Deformity, Spectrum of Imaging Findings, Surgical Procedures and Complications
E3064 Scientific ExhibitQuantification of Tc-99m MAA Liver perfusion as a predictor of tumor response to Yttrium 90 spheres.
E3067 Educational ExhibitSpine Hardware: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
E3071 Educational ExhibitDual Energy CT for Neuroimaging: Physical Principles, Implementation, and Practical Applications
E3072 Educational ExhibitMetaplastic Carcinoma of the Breast: Literature Review and Radiology/Pathology Correlation
E3075 Educational ExhibitHepatocellular carcinoma, beyond LI RADS.
E3079 Educational ExhibitRole of Spectral Detector CT in Evaluation of Cardiothoracic Pathologies
E3086 Educational ExhibitRecanalization Techniques for Central Venous Occlusion in Hemodialysis Patients
E3092 Scientific ExhibitUpper Airway Dynamics in Combined Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and Obstructive Sleep Apnea
E3093 Educational ExhibitContrast-Enhanced Ultrasound: Pictorial Review of Clinical Applications
E3094 Educational ExhibitA Multimodality Imaging Review of Bursal Anatomy, Common Pathology and Image-Guided Interventions
E3099 Educational ExhibitThe Sternoclavicular Joint: The Forgotten Joint of the Shoulder Girdle
E3101 Educational ExhibitHow to master LI-RADS v2017: a review of the most common pitfalls in interpreting CT and MR imaging
E3106 Educational ExhibitSpinal Epidural Lipomatosis: A Growing Problem
E3108 Educational ExhibitEmergency CT for the Pregnant Patient: Challenges, Controversy, and Consensus
E3109 Educational ExhibitInnovating TIRADS v2017: A Practical and Novel Guide for Structural Template Reporting
E3111 Educational ExhibitA Review of Congenital Anomalies of the Coronary Arteries: The Association With Sudden Death
E3112 Educational ExhibitRadiologic-pathologic correlation of hepatocellular adenoma to understand the MR imaging
E3115 Educational ExhibitAssessing HCC treatment response using LI-RADS 2017 with case examples
E3116 Educational ExhibitIs This Physiologic? Pearls and Pitfalls for Imaging Female Patients With FDG PET/CT
E3117 Educational ExhibitScrotal Imaging Beyond Epididymitis and Orchitis: What the Radiologist Should Know
E3120 Educational ExhibitThe Reverse Commute: Metastatic Disease to the Breast
E3121 Educational ExhibitCardiothoracic Manifestations of Sarcoidosis
E3124 Educational ExhibitImaging Findings of IV Opioid Abuse Complications
E3125 Educational ExhibitA Tale of Two Tubes: A Comprehensive Imaging Review of Müllerian Duct Anomalies
E3128 Educational ExhibitTB or Not TB: Differential Diagnosis and Imaging Findings of Pulmonary Cavities
E3131 Educational ExhibitSpectrum of Tumors and Pseudo-tumors of the liver at MRI
E3133 Educational ExhibitVenous Anatomy of the Foot: An MRI Perspective for the Musculoskeletal Radiologist
E3134 Educational ExhibitCT Virtual Intravascular Endoscopy in the Visualization of Coronary Plaques: A Pictorial Review
E3135 Educational ExhibitLessons From Thoracic Oncologic Multidisciplinary Conference: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
E3136 Educational ExhibitAt the Crossroads of Imaging: Nonneoplastic Lesions of the Thoracic Inlet
E3140 Educational ExhibitUpdate to Lung Cancer Staging Essentials: New 8th Edition of TNM Staging
E3141 Scientific ExhibitUtility of CT and Barium Swallow for Suspected Esophageal Perforation in the Emergency Setting
E3142 Educational ExhibitThe Importance of Aortic Opacification in CT Pulmonary Angiogram (CTPA)
E3153 Educational ExhibitChallenges in Pancreatic Cancer Detection: Lessons Learned from Difficult Cases
E3155 Educational ExhibitHardware Hardships: Imaging Complications of Total Hip Arthroplasties
E3156 Educational ExhibitTwenty Cases in Which Ultrasound Imaging Trumped CT
E3157 Scientific ExhibitQuantifying HCC response to TACE using existing criteria and fully automated volumetric segmentation
E3161 Scientific ExhibitApplication of 3D Printing in Medicine: Role of Radiologists and Experience in a Tertiary Hospital
E3163 Educational ExhibitNerve Impingement of the Upper Extremities: Imaging Review With a Focus on Clinical Management
E3164 Educational ExhibitTransradial Access in Endovascular Procedures as a Safe Alternative to Transfemoral Approach
E3167 Educational ExhibitImaging Orbit Fractures and the Postoperative: What the Ophthalmologist Looks For
E3178 Scientific ExhibitChanges in Liver Volumes and Their Correlation with MELD on Extended Follow-up of PSC Patients
E3180 Educational ExhibitUltrasound of Axillary Web Syndrome: What the Radiology Should Know
E3181 Scientific ExhibitGenetic Counseling in a Breast Imaging Center: If You Build it, They Will Come.
E3182 Educational ExhibitImaging of Tracheomalacia
E3185 Educational ExhibitLugano Classification: A Case-Based Approach to Lymphoma Staging and Response Assessment
E3186 Educational ExhibitImaging of Bariatric Surgery Complications: A Practical Interactive Review
E3190 Scientific ExhibitDistal Iliotibial Band Syndrome at Gerdy Tubercle: A Previously Unrecognized Entity
E3195 Educational ExhibitNew Age, New Injuries: Nontraditional Recreational Injury Patterns in the Age of the Millennial
E3198 Educational ExhibitPatellofemoral Instability: Clinical Pearls From the Radiological and Surgical Perspective
E3200 Educational ExhibitTIP of the ICE: Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunting With Intracardiac Echocardiography
E3201 Educational ExhibitWrisberg Variant of Discoid Meniscus: An Unusual Variant With Surgical Implications
E3203 Educational ExhibitPotentially Asymptomatic Findings Frequently Seen on Musculoskeletal MRI in Aging Patients
E3204 Educational ExhibitI’ll See You in Court: Commonly Missed Fractures in the Upper and Lower Extremity
E3205 Educational ExhibitComplications Following Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Pictorial Review
E3206 Educational ExhibitACR Ultrasound LI-RADS 2017 – Overview and Implementation into Clinical Practice
E3207 Scientific ExhibitApparent Diffusion Coefficient Histogram Helps Predict Sarcomatoid Changes in Renal Cell Carcinoma
E3208 Scientific ExhibitSurgical Management of Calcifications Associated With Malignancy After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
E3209 Scientific ExhibitPerinephric Fat Stranding on Abdominal CT: Clinical Implications and Opportunities for Improved Care
E3210 Educational ExhibitGastric Emergencies: A Comprehensive Case Based Review
E3214 Educational ExhibitAn Unknown Entity in Medicine: Portosystemic Shunt Syndrome
E3215 Educational ExhibitPus and Tubes: A Resident’s Guide to the Spectrum of Gynecologic Infections and Mimickers
E3218 Educational ExhibitEndovascular Repair for Active Hemorrhage From Traumatic IVC and Hepatic Vein Laceration
E3220 Educational ExhibitPathology of Facet Joints of the Spine
E3221 Educational ExhibitFemale Pelvic Emergencies: From Abscess to Abruption
E3223 Educational ExhibitDifferential Considerations of Small Bowel Injury with Review of Accompanying CT Findings
E3224 Educational ExhibitBewitched, Bothered and Bewildered by Double Steal Syndrome
E3226 Educational ExhibitSonographic Artifacts Encountered during Emergency Imaging
E3229 Educational Exhibit Congenital Abnormalities of the Upper GI Tract
E3232 Educational ExhibitEffects of oral contraceptive pills and estrogen on the liver: Adenoma and beyond
E3237 Educational ExhibitAortic Aneurysms: Etiology, Diagnostic Criteria, and Complications
E3238 Educational ExhibitNontraumatic Renal Emergencies: A Multimodality Imaging Review
E3240 Educational ExhibitThank Your Lucky T2 Star: Patterns of CNS Pathology on Susceptibility Weighted Imaging
E3242 Educational ExhibitSuperficial Soft Tissue Ultrasound: Review of Imaging Features of Masses and Masslike Lesions
E3243 Educational ExhibitTraumatic Prostatic Hemorrhage: Life-Saving Selective Embolization for a Jehovah’s Witness Patient
E3244 Educational ExhibitUnderstanding Common Artifacts on CT
E3245 Educational ExhibitPain in the Neck: Atypical Causes of Nontraumatic Neck Pain
E3246 Educational ExhibitLow Back Pain: A Review of Percutaneous Interventional Procedures in Spinal Pain Management
E3247 Educational ExhibitImaging Follow-Up Following Renal Cryoablation: Distinguishing Tumor Recurrence From Its Mimics
E3248 Educational ExhibitTarsal Coalition: A Frequently Unrecognized Diagnosis on Radiography
E3249 Educational ExhibitMuscle Pathologies for Abdominal Imager: A Case-Based Review of Muscle Findings on Abdominopelvic CT
E3253 Educational ExhibitCT Artifacts in the ER: Identification, Explanation, and Mitigation
E3255 Educational ExhibitUncommon Radiologic Presentations of Common Gynecologic Diseases
E3268 Educational ExhibitCT Evaluation of Complex Traumatic Facial Fractures
E3269 Educational ExhibitRole of Ultrasound in High-Risk Pregnancies
E3271 Educational ExhibitCystic and Syndromic disorders of the pancreas
E3274 Educational ExhibitThe Utility and Implementation of Ultrasound Elastography in Radiology Practice- A Beginner's Guide
E3275 Educational ExhibitImaging Evaluation of Facial Pain
E3276 Educational ExhibitLiver Cysts, Not So Simple: A Comprehensive Review of Cystic Hepatic Lesions
E3277 Educational ExhibitPET/CT for Breast Cancer Staging: When Does It Help?
E3278 Educational ExhibitBizarre Presentations of Fibroids and Their Mimickers on MRI
E3279 Educational ExhibitImportant Imaging Features in Pulmonary Embolism
E3280 Educational ExhibitTumors of Pulmonary Vasculature
E3281 Educational ExhibitFunny Fibroids: Atypical Presentations, Complications, and Variants of a Common Entity
E3283 Educational ExhibitReview and Update on Imaging of Chest Wall Injuries
E3286 Educational ExhibitA Comprehensive Review of Proximal Femoral Fractures and Their Complications
E3287 Educational ExhibitSAM or MALS, Which Is It? Case Discussion, Overview of Disease Entities and Treatment
E3288 Educational ExhibitSubtle Signs of the C-Spine: CT Findings of Ligamentous Injuries of the C-Spine and MRI Correlates
E3289 Educational ExhibitImaging of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease: MR and PET/CT findings
E3290 Educational ExhibitNormal Variant of Cerebral Arteries: Anterior Circulation
E3294 Educational ExhibitAt the Crossroads of Imaging: Neoplasms of the Thoracic Inlet
E3296 Scientific ExhibitIncidental Potential Malignancies on Trauma Scans: Frequency /Followup at a Level -I Trauma Center
E3297 Scientific ExhibitDetection of Recurrent Pancreatic Cancer: Value of Second-Opinion Interpretations
E3299 Educational ExhibitT1 Hyperintense Intracranial Lesions
E3300 Educational ExhibitAbnormalities of the Interatrial Septum: Essentials for the Radiologist
E3301 Educational ExhibitCardiac Findings on Noncardiac CT
E3302 Educational ExhibitThe Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer (BCLC) B Subclassification Classification: Ready for Primetime
E3305 Educational ExhibitChondral and Osteochondral Abnormalities: A Pictorial Review
E3310 Educational ExhibitStrongyloidiasis: Disseminated Disease and Hyperinfection Syndrome
E3311 Scientific ExhibitCraniofacial Defects Associated With Duplicate Pituitary Gland Syndrome-Imaging and Literature Study
E3315 Educational ExhibitImaging of Cholangiocarcinoma; Multidisciplinary Approach
E3316 Educational ExhibitECMO: A Multimodality Review of Expected and Potentially Concerning Imaging Findings
E3327 Educational ExhibitCirrhosis – The Double-Edged Sword for CT and MRI Diagnosis of HCC
E3328 Educational ExhibitGo With the Flow: Pathophysiology, Radiologic Appearance and Management of Bladder Cancer
E3329 Educational ExhibitBiliary and Portal Venous Gas: Review of Anatomy, Pathophysiology and Differential Considerations
E3330 Educational ExhibitRare Vascular Pathology of the Abdomen: Beyond Atherosclerosis
E3331 Educational ExhibitRole of CT Imaging in Acute Upper Airway Obstruction in the Emergency Department
E3333 Educational ExhibitTransvaginal Ultrasound-Guided Procedures: How Do They Compare?
E3336 Educational ExhibitDistinguishing Telangiectatic Osteosarcomas From Aneurysmal Bone Cysts: A Pictorial Review
E3337 Educational ExhibitThe Superior Mesenteric Artery: The Forgotten Middle Child of the Abdominal Aorta
E3339 Educational ExhibitEarly and Often: Correctly Identifying Normal Findings and Anomalies With Early Obstetric Ultrasound
E3340 Educational ExhibitPediatric Musculoskeletal Infections: Osteomyelitis and Beyond
E3341 Educational ExhibitCongenital Malformations of the Craniovertebral Junction
E3342 Educational ExhibitPitfalls of the Post-treatmentPosttreatment Breast: Appearance, Artifacts, and Areas of Concern
E3343 Educational ExhibitTransjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt Placement Using the Transsplenic Approach
E3346 Educational ExhibitBeyond the Pump Bump: Common and Uncommon Achilles Tendon Pathologies
E3347 Educational ExhibitEmbolization in the Management of Acute Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding
E3348 Educational ExhibitTurf Toe: An Update and Comprehensive Review
E3349 Educational Exhibit“What’s Up With DaT?” The Evaluation of Parkinsonian Syndrome
E3350 Scientific ExhibitValue of Automated Quantitative Six-Point Dixon MRI in Distinguishing for Cystic Ovarian Lesions
E3352 Educational ExhibitPostoperative Imaging in Moyamoya Disease With CT Angiography and MR/CT Perfusion
E3353 Educational ExhibitPitfalls of Standalone C-View Imaging – Underrepresentation and Misrepresentation of Calcifications
E3354 Scientific ExhibitCoronary CT Angiography in Calcified Plaques by Analysis of Plaque Lumen and Bifurcation Angle
E3358 Educational ExhibitDifferential Diagnosis of Lucent Lesions of Vertebral Body
E3359 Educational ExhibitCase-Based Evaluation of Pediatric Spinal Abnormalities: Comparison of Ultrasound and MRI Findings
E3360 Educational ExhibitRecognizing Stress Fractures: Location and Patterns
E3361 Educational ExhibitThe Speed of Sound: Emergent Head and Neck Ultrasound
E3362 Educational ExhibitFemale-to-Male: Imaging the Transition
E3368 Educational ExhibitImaging of Biliary Emergencies: Pearls and Pitfalls
E3372 Educational ExhibitThe Runaway Tube: Pictorial Essay of Iatrogenic Injuries Resulting from Medical Device Placement.
E3375 Educational ExhibitNormal and Abnormal Findings in the Post-Operative Bariatric Patient
E3379 Educational ExhibitMedicare Reimbursements Versus Industry Payments in Top Earning Interventional Radiologists
E3387 Educational ExhibitPercutaneous Spinal Biopsies: Indications, Imaging Overview and Technical Aspects
E3389 Educational ExhibitMultiparametric Assessment of Soft-Tissue Tumors and Sarcomas
E3391 Educational ExhibitA Primer for Implementation of Change in Radiology Reporting: LI-RADS Adoption as a Case-in-Point
E3393 Scientific ExhibitResidency Program Focused Twitter, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Have Fun
E3399 Educational ExhibitEvaluation of the Postoperative Bladder: What the Radiologists Need to Know
E3402 Scientific ExhibitVolumetric baseline ADC and response to systemic chemotherapy in colorectal liver metastases
E3404 Educational ExhibitImaging Spectrum of Failed Metal-on-Metal Arthroplasties and Their Mimics
E3408 Scientific ExhibitFemoroacetabular Impingement and Labral Tears: Predicting Probability and Surgical Intervention
E3409 Scientific ExhibitMRI Liver fat quantification: Complex Chemical Shift-Encoded vs Conventional MRI.
E3413 Educational ExhibitImaging Findings and Management of Spondylodiscitis
E3415 Educational ExhibitPediatric Cystic Renal Lesions: Benign and Malignant
E3418 Scientific ExhibitAssociation Between Lateral Patellar OA and Knee Morphology and Alignment in Young Adults
E3419 Scientific ExhibitBaseline Volumetric ADC and Response to 90Y Radioembolization in Colorectal Liver Metastases
E3420 Scientific ExhibitPercutaneous CT-Guided Cryoablation for Extraperitoneal Oligometastasis: Midterm Outcome
E3421 Educational ExhibitImaging findings of submucosal lesions of rectum
E3422 Educational ExhibitGout of the Extensor Mechanism of the Knee: An Uncommon Location for a Common Disease
E3426 Educational ExhibitDifferential Diagnosis Please: Adrenal Pathology on Ultrasound.
E3427 Educational ExhibitMusculoskeletal Trauma ABC’s: 26 Common MSK Injuries…One for Each Letter of the Alphabet
E3431 Educational ExhibitIs There a Doctor on Board? Recognizing and Triaging Common In-Flight Emergencies
E3433 Educational ExhibitYou’re So Phat: A Review of Fatty Tumors
E3435 Educational ExhibitRole of Hepatobiliary Agents in Imaging of Post-cholecystectomy Complications
E3439 Educational ExhibitMultiple Endocrine Neoplasia Syndromes for Radiologists
E3441 Scientific ExhibitScintigraphic Findings Beyond Ejection Fraction: Are They Correlated With Chronic Cholecystitis?
E3442 Educational ExhibitThe Adult Foot Simplified: Assessment of Malalignment and Surgical Correction
E3443 Educational ExhibitOsteoporosis Beyond DEXA
E3444 Educational ExhibitCarpal Instability: Clarification of the Most Common Etiologies and Imaging Findings
E3445 Educational ExhibitUpdates on Lung Cancer Staging
E3446 Educational ExhibitHistoplasmosis in the 21st Century: New Concepts in Epidemiology, Imaging, Diagnosis, and Therapy
E3447 Educational ExhibitMore Moans From Hormones: Pregnancy Effects on Endometriosis
E3448 Scientific ExhibitDECT radiomics features and iodine quantification in PDACs treated with chemotherapy
E3457 Educational ExhibitIs It Real or Not? Imaging of Craniocervical Arterial Dissections and Its Mimics
E3459 Educational ExhibitMultimodality Imaging of the Ventricular Septum: A Comprehensive Review
E3460 Educational ExhibitOops! You Found Me: Cardiovascular Significance of Incidentally Discovered Findings in Chest CT
E3461 Educational ExhibitAdverse Events of Immune Check Point Inhibitor Therapy: Imaging Perspectives
E3462 Educational ExhibitImaging Biomarkers in Cardiovascular Risk Assessment: Techniques and Current Evidence
E3467 Scientific ExhibitComparison of Occipito-Atlanto-Axial Parameters on CT in Pediatric Trauma Patients
E3470 Educational ExhibitA Review of the Radiopathological Spectrum of Clival Region Lesions
E3472 Educational ExhibitFemoral Neck Stress Fractures in Military Recruits: Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Correlation
E3475 Scientific ExhibitA Novel Collaborative Multidisciplinary Approach in Residency Education: Our Early Experience
E3484 Educational ExhibitReversible Cerebral Vasculopathies: Review of CT/MRI Characterizations and Tips for Diagnosis
E3489 Educational ExhibitRevisiting Moyamoya
E3494 Educational ExhibitPET/CT Evaluation of Lymphadenopathy
E3495 Educational ExhibitRecognizing Ectopic Meningiomas: Don’t Miss These Rare Lesions
E3497 Educational ExhibitTwo for One Infertility Evaluation
E3502 Educational ExhibitIntramammary and Systemic Imaging Findings of Silicone Deposition
E3503 Scientific Exhibit68Ga-PSMA PET/CT Staging Prior to Radical Prostatectomy: Diagnostic and Prognostic Value
E3505 Educational Exhibit“Oh Mylanta!”, Step by Step Approach for the Revised Atlanta Criteria?
E3508 Educational ExhibitNavigating the Complex Anatomy of the Skull Base: Case-Based Review of Skull Base Masses
E3513 Scientific ExhibitThe Interventional Radiology Symposium: A New Paradigm for Medical Student Outreach?
E3514 Educational ExhibitRetrieving Embedded Filters Using the Hangman Technique: A Rescue Method
E3516 Educational ExhibitLeiomyoma Versus Leiomyosarcoma: DWI and MR Spectroscopy Role, Pitfalls and Leiomyoma Variants
E3522 Educational ExhibitHearing Loss: The Resident Primer
E3523 Educational ExhibitImaging Appearance of the Ulnar Nerve After Surgical Decompression or Transposition
E3524 Educational ExhibitDifferent Faces of Primary Head and Neck Lymphoma
E3526 Educational ExhibitCinematic Rendering of Volumetric CT Data: Principles and Initial Clinical Observations
E3531 Educational ExhibitRadiopathologic Disconcordance in Glioblastoma
E3533 Scientific ExhibitConventional MRI, 2D TOF MRV and Their Combination in the Diagnosis of Dural Sinus Thrombosis
E3534 Educational ExhibitCTA and MRA in Carotid Stenosis: Indications, Benefits, Pitfalls
E3535 Educational ExhibitFluciclovine PET/CT: The Usual and Unusual Presentation
E3537 Scientific ExhibitDoppler Ultrasonography in Predicting Intrauterine Growth Restriction: A Case-Control Study
E3538 Educational ExhibitLighting the Way: Utilizing Real-Time PET Guidance for Soft-Tissue and Bone Biopsies
E3539 Educational ExhibitMRI of the Brachial Plexus: Anatomy, Pathology, MR Protocols
E3540 Scientific ExhibitRole of Ceftriaxone in Reducing Infection Rate After Transrectal Ultrasound-Guided Prostate Biopsy
E3545 Educational ExhibitTesticular Infarction: A Complication of Preoperative Renal Embolization: A Case Report
E3548 Scientific ExhibitClinical and CT Characteristics of Abdominopelvic Fluid Collections
E3551 Scientific ExhibitSubtracted versus Unsubtracted MR Images in Detecting High-Grade Glioma
E3552 Educational ExhibitGas Emboli in Radiology: Recognition, Management and Prevention
E3554 Educational ExhibitManagement of Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms
E3560 Educational ExhibitThe More the Merrier: Case series of Rare Duplicated Gallbladders
E3563 Educational ExhibitContrast Enhanced Ultrasound: Pictorial Review of Liver Lesions and Treatment Implications
E3564 Educational ExhibitNormal Postoperative Orbital Appearance With Mimickers and Complications
E3568 Scientific ExhibitA 15-Month Trend of Radiology in Social Media: Are We Keeping Up?
E3573 Educational ExhibitAbdominal oncologic emergencies: radiologist's role and imaging review with interesting cases