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Breast Imaging

1068 Oral PresentationTechnical Factors on Outside Breast MR Precipitating MR Imaging at a Tertiary Breast Cancer Center
1094 Oral PresentationReview of a Technical Recall Program for Mammography Designed to Fulfill the MQSA EQUIP Requirement
1155 Oral PresentationChanges in the BI-RADS category 3 assessment after the implementation of tomosynthesis
1167 Oral PresentationRadiation Exposure of Mammography plus Tomosynthesis: Correlation with Breast Density and Thickness
1233 Oral PresentationAxillary Lymph Node Evaluation Using Convolutional Neural Networks.
1307 Oral PresentationOverutilization of Health Care Resources for Breast Pain
1474 Oral PresentationPure Concordant Radial Scars Are Benign and Do Not Require Excision
1549 Oral PresentationEffectiveness of screening mammography in women under age 50
2624 Oral PresentationCan DBT utilization in breast cancer screening decrease interval cancer rates?
2625 Oral PresentationBreast Cancer Screening Outcomes over 5-years during Implementation of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
2637 Oral PresentationPatient Selection for DCIS Observation Trials (COMET and LORIS): Are They Truly Low Risk?
2852 Oral PresentationDefining Normal: An investigation of nipple morphology and enhancement patterns on breast MRI
2965 Oral PresentationClinical Utility of Preoperative MRI in Oncotype DX Eligible Patients
3076 Oral PresentationWomen’s Perspectives on Screening Mammography
3260 Oral PresentationEvaluation of a Novel Nonradioactive Magnetic Seed Wireless Localization Program
3261 Oral PresentationDigital 2D Versus Tomosynthesis Mammography: Comparison of False-Positive Diagnostic Examinations
3412 Oral PresentationBiopsy Outcomes With Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: 4 Years After Implementation
3471 Oral PresentationBreast MRI for clinically suspicious nipple discharge with negative conventional imaging
3496 Oral PresentationTomosynthesis-Detected Architectural Distortion: When May Biopsy Be Unnecessary?
E1039 Educational ExhibitThe Skin: The Blind Spot of the Breast Imager
E1041 Educational ExhibitQuality Control and Artifacts in Digital Mammography
E1046 Scientific ExhibitBenign Intraductal Papillomas Without Atypia at Core Needle Biopsy: Is Surgical Excision Necessary?
E1085 Educational ExhibitContrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography: What Do We Know?
E1102 Scientific ExhibitImaging Features of Nonmalignant and Malignant Architectural Distortion Detected by Tomosynthesis
E1111 Scientific ExhibitQuantitative Assessment of Background Parenchymal Enhancement Changes Following Tamoxifen Treatment
E1115 Scientific ExhibitRaising Awareness for Recommendations for Screening Mammography: A Public Outreach Project
E1123 Educational ExhibitA Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Cancer Masquerading as a Benign-Appearing Breast Mass
E1145 Educational ExhibitPostradiation Breast Imaging
E1206 Scientific ExhibitAssessment of Male Breast Disease: Which Imaging Modality Is Better?
E1217 Scientific ExhibitDCE MRI Predicts Pathologic Response of Breast Cancer to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Prior to Treatment
E1236 Educational ExhibitIt Ain’t Over Until the Fat Lesions Sing...Or Is It?
E1259 Educational ExhibitThe Pathologist Said What?
E1282 Educational ExhibitImaging Features and Treatment Options of Breast Pseudoaneurysm After Biopsy: A Case-Based Review
E1287 Educational ExhibitArchitectural Distortion: Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation of the Spectrum of Disease
E1292 Educational ExhibitMesenchymal Lesions of the Breast: What Radiologists Need to Know
E1295 Educational ExhibitBRCA Mash-Up: Pictorial Review of BRCA-Associated Breast Cancer Phenotypes
E1306 Scientific ExhibitArtificial Intelligence: Effect of Computer Aided Detection Software on Radiologist Behavior
E1312 Educational ExhibitThe Ugly Side of Breast Enhancement: A Multimodality Review of Breast Implant Complications
E1323 Scientific ExhibitSensitivity and Specificity of Three-Sequence MRI for Breast Cancer Screening
E1380 Scientific ExhibitA Single Center Study Correlating LCIS Histologic Subtypes With Mammographic Calcifications
E1390 Educational ExhibitRevisiting the Classics: Signs in Breast Imaging
E1398 Scientific ExhibitPreoperative Staging Breast MRI: Increased Incidence of Additional Findings in Younger Patients
E1418 Educational ExhibitNear Misses: How Optimal Image Quality and Technique Can Save You...and the Patient
E1455 Educational ExhibitAsymmetric Ductal Ectasia: Clinical Significance and Imaging Findings
E1466 Scientific ExhibitPrimum Non Nocere: Utility and Outcomes of Pediatric Breast Ultrasound
E1494 Scientific ExhibitAxillary Lymphadenopathy on Screening Mammography: A First Sign of Hidden Danger?
E1499 Educational ExhibitA Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: Imaging Assessment of Multiple Intraductal Breast Papillomas
E1500 Educational ExhibitLump in the Breast with a Bun in the Oven
E1516 Educational ExhibitPuffed Up On One Side: Unilateral Breast Edema
E1551 Scientific ExhibitEvaluation of Return Rates for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
E2550 Educational ExhibitTomosynthesis-guided Interventions of The Breast
E2565 Educational ExhibitPediatric Palpables: Breast Findings in the Pediatric Patient Population
E2589 Educational ExhibitManaging Pediatric Breast Cases
E2609 Educational ExhibitFibroepithelial Lesions of the Breast on Percutaneous Core Biopsy: What Next?
E2630 Educational ExhibitMetastatic Lesions to the Breast: Imaging Findings and Pathological Correlation
E2663 Educational ExhibitWhen CT Chest Rescued The Breast: Incidental Breast Findings on CT Chest
E2683 Educational ExhibitIs the Male Breast From Mars and the Female Breast From Venus?
E2716 Scientific ExhibitPathologic Outcomes of Bloody Breast Cyst Aspirates
E2729 Educational ExhibitGelfoam Slurry Tract Embolization for Persistent Vascular Bleeding After Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
E2756 Educational ExhibitPreoperative Wireless Breast Localization Devices: Pros and Cons
E2767 Educational ExhibitTomosynthesis Occult Breast Cancer: A Case-Based Review
E2784 Educational ExhibitExtramammary Metastasis to the Breasts: Review of Multimodality Imaging Features
E2787 Scientific ExhibitStill Gold: Assessing the Value of Ductography in Patients With Pathological Nipple Discharge
E2820 Educational ExhibitPreprocedure Guidelines for Breast Biopsies in Patients on Newer and Conventional Anticoagulants
E2822 Educational ExhibitA Review of Breast Imaging in the Pregnant and Lactating Patient
E2838 Scientific ExhibitRecruitment of Intermediate-Risk Women With Dense Breasts to Whole Breast Ultrasound Screening
E2841 Scientific ExhibitPatient History and Imaging Features That Predict Upgrade of Intraductal Papillomas of the Breast
E2861 Educational ExhibitReview of Breast Skin Thickening
E2871 Educational ExhibitThe Devil is in the Details: A Systematic Approach to Preoperative Breast MRI
E2874 Educational ExhibitBreaking Bad News in the Breast Imaging Setting: A Guide for Radiologists
E2964 Educational ExhibitA Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Aggressive Cancers That Mimic Benign Disease: How to Tell Them Apart
E2992 Educational ExhibitDCIS - How New Guidelines of Active Surveillance Impact Imaging Recommendations
E3018 Scientific ExhibitA Comparison of Digital Versus 2D Synthesized Mammograms for Calcification Detection on Screening
E3036 Educational ExhibitOn the Edge: Pictorial Review and Imaging Assessment of Superficial Findings at Tomosynthesis
E3072 Educational ExhibitMetaplastic Carcinoma of the Breast: Literature Review and Radiology/Pathology Correlation
E3120 Educational ExhibitThe Reverse Commute: Metastatic Disease to the Breast
E3180 Educational ExhibitUltrasound of Axillary Web Syndrome: What the Radiology Should Know
E3181 Scientific ExhibitGenetic Counseling in a Breast Imaging Center: If You Build it, They Will Come.
E3208 Scientific ExhibitSurgical Management of Calcifications Associated With Malignancy After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
E3342 Educational ExhibitPitfalls of the Post-treatmentPosttreatment Breast: Appearance, Artifacts, and Areas of Concern
E3353 Educational ExhibitPitfalls of Standalone C-View Imaging – Underrepresentation and Misrepresentation of Calcifications
E3502 Educational ExhibitIntramammary and Systemic Imaging Findings of Silicone Deposition