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Breast Imaging

1047 Oral PresentationDifferences in Maximum-Intensity Projection Imaging of Inflammatory Versus Noninflammatory Breast Cancer
1064 Oral PresentationDoes Amount of Atypical Lobular Hyperplasia or Lobular Carcinoma in Situ at Biopsy Predict Upgrade?
1158 Oral PresentationPalpable Breast Abnormalities in Women Under 40 Years Old
1242 Oral PresentationScreening Breast MRI After Genetic Counseling
1327 Oral PresentationUnique Characteristics of Triple-Negative Cancers
1500 Oral PresentationDiagnosis of Breast Masses Using Optoacoustics
1507 Oral PresentationThe Role of the Interim Breast MRI Scan in Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
1584 Oral PresentationDo Young Women With Dense Breasts Need Preoperative MRI?
1586 Oral PresentationAnalysis of the Breast Skin Flap Using MRI
1666 Oral PresentationThe Impact of Accountable Care Organizations on Screening Mammography
1723 Oral PresentationComparing Automated and Handheld Ultrasound for Screening
1724 Oral PresentationSupplementary Views in the Era of Tomosynthesis
2801 Oral PresentationReducing Biopsies: Novel Mammographic Algorithm
2809 Oral PresentationRetroareolar Masses Found on Screening Ultrasound
2836 Oral Presentation How to Determine the Best b Value
2926 Oral PresentationPreoperative Breast MRI: Surgeons’ Selection Bias
3006 Oral PresentationPredictors of Positive Margins After Lumpectomy
3031 Oral PresentationUltrasound-Guided Vacuum-Assisted Abscess Drainage
3295 Oral PresentationIs Preoperative Contralateral Breast Ultrasound Worthwhile?
3318 Oral PresentationBiopsy-Proven Benign Breast Pathology Follow-Up
3401 Oral PresentationImage-Guided Automated Robot Breast Biopsies
3431 Oral PresentationEffectiveness of a Mobile Mammography Program
3445 Oral PresentationPerformance of Screening Tomosynthesis by Age
3473 Oral PresentationDiagnostic Effect of Color Doppler Ultrasound and Shear-Wave Elastography on B-Mode Ultrasound
3484 Oral PresentationWhich Time Point Is Optimal to Assess Breast Background Parenchymal Enhancement?
3535 Oral PresentationCost-Effectiveness of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
3559 Oral PresentationCan Breast MRI Help Predict Distant Metastasis?
3581 Oral PresentationCalcification After MRI Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
E1015 Educational ExhibitAxillary Web Syndrome
E1019 Educational ExhibitSuper-Sized Breast Masses
E1045 Educational ExhibitReview of Male Breast Masses: Tips and Tricks
E1078 Educational ExhibitImaging of Axillary Lymphadenopathy
E1134 Educational ExhibitMastery of Architectural Distortion
E1167 Scientific ExhibitVariability in Breast Density Assessment
E1207 Educational ExhibitPapillary Lesions Unfolded: A Pictorial Review
E1243 Educational ExhibitImaging Findings of Nipple Ring Complications
E1342 Educational ExhibitFocal Asymmetry in Diagnostic Setting: 2D or 3D?
E1373 Scientific ExhibitAbbreviated-Protocol Breast Cancer Screening MRI
E1417 Educational ExhibitUltrasound and DCIS: A Great Masquerader
E1429 Educational ExhibitFat Necrosis of the Breast: A Pictorial Review
E1523 Educational ExhibitNonneoplastic Inflammatory Breast Conditions
E1609 Educational ExhibitCryoablation of Fibroadenomas
E1611 Educational ExhibitHow to Implement a Successful Contrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography Program
E1617 Educational ExhibitRisky Business: A Guide to High-Risk Screening
E1638 Educational ExhibitUnveiling Atypical Breast Cancers in MRI
E1663 Educational ExhibitThe Rare Zebras of the Breast
E1685 Scientific ExhibitUltrasound Accuracy of Breast Tumor Measurements
E1714 Educational ExhibitTriple Receptor–Negative Breast Cancer
E1742 Educational ExhibitMetaplastic Breast Cancer: Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation
E1751 Educational ExhibitPitfalls and Pearls for Ultrasound-Guided Breast Biopsies
E2762 Scientific ExhibitHistologic Grade and Biomarkers of Breast Cancer
E2795 Educational ExhibitIndications and Uses of Special View Mammography
E2817 Educational ExhibitThe Unusual Suspects: Benign Breast Cancer Mimics
E2858 Scientific ExhibitBenefit Analysis of Screening in Dense Breasts
E2865 Educational ExhibitImplementing Contrast-Enhanced Mammography Into a Breast Imaging Practice
E2914 Educational ExhibitDelivering Bad News: A Guide for Radiologists
E2955 Educational ExhibitTomosynthesis-Guided Biopsy: How to Use It Best
E2982 Educational ExhibitPathognomonic Findings in Breast Imaging
E3013 Educational ExhibitMRI-Guided Needle Localization: Case-Based Primer
E3029 Educational ExhibitIncidental Benign Extramammary MRI Findings
E3077 Educational ExhibitSonographic Features of Apocrine Metaplasia
E3080 Scientific ExhibitPreoperative Imaging for Intraoperative Radiotherapy
E3119 Scientific ExhibitTrainee Interpretations of Screening Mammography
E3219 Educational ExhibitDeconstructing the Reconstructed Breast: A Review
E3282 Educational ExhibitIlluminating the Black Star of Breast Imaging
E3285 Educational ExhibitThe Varied Appearance of Fat Necrosis in the Breast
E3290 Scientific ExhibitTrue Screening Mammography Performance in the United States
E3372 Scientific ExhibitNovel Algorithm for Mammographic Calcifications
E3448 Educational ExhibitPediatric Breast Masses: Disease and Management
E3461 Scientific Exhibit3D Quantification of Breast MRI Fibroglandular Tissue and Background Parenchymal Enhancement
E3514 Scientific ExhibitDCIS Screening Interval After Wide Excision Alone?
E3561 Scientific ExhibitIncidental Hepatic Lesions Detected on Breast MRI
E3593 Scientific ExhibitUtility of Diagnostic Mammography in Patients 30–39 Years Old
E3595 Scientific ExhibitGranulomatous Mastitis: Imaging Characteristics